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Disposing of  waste safely depends on the nature and composition of the waste. Disposal methods often determine the type of disposal that is most environmentally and ecologically sound. Generally, wastewater is treated and then recycled for potable uses in...
how to use a neti pot with a stuffy nose

How to use a Neti Pot

Using a neti pot to practice nasal irrigation is a straightforward procedure. The key things to know are how to mix the saline solution and how to accurately position the head so as to allow for proper drainage of...
So you have got yourself in too bad habits and seem to be eating far too much junk food then you should. Any healthy eating regimen you once had has slipped, and your much-loved pair of jeans are feeling...

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ecology career paths

Career in Ecology

Best Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials

Classification of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials for their Production. 

Primary energy resources in terms of their possible use for the production of motor fuels can be divided into two groups. The first should...
wind turbine tower design

Wind Turbine Towers and Principles of Their Design

When you appear on “Jeopardy,” and the little blue screen lights up with “two basic wind turbine tower design requirements,” you either answer, “What...
Learn the secrets of savings while shopping with Dealslands UK

Learn the secrets of savings while shopping with Dealslands UK

People have shifted from market hopping to online shopping, whether it is dress, shoes, travel packages, home decor products, garden products, mobile accessories, food...
why is ecology important

Why it is Important to Study Ecology

Existence in the world is made up of living and non living things. The two groups have to coexist in order to share the...

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