A fabric paint pen contains fabric paint which may be a dye or permanent ink that leaves its permanent appearance over the cloth/fabric on which it is applied. A common permanent fabric pen does not contain the color to be washed out on simple washing.

In case of working on a small item or detail work according to the requirement, a good set of fabric paint pens are invaluable. A set of a variety of colored pens can make the work easier and conveyable. A larger area can be covered with less work by using these pens.

Using Fabric Paint Pen is a non-toxic application usually. They are meant for writing on posters, soccer balls, hoardings, etc. They are not meant for the skin still they are not dangerous enough to cause any type of dermal problem. The only time that the fabric paint pen can cause any reaction to the skin will be if the user possesses any allergy towards alcohol because this pen contains any kind of alcohol for the permanent stabilizing of color over the fabric where it is applied. Alcohol is a suggested industrial solvent for chemicals that may be health hazardous in case of exposure to the body internally. As solvents, they penetrate the skin and fingernails and can enter the bloodstream that may be hazardous to health.

Advantages of Fabric Paint Pens:-

  • They can be used easily as the normal pens.
  • Non-toxicity to the health is their advantage.
  • Colors used in them are water resistant.
  • They can be applied on hard or smooth any surface.
  • It is not necessary for fabric paint pens to be used by any art-expert as anyone can use them with stencils.
  • Those pens can provide a new look to the old fabrics.
  • Attractive designs to plain and simple fabrics can be given by them.

Fabric Paint Pens can be used to lift up the boring look of any fabric to the innovative and attractive appearance. They are so easy to use that a child can also make an interesting design over the desired fabric by using them. They are just squeezed a little harder to draw linear, curved, circular, geometrical or any other appropriate pattern. Even the same can be applied by using stencils by just going through the edges of the stencil with the help of Fabric Paint Pen. This way T-shirts, Pillow-covers, blankets, bags etc. can be decorated according to the latest fashion. After the application of fabric paint over the cloth it is required to be dried for about 2-3 hours, then the cloth is subjected to iron for the stabilization of color.

Fabric Paint Pens are also available in glitters and bright colors such as gold and silver to provide a royal and traditional look at the designs. According to the requirement of look which have to be given to the fabric a wide variety of Fabric Paint Pens and Marker Pen are available by use, cost, and durability.

Fabric Painting with Fabric Marker Pen

Fabric work of art with a paint pen or a fabric marker pen instead of paint and brush is most helpful when someone is looking forward to painting thin lines or dividers. Moreover, there is no need to get yourself and the surrounding dirty with paints and brushes. There is much more that can be done with a fabric marker pen. These pens work amazingly well with stencils, easy on fabrics, and moreover, can be utilized with stamps made of rubber.

A fabric marker pen consists of a color that is permanent be it ink, paint, or dye. They carry a special characteristic; they do not fade or leave color when washed. When a fabric marker pen is purchased that has a tag saying –permanent- then that means that the color will not wear off when it is put in water or machine wash.

Fabric marker pen comes in different sizes; they are thick or thin they even come in styles of a brush tip. If you are looking in for a fine work of art over your fabric, then make sure that you purchase this pen with a fine tip the finer, the better results. However, if you are using a fine fabric marker pen, then you need to make sure that you do not bend it too much over the tip of the pen or it might damage the nib.

While buying these fabric marker pens select the fabric carefully: to give an impact on your work or are you needed to make sure that the fabric you are using is a good one. The fabric marker pen is not going to show all its colors if the fabric is not picked well. Make sure you wash your fabric well be it silk, rayon, or 100% cotton, all it requires is a perfect wash. Do bleach the fabric well and then rinse it with plain water to give it a good effect.

Be sure that you do not pause or stop with the nib of the fabric marker pen resting on a particular fabric, or this will bleed the color into the fabric. While using this fabric marker pen to write letters, make sure of certain things: Make sure you use a pen than a brush, this will give the fineness and a better effect to the lettering over the fabric. When you are filling a gap on the fabric then it is suggested to draw the outline with the fabric pen and then do the filling with a brush this will save the ink, dye, or paint of the pen and it will not finish up quickly. If you are using different colors, then make sure you let one color dry before you use the other. This will keep different colors from mixing.

Fabric marker pen works perfectly with stencils. If you need to outline, use the nib along the corners of the stencil, keep the tip up so it will not slip again and again.


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