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Feeling itchiness in some unreachable parts of your body? No one is there to help you out? Even if you’re lucky enough to get your love one near you, requesting them to that itchy spot can be embarrassing.

To deal with such situation, some of us end up grabbing a spatula, a pole, a fork tying to a ruler or any other pointed things that touch our hand instantly and start scratching all over the itchy area. Sure, this tendency of randomly choosing any sharp material often results in more itching or infection and consequently, compels us to visit dermatologists.

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Let’s tackle the circumstances smartly. A good back scratcher would be a sophisticated solution for those “Can’t help” moments. In this article, we’ve enlisted 10 best back scratchers belong to renowned companies to let you know what’s prevailing in the recent market. As this item comes with a very little penny, ordering more than one back scratcher will be a good idea so that you always have one near you all the time.

10 Best Back Scratcher Reviews

1. WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

The Bear Claw Back Scratcher is an easy pick if you’re looking for something that’s neither too sharp that could occur bleeding on your back nor too blunt to leave you with that back-itching forever. When completely stretched out, it’s possible to roam your lower back area with its 22.83″ telescoping handle. Its 100% stainless steel claw won’t wane, twist, crack or decay with the passing of time.

For folks, who don’t mind putting extra pressure on the scratcher while reaching that desired spot, will consider it a perfect companion. Its 4.92″ soft rubber made handle also provides reliable gripping. Besides, the included gift packaging makes it a perfect gift for anyone who is in dire need of it. Retractable up to 8.62″, hence, surprisingly mobile. 100% money-back guarantee is another plus.

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2. JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher 17.5″ Long

Due to the use of eco-friendly material in JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher’s construction, it’s tough for other brands to outshine its appeal. Holding this around 17.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide back scratcher, you’ll realize that nothing can be more fun than satisfying your itchy back with it. Bend the scratcher according to your desire while accessing the itchy zone and it would remain the same. Because the manufacturers have injected heftiness and durability into this kit by originating it from mature bamboo.

Another fun thing about this handmade product is, no matter how many of them you purchase, none will be the same. Looks like, a unique piece is already preserved by the craftsmen for you. Do note though, this model sometime fails to arrange “level fingers” unlike the other contenders in this review. And if don’t want to compromise with the looks, make sure your collected one is properly varnished.

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3. Rivers Edge Products Ebytendable Bear Paw Back Scratcher

Rivers Edge Ebytendable Bear Paw is ideal for scratching your back because of its combination of length and flexibility. The incredible bear paw imprinted on its handle has a different appeal to trend lovers. But since scratcher’s appearance has little to do with its performance, the manufacturers have featured it with 8.5 inches telescopic handle. And during your attempt to solace that itchy portion, you can stretch the kit up to 27.5 inches. For using it for years, practice keeping its length moderate. A sensible amount of force will also help avoid unwanted bending while scrapping. Finally, you’ll find its handle cozy, thanks to its hard-wearing industrial grade foam grip.

For using it for years, practice keeping its length moderate. A sensible amount of force will also help avoid unwanted bending while scrapping. Finally, you’ll find its handle cozy, thanks to its hard-wearing industrial grade foam grip.

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4. Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick

Years go by, and the DCI Back Scratcher remains unbeatable. It scores well in design, performance and lastingness. Constructed out of Stainless steel, this 7.5″ telescopic model has become more dependable. The arched fingers are another praiseworthy outcome of its well thought out structure. Extendable up to 28 inches and thus capable of mitigating itchiness promptly.

Its compact design has made it highly travel friendly. When retracted, it can easily accommodate inside your pouch, handbag, rucksack or office bag. Regarding handle color, there’s chance for you to be choosy. Select from – pink, purple, blue and green at the time of shipping. It depends on their availability though.

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5. Back Rake (the world’s best back scratcher) Oak and Walnut

But if the vulnerable skin of your youngster or the aged member of your family finds the DCI Back Scratcher little bit sharp, we’ve got another option for you. Built out of USA Walnut and Oak Woods, Back Rake leaves no bruise on your bare skin. Pacifying those vexatious itches becomes easier with its 4 individual scratching edges.

Smoothly polished with safe non-toxic oil in its wavy design provides a more contented grip. Its long reach is another encouraging feature. With the dimension – 14″ x 4″ x 2”, it would be an ideal gift for people who enjoy scratching their backs recurrently.

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6. Banz Self-Massager Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher 17.5 inch w/ Massage Ball

Approaching with a very traditional design, Banz has introduced an innovative feature in this model. Contrary to other modern scratchers, it has got Self Massager Therapeutic. But that’s not all about this Bamboo Back Scratcher. Its 17.5 inches length is capable of alleviating the irksome sensation caused by rashes where your hand struggles to reach and fails repeatedly.

Without injuring your skin, the rubber massage ball will soothe the areas of discomfort. Some users consider that due to the inclusion of this ball, the scratcher has gained some extra weight. The handle is slightly wide in some places that makes the ease of gripping occasionally marginalized. Above all, it’s burly and long-lasting.

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7. Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher – 19″

More than just a back scratcher, the Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher is a great fascination for the cat lovers. Apart from its chief duty of scratching, you can use it as a decorative object in the walls of your cabin or the drawing room. Its meticulously crafted feline shape will surely attract the visitors’ interest and they’re going to sense “an itch on my back” right away.

Since the Whatonearth know relieving the user from pesky itchiness matters, they’ve kept its 19 inches long so that you get better access to the itch. Lightweight and sturdy basswood is used to fabricate this interesting piece. Cat paws are good looking and sharp. However, to bring this endearing appeal at home, you’ll need to spend a comparatively generous amount. This compact, loveable and efficient scratcher as a gift will make a cat lover’s day.

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8. (2- PACK) LEMENG Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers/hand massager/backslap With Rubber Handles

Want a back scratcher that you’ll love transporting? We do too. LEMENG have effectively solved this problem by launching Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers. Easy retracting feature between 26 and 8 inches has made it one of the top commuting scratchers. Just put it in your wallet or backpack and you’re ready to scratch on the way.

The 1.64” long, 1.75″ high and 0.5″ wide metal claws are brilliantly shaped and hence, can be an ideal gift for an expectant mother, elderly people or patients with limited mobility. The rubber grip ensures slip-proof handling. Price? Pay for 1 scratcher and this 2-pack set (with blue and green colored handles) is yours.

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9. Reach N Scratch Bendable Back Scratcher

Want the most pliable back scratcher that’ll bend in whatever shape you want it to be? Reach N Scratch Bendable Back Scratcher is it. With perfect length, this scratcher is designed with hard to reach body parts and outing purpose in mind. If you know a paralyzed patient who remains in a constant struggle with back itches, you can make him feel independent by handing over this tool. The user won’t require twisting his back or arm to reach that very desirable

The user won’t require twisting his back or arm to reach that very desirable place, like it needs to do with other scratchers we’ve enlisted. Just curve the handle according to your necessity and start rubbing its molded plastic fingers over those pesky itchy places. During scratching, the bended portions won’t regain their real shape themselves, an excellent trait, indeed. Thus, relaxation from the feeling of agitation is guaranteed. This portable back scratcher is simultaneously foldable and resilient. Super handy, comfortable and a great space saver.

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10. Vermont Maple Back Scratcher – Made in USA (1)

We love all changes and upgrades that Maple Landmark has brought with this model in the industry of back scratchers. Its ¾” wide and 1/8″ thick comb-like teeth demand different approaches while scratching your back. Unlike regular scratchers, you’ll require to rub it over the itchy area from side to side, and not up and down, to calm down that bothersome itchy sensation. Lighter and comfortable to handle, it’s one of the nicest choices you can make. No matter how much pressure you put on it during your getting relief, it won’t bend, crack or split. Regarding its appearance, there’s lot to surprise you. Hardwood in Vermont, USA is used to produce this 16″ long handy tool. It’s also varnished with

No matter how much pressure you put on it during your getting relief, it won’t bend, crack or split. Regarding its appearance, there’s lot to surprise you. Hardwood in Vermont, USA is used to produce this 16″ long handy tool. It’s also varnished with plant based natural surface. Easy to store and suitable for hanging near your reach using the hole on its handle.

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Causes of an Itchy Back

Itchy, AKA pruritus never happens without reason. Going through a bunches of medical info sites, we’ve gathered possible reasons behind this peeving sensation. The following points will help you finding why your skin itches more than usual-

  • Dry skin– It’s the most common cause for which back itches occur. Beside the old aged people, the long-term AC or heater users are the victim of dry skin. Excessive work with water can also trigger this state.
  • Nerve disorders– When diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, shingles (herpes zoster) or pinched nerves influence our nervous system, it results in an itchy feeling.
  • Drugs– Sedatives, antibiotics or antifungal medicines’ reaction emerges as skin itches.
  • Allergy- It varies from person to person. Different type of foods, cosmetics, wool or similar substances can cause the allergic reaction.
  • Illness– It can be either internal or external.
  • Internal diseases include iron deficiency anemia, liver or kidney dysfunction failure, cancers (lymphoma and leukemia), thyroid problems and so on.
  • External disorders comprise rashes, eczema (dermatitis), biting of bedbug, scabies or chickenpox.
  • Pregnancy– It’s not unusual for the expecting mothers to be susceptible to itchiness on their skin. So, proper care is needed before constant scratching worsens the case.

What’s to Look on a Back Scratcher?

Despite the fact that those, who suffer from the incessant hives, need a permanent solution, a good back scratcher is the best remedy for persons with occasional “scratch me” feeling. Let’s find out some traits that you should consider to make your purchase worth.

  • Try to choose a telescopic model so that you can adjust it according to your height and shape. However, for aged persons and children, the bamboo or wooden scratcher will be a better choice.
  • Sharpness of the claw is another aspect that requires some attention. Pick the one which feels like actual long finger nails. But avoid selecting too prickly models that may hurt your skin. Ignore dull, rounded fingers either.
  • Flexible scratchers are preferable, especially for surgical patients who find it difficult to bend their joints and muscles. So, no more wrestling for reaching that sweet spot.
  • Collapsible scratchers are portable, easy to store and saves a lot of room for other necessary things.
  • Durability is another factor worth noticing. Inquire about the material used in their construction so to ensure a long-term use. Otherwise, a little pressure on the flimsy model, during scratching your back, may steal their lifetime.
  • Price tag is also a very important thing to ponder over. The scratchers this review covers ranges from $5 to $30 according to their components, strength, appearance and functionality. So, if you merely want a normal back scratcher, why to burn bulk of money on a lavish model?
  • You can also look for free and fast shipping, it’ll be like the icing on the cake!

After considering the above-mentioned features, collect a functional back scratcher. And never hesitate to purchase more than one piece. Because their versatile use won’t let you down.

Others Uses of Back Scratchers

Do you think back scratchers are for scratching body parts you can’t reach? Of course, it’s the primary function of this tool. Yet some innovative creatures like us also find this useful in making our daily activities easier.

For example- we can use its carved area for reaching anything residing on high shelves or for locating something hidden under the bed or behind the fridge.

In addition to its appliance in kitchen and bedroom, decorating your office desks with one of them won’t be a bad idea. The pen, paper or other accessories, that are in endless love with the floor and keep falling frequently, you can get hold of them using these fingers.

Transforming a back scratcher into a cobweb catcher is also easy. Wrap its claw with a piece of cloth using an elastic band and start wandering over the spiders’ house. Ta da! All clean.

Sounds funny! Could be, but their extremely practical usage is also unquestionable. Try them yourself.


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