There are a handful of reasons as to why you would need the best nail glue. If you have acrylic nails or some form of fake fingernails, nail glue will hold them onto your real nails as you go about your daily activities. Depending on the brand you purchase, the nails will adhere for a couple of weeks before they crack or start peeling off. Liquid nail glue is also great for those who do not have fake fingernails. You can use nail glue to fix cracked or broken nails, and then you will need to buff it out to make it look like your natural nail.

However, how can you tell if the product you are considering is the best nail glue for you? Many of them are very similar, so it can be difficult to tell. Most contain the same ingredients, but they can still vary. Be sure to check out customer reviews and do your research so you can find the best product for you.

Top 3 Nail Glue: Compared

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How the Ingredients in Nail Glue Work

If you look at the ingredient list on a bottle of the best nail glue, you will likely find the same key items. This most important is ethyl cyanoacrylate, which is the main adhesive component. It has the same tell-tale smell that you can find in many kinds of adhesives, including super glue. Each brush on nail glue has many other ingredients, all of which are FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

However, it is important to remember that many of these ingredients can be harmful if you do not use them appropriately. Be sure to keep the adhesive off of your skin and away from open cuts and hangnails. You should also use nail glue in a well-ventilated room so that you are not constantly breathing in the fumes.

While ethyl cyanoacrylate is the main adhesive component in the best nail glue, this is not the only material that ensures your fake fingernails stay on. Benzoyl isopropanol causes the glue to dry into a solid, and polyurethane acrylate oligomer eliminates its tackiness once it dries. These ingredients all work together to fix your acrylic and gel nails, as well as your natural fingernails.

3 Best Nail Glue Brands

Because there are so many brands on the market today, we are here to help you find the very best nail glue for you. Whether you want a glue with minimal hold and a bit of color or the strongest glue possible, there are products that you will love.

Depending on your needs, you will likely need a smaller bottle to start out with. First of all, a smaller bottle is great if you have never tried the product and do not know if you will like it. Secondly, nail glue tends to have a relatively short shelf life, so you should not look for the biggest bottle possible.

Once you figure out which nail glue you prefer, you can then invest in a bigger bottle if you need it.

OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI’s Nail Lacquer is a great way to add a semi-adhesive element to your nails without committing to a full-blown nail glue. It is very similar to normal nail polish, but lacquer dries down harder. This allows you to quickly cover any cracks in your nails and move on with your day without hassle. Nail lacquer also comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose from a clear nail or a variety of nude and pink colors. You can also use it as a base coat before adding your normal nail polish on top of it.

One especially great aspect of this product is that you can remove it easily with nail polish remover. This nail glue alternative comes in a 0.5-ounce bottle, which will last you a long time before the product starts to expire. The only downside to this product is that it is not near as heavy duty as a regular nail glue.

5 Second Nail Glue

best nail glue

If you want a product that is going to keep your fake fingernails secure, 5 Second brush on nail glue is a great choice for you. It dries quickly, so you do not have to worry about waiting too long for it to dry. If you are in a hurry, you do not have to worry about messing up your nails when you get to work or run errands. The company offers their glue in both clear and subtle pink shade, so you can choose whichever one suits you and your nails best.

The 5 Second nail glue comes in a 0.2-ounce bottle.  This product will definitely keep your nails intact between visits to the nail salon.

Big Bondini Nail Glue

best nail glue

Big Bondini is one of the best nail glue brands on the market, and all you have to do is try it to find out for yourself. You can use it both for acrylic nails or nail repair depending on your needs. You can find two different kinds of this brush on nail glue, which are regular and hypoallergenic. The hypoallergenic version is great for those with sensitive skin. Nail glue can be hard on the nail and nail bed anyway, and those with sensitive skin may experience worse reactions.

You can find this product in both 0.14 and 0.5-ounce bottles. If you have never tried it before, you are better off purchasing the smaller product to ensure it meets your needs. 

How to Use Nail Glue

You can receive the best results from the best nail glue if you use it properly. If you ask any professional at a nail salon, the will tell you that technique is crucial to proper acrylic and gel nails application. It is the same for nail repair.

Some may tell you that you can use super glue instead but take it from us that it is not the best idea. Nail glue is specifically meant for your nails, and using the wrong product can damage your nails. That being said, the best nail glue can even harm you if you do not apply it properly.

For Fake Fingernails

If you are using nail glue to apply fake fingernails, here are the steps you need to use the glue properly.

  1. To start, clean your natural nails of any dirt, grime, polish, or leftover glue. Use pure acetone polish remover or a nail glue remover if needed. Know that you may need to clean your nails multiple times.
  2. Next, apply a small amount of glue to your nail and the fake one. You will not need a ton because the glue will expand when you press the two together.
  3. Place the fake nail onto your real nail and press down on the nail bed. This should take at least 15 to 20 seconds to ensure the glue dried properly. If you used too much glue, it may take longer.
  4. Once dry, use a buffer or a nail file to smooth out any edges.
  5. Last, wipe the applicator for your liquid nail glue clean so you can open the bottle with ease the next time.

Once you finish these steps, you can go ahead and nail artwork to customize them to your liking. If you want a more simple look, you can just add a clear nail base coat.

For Nail Repair

If you have never used nail glue for nail repair, it is important that you follow these steps. This will allow you to fix any split nails without it looking too obvious that it split in the first place.

  1. Just like the steps in the previous section, make sure your nails are clean beforehand. If you have nail polish or glue on your nails, use a nail polish glue remover to make your nails a blank slate.
  2. Next, apply a small amount of nail glue to the split or broken piece of nail. You only need a little bit to keep the nail together effectively.
  3. Apply pressure gently to the area for 15 to 20 seconds.
  4. Once the glue is dry, use a nail file to smooth out any extra glue. This will help the glue to blend in with your natural nail.
  5. Last, make sure your nail glue applicator is clean before closing the lid. You will want to be able to open it easily the next time you need it.

If you want to add nail artwork after these steps, go ahead and paint them or apply false nails. If you mess up and need to use nail polish remover, be careful. The pure acetone can take away the glue holding your split nail together, so you may need to apply the glue again.

How to Remove Nail Glue

Once you decide that it is time to remove the fake fingernails or additional nail glue, you need to remove it properly. Do not pull or peel off the glue because it can damage your cuticles and your nails. Instead, follow these helpful steps.

  1. To start, submerge your nails into warm and soapy water. Be sure it is not too warm or you could burn yourself. Allow them to soak for about 15 minutes.
  2. Use a buffer to remove any pieces of glue that start coming off. Once again, do not pull or peel it. If you do not have a buffer, a toothbrush will work as well.
  3. To remove the remaining pieces of glue, submerge your fingers in pure acetone nail polish remover. If you cannot submerge it, holding a saturated cotton ball or pad will also work. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Be aware that acetone will sting if it comes in contact with any cuts or hangnails.
  4. Next, use the buffer (or toothbrush) again to remove the rest of the glue.
  5. Pure acetone is extremely drying to both your nails and skin, so it is important to properly care for them. Once you remove the glue, apply professional cuticle oil to the area. If you do not have cuticle oil, petroleum jelly or oil will work as well.

Grab Yourself a Bottle of the Best Nail Glue

The American Academy of Dermatology states that fake fingernails can cause problems to your nails long-term. This is because the glue prevents your nails from breathing properly, and many nail technicians trim and cut the cuticle. They recommend using nail glue sparingly to prevent any future issues with your nails and cuticles.

However, when the need arises, you want to make sure that you have the best nail glue available. This allows you to fix your nails properly and with minimal effort so you can get back to your day as soon as possible.

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