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Have an attractive appearance is crucial for the beautiful woman who cares about her fingernails. Fingers are one of the most beautiful parts of the body in women. Ever since ancient times, thin fingers of women attracted to the male gaze.
The appearance of women – is the state of her soul at this time. The self-confident woman will always look beautiful and expressive. After all, a beautiful and confident woman wants attraction from man. Men look at everything – the eyes, the feet and hands and even nails :). Men like women with beautiful and manicured nails.

The nail glue is the main part of nail repair kits.

Top 3 Neil Glue: Compared

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What Types of Neil Glues Are Available?

There are many names which are popular and amazing – KDS, Big Bondini Brush, 5 Second Brush, OPI Bond Aid .5oz, Star Nail, Royal Pink Gel, and many others. It is composed of ingredients, such as Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, and many others. In our site reviewed some of the best nail glues on the market. We sincerely hope that they will suit your needs and you make the right choice.

What Neil Glue to Use?

In order to give your natural fingernails a more elegant and sophisticated look, you can let it grow longer and put on a nail polish that is just right for the occasion. However, if you lack the time to go to the salon to get that manicure, or you have just given up growing your nails because they easily break, getting false fingernails can be your best option. Having made that decision, it is essential to choose the right products to further enhance your nails, and this includes the glue on nails that you will use for your false fingernails.

The good thing is there are only a few glue on nails products to choose from. A quick search from Amazon will show a few brand names with different lines for nail adhesives. Here are some of them:

Recommendation of 3 Best Nail Glues

For securing nail tips to the natural nails, there are many types of glue. Specialists recommended choosing the very small size of glue, such as four, five or six gms maximum. Why? Because most glues have a small shelf life. You must always close cap securely and store at an apartment with the temperature between 50-85 F. Remember this information because it is very important.

1. OPI Nail Adhesive

This nail glue product can be bought at Amazon for an affordable price. It has a moderate 20-second drying time which is ideal when more control is needed. This can be used for retail and professional use. Recommended for repairs and nail tip applications on artificial and natural nails, it has a sonically sealed tip that prevents spills and resists clogging.

2. 5 Second Nail Glue

The 5 Second Nail Glue is the foremost nail glue in the marketplace, both with the retail and the professional market. It is no surprise that this particular glue on nails brand is being recommended for fixing, beautifying, or applying nails and wraps by beauty experts. The most recognized nail adhesive brand in the professional beauty industry, the 5 Second Glue products are available in several different varieties:

a.Salon Nail Glue is the top recommended glue for nails for all artificial and nail tips needs. It can instantly repair and strengthen natural nail and also comes in an attractive pink shade.

b.The Brush-On Nail Glue that is best for an easy brush-on application which is made especially fast-drying and more moisture resistant than any other glue on nails products.

c.No Clog Nail Glue is packed in a convenient no-clog bottle and resealable cap that is perfect for travel, it is also specially formulated to strengthen and repair your nails. Enhanced with jojoba oil, it has this unique technology to prevent clogging in the dropper.

3. Big Bondini Hypo-Allergenic Nail Glue

Big Bondini Hypo-Allergenic Nail Glue is best for people who have highly sensitive skin and react adversely to regular glue on nails products. Designed to bond tips, wraps and broken fingernails, it is manicurist tested. Get this unique nail glue product in a .14oz

You can check some glue on nails items over the internet for more information on the products available for your nail extension needs, but it is also recommended that you consult a professional for more assistance not only on the products but also of their application.

How to Use Neil Glue?

There are many methods’s of using it. All of these methods are very simple. For each product has its own method of use. Give one of them (This method is very popular in Europe).

  1. You need wholly remove clean nails and polish (Check it several times).
  2. Apply only one blob of product to split or nail tip or nails which broken. After that, you must hold the tip or break jointly with very gentle tension for 15-20 seconds (but not less).
  3. Let smooth and dry nails with a buffer or file.
  4. After each use of an item, wipe applicator tip and supersede cap very tightly.

Remember that it has its own method of use. This method must be written on the box. All this can also be done in a beauty salon. If you are not sure what you could do it, then trust the professionals. Employees of shops make dozens of procedures each day to different people. They are treated as men and women. They are all different ages and different professions. Salon Consultants will help everyone. The only drawback is the price. In most cases, the price for this kind of services ranges from a few dollars. You can also refer to your girlfriend who has experience of such procedures. And most importantly – she teaches you that. And most importantly – after you teach it you too will be able to teach your other friends. They will be happy and grateful to you.


You must remember you can harm your nails if you are immoderate use nail glue. That’s why recommended to keep the use of it limited to times when it is verily necessary. This will help you to purvey relief to your nails from remaining glue-covered for a long time. Also, it will help you to retain natural appearance of your nails. When you apply it you need to remember that the age of any product which you use is very important. It influences in its longevity. If the expiration date has expired goods a better throw. Also, do not use if the nail is infected or inflamed.


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