Most people spend a significant amount of time and effort, not to mention money, to buy the right types of products and services that will improve their appearance. Women have a tendency to put more money into physical enhancement items than men. Consider what women pay for: hair appointments, manicures and pedicures, different types of makeup to accent their looks, and clothes and accessories to highlight their best attributes. Some women also like to go to tanning salons and use the best indoor tanning lotion. For many women, having a dark, healthy glow can make them feel sexier.

The Potential Harm in Tanning

If a woman isn’t bleaching or highlighting her hair too often, getting her hair done isn’t likely to cause any great harm. The same goes for the manicures and pedicures. It’s not that big of a deal to have polish on your nails. If you don’t buy a good-quality makeup your pores can easily clog, but popular mineral makeup brands will not give you that problem.

However, the body can experience permanent and even deadly damage by laying out in the sun for too long or spending too many hours in the tanning salon. Of course, it’s important to get sunlight because it is a great source of Vitamin D. However, overdoing it can cause the skin to thicken and wrinkle, creating a leathery-looking texture. In the most serious of cases, this can even lead to skin cancer.

Who really wants to look older than their age and have leathery, blotchy skin? It isn’t necessary to lay out in the sun or go to tanning beds to have that dark and sexy glow. Now, you can get the same look with the best indoor tanning lotion available. In years past, nearly all of the indoor tanning lotions on the market ended up giving people fake orange-looking tans. You can easily detect this from all the tell-tale streaks on the skin.

Where Other Tanning Methods Come In

Unfortunately, this has been a problem with even the best indoor tanning lotion. Because of this, it has contributed to the popularity of other tanning methods. The problem with many of these other methods, like UV therapy light and UVB tanning beds, is that it increases your exposure to these harmful rays that may result in serious medical conditions. Depending on our tanning skin type, you really have to be very careful in making sure you don’t burn yourself in the process.

About Indoor Tanning Lotion

Luckily, today’s best indoor tanning lotion brand has a different formula that gives users a natural and smooth bronze look. When applied consistently and smoothly, the ingredients of these lotions immediately absorb into the skin. Even beginners will find indoor tanning products very easy to use. A number of the products come with no-mess applicators, which means your hands won’t stain as you spread it over your skin.

Another advantage of indoor tanning bronzers is that you have more control over how tan you want to get and the results are pretty immediate after you apply. If you want to get really dark, you can use a black bronzer tanning lotion. If you don’t feel like taking that route, skin tone cosmetics are also an option.

In addition to their amazing natural-looking glow, the best indoor tanning lotion products do not negative side effects. (Although you should perform a patch test to ensure you do not experience allergic reactions.) Also, they are far less expensive than constant visits to the tanning salon over the course of the summer. It can take up to ten or more tanning sessions to get that sought-after summer glow. On the other hand, when you use indoor tanning lotions, you’ll achieve the same results in only a couple of applications. You won’t need more than one bottle, which will probably cost less than one session at the tanning bed.

Different Kinds of Tanning Products

There are three different tanning products that you should know about: sunscreen, self-tanner (bronzer), and indoor tanning lotion. Obviously, sunscreen is great if you want to protect your skin from the UV light from the sun. You should not use it for a tanning bed because it can damage the acrylic inside the bed.

Self-tanner, or bronzer, is a product that helps you darken the color of your skin cells without a tanning session. This fades over time as you shed your dead skin cells, and some will even come off in the shower.

Indoor tanning lotion is a little different than the others. These kinds of products act as intensifiers that help your skin cells change to a darker color faster in UV light. This means that you can still develop a golden glow without subjecting yourself to too much light.

Depending on your skin type and preference, one tanning product may be better for your skin than others. These products also all come with a different formula, with some even offering skin firming properties as well. Be sure to take your own skin type into consideration before you make a purchase.

Top 5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Brands

There are many tanning lotions bronzer brands that are available today, but you have to make sure that you read the labels completely. Be sure to check if their ingredients are safe to use and will not cause allergic reactions.

Because the FDA deems DHA cream safe, you don’t have to worry about damaging your growing skin cells and keeping them healthy. This means that so long as you take the necessary steps to take care of your skin, like following a skin care routine and constantly hydrating, you should be good to go.

Keeping skin hydrated is very important in ensuring your skin retains its natural glow. While lotions for dry skin are available today, you still can’t beat nourishing your skin from within. There are amino acids natural to your body that help keep the largest organ in your body healthy.

There are indoor tanning lotion reviews that you can definitely check out to find the best and safest brands out there. In the end, the best indoor tanning lotion is one that perfectly matches your skin type and will give you the kind of golden glow that will make you happy.

1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

If you look at indoor tanning lotion reviews, you will most likely see Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses near the top of the list. This tanning lotion uses coconut oil and coconut milk to make this product hydrating and effective.

Their tanning intensifiers stimulate the body’s melanin production, which gives you a stunning summer tan without using a black bronzer. Coconut Kisses also has skin firming properties that will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Many customers consider this the best indoor tanning lotion and recommend it to others who want a glowing summer tan. The only problem some have found is purchasing the lotion from an unreliable source. To avoid this problem, make sure you buy Coconut Kisses directly from Ed Hardy.

2. Millenium Tanning Paint It Black

Paint It Black from Millenium Tanning is a dark tanning lotion that uses an extreme silicone emulsion blend. This silicone blend keeps your skin smooth, which keeps your tan looking great for a long period of time.

Though the product advertises bronzing qualities, this is not the same as natural bronzers that do not require sunlight. This merely implies that for the best bronze tan, this product accelerates your skin’s tanning ability with less sunlight than normal.

Just like the Ed Hardy brand, it is extremely important to make sure you purchase your indoor tanning lotion from a reliable source. This prevents you from purchasing dupes that do not work. You should also follow the directions on the packaging to ensure you experience the best results.

3. Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Black Bronzer

If you want the darkest black bronzer available, Snooki is your girl. Her ultra dark tan is famous, and you can have it in a natural way that will not harm your skin cells.

The black bronzer blend contains natural ingredients, vitamins, extracts, coconut oil, and DHA that allow you to have proper skin care as well. There are several great ingredients in this product that not only help you attain a deep, golden tan, but they also are great skin care ingredients.

The only downside to this product is that some customers have experienced rashes after using it. This may be due to an allergy to one of the extracts or oils. Before a tanning session, make sure you perform a spot test. This will prevent any major rashes from ruining your day.

4. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator

If you are looking for one of the most popular brands to apply, Australian Gold has been in the tanning industry for a long while. This lotion gives you color within minutes once you get out in the sun or in a tanning bed.

This Australian Gold Accelerator contains vitamins A and E, which is a great addition to your skin care routine. Tanning can be harsh on the skin and even create more dead skin cells, so it is important to add vitamins to your skin.

Like the others on our list of the best indoor tanning lotion brands, there are several Australian Gold fakes on the market. In order to ensure you receive the right product, make sure you go through a reliable retailer.

5. Somewhere on a Beach Instant Dark Tanning Lotion

Instant Dark tanning lotion from Somewhere on a Beach is another one of the best indoor tanning lotion brands you can apply to your skin. They use several different ingredients that will keep your skin cells healthy while you get the glowing tan you want.

This product uses walnut oil and coconut oil to hydrate the skin, and the formula is free of DHA to prevent their natural bronzers from streaking or staining. They also use an anti-aging peptide that reduces fine lines and keeps your skin looking smooth.

The most common issues with this tanning lotion and all the others are fakes and skin irritations. To save yourself time and energy, buy from a reliable source and always perform a patch test with the product.

Give the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion a Shot

Whether you want the perfect tan for summer or a bit of color through the winter, give the best indoor tanning lotion brands a shot. You can use them out in the sun, as well as in a tanning bed. These products help your skin to tan fast without spending too much time in UV light. This makes it so that you do not have to sacrifice your skin’s health for a great tan.

Do you have a favorite indoor tanning lotion? Tell us about the brand you love in the comments!