best indoor tanning lotion for fair skin

Most people spend a significant amount of time and effort, not to mention money, to buy the right types of products and services that will improve their appearance. Women have a tendency to put more money into physical enhancement items than men. Consider what women pay for: hair appointments, manicures and pedicures, different types of makeup to accent their looks, and clothes and accessories to highlight their best attributes. Women also like to go to tanning salons. For many women, having a dark, healthy glow makes them feel sexier.
If a woman isn’t bleaching or highlighting her hair too often, getting her hair done isn’t likely to cause any great harm. And the same goes for the manicures and pedicures – it’s not that big a deal to have polish applied to all of your nails. If you don’t buy a good-quality makeup your pores can easily get clogged, but the popular mineral makeups don’t give you that problem. But permanent and even deadly damage can be done by laying out in the sun too long or spending too many hours in the tanning salon. Of course, it’s important to get sun light, which is a great source of Vitamin D, but overdoing it can cause the skin to thicken and wrinkle, creating a leathery-looking texture, and in the most serious cases, skin cancer.
And who really wants to look older than your age and have leathery, blotchy skin? It isn’t necessary to lay out in the sun or go to tanning beds to have that dark sexy glow – now you can get the same look with the best indoor tanning lotions available. In years past, nearly all of the indoor tanning lotions on the market ended up giving people fake orangy-looking tans, which were easily detected from all the streaking on the skin. Those “fake bakes” could be spotted on sight, thanks to their unmistakable orange sheen.

But today’s indoor tanning lotions are made to give users a natural, smooth bronze look. When applied consistently and smoothly, the ingredients of these lotions immediately absorb into the skin. Even beginners will find indoor tanning products very easy to use. A number of the products are made with no-mess applicators, which means your hands won’t be stained as you spread it over your skin.

In addition to their amazing natural-looking glow, the best indoor tanning lotion products cause no side effects and are far less expensive than constant visits to the tanning salon over the course of the summer. It can take up to ten or more tanning sessions to get that sought-after summery glow. But when you use indoor tanning lotions, you’ll achieve the same results in only a couple of applications. You won’t need more than one bottle, which will probably cost less than one visit to the tanning bed.


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