Have you ever been struck at some place on the highway? Just recall the day when your tires became flat.
What happened after that? It is quite sure that you would have pushed the vehicle for 5 or 6 kilometers. How disgusting is such situation? But if you had the inflator with you then this might not have been the case. You could have easily fixed the puncture and then re inflated the tire.

The inflator consists of three parts. The first part is the solvents. The second part is the sealants, and the third part is the propellant. All these parts have some special features and task. The inflator will be incomplete without any of the above parts.

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The solvents make the sealants adhere to the rubber tires. This is certainly quite important. The propellant is designed to push the sealant through the can and into the tire. It also provides the air which then re-inflates the tire.

Thus the re-inflation takes place after the fixing of the puncture, and the tire will again start functioning properly. Many types of inflators are available in the market. Now we are going to discuss some of the best brands in the market. Besides buying a car inflator you may read this article from Speaker Champion which we found good for best 6×9 speakers.

They are as follows:

Best Tire Inflators : Quick Review

1. Slime 40031 Pro Power Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

This is one of the inflator which can make you feel quite relaxed. There is a pressure gauge with the help of which you can measure the pressure inside the tire and you will come to know that how much air you will have to fill more. This is quite good for the RV, SUV as well as the trucks.

As far as the tire inflator are concerned, you will find them to be very useful when the tire punctures in the mid of the journey. It can seal the puncture and then re-inflate the tires so that you can take the vehicle to some nearby mechanic for further repair. Thus whenever you suffer from the flat tires you can use this inflator for your help.

Thus you will find out that the tires inflator has three main components. All these three components are for some special purpose. The components are solvents, sealants and propellants. As far as the solvents are concerned they are exploited to make the sealants stick to the rubber tires.

Now you can easily understand that how useful it is? Just think of the situation when you are struck by the flat tire and no mechanic is there to solve your purpose then what will you do? You cannot really push your vehicle with flat tires. You will certainly have to make sure that you have the inflator with you. It is the only gadget which can help you out.

As far as the above model is concerned, it is certainly quite great. Some of the product features are 12 volt 140 psi compressor. There is built in pressure gauge as well as light. The 16 inch coiled air hose is quite incredible. The canvas bag as well as the inflators is also available.

This inflator is certainly great for the RVs, SUVs as well as trucks. If you have the mid sized cars then you will be quite amazed to know that it can be inflated within three minutes. Isn’t it incredible? Just think how much advantageous it will be for you. You can run the compressor on and off for about five to six times and you will certainly find out that there is no heating. This is one of the major plus point. This means that you can inflate around 15 tires in one go without any problem.

Many people say that this model is the best 12 volt tire inflator and it can certainly help you out to make you feel so happy that you will go gaga.

Just think again the above situation and you being on highway. This might have happened to you many times. Hence, you can easily understand the pain behind it. It is very painful indeed. You will be quite mesmerized by it. Thus why are you wasting your time? If you have any sorts of vehicle then try this one. It is simply a great inflator.

2. Bon-Aire 120 Volt Inflator

The Bon-Aire is yet another model. It is quite safe as it does not suffer from overheating. The overheating is definitely a very big problem for many models. But as far as this model is concerned, it is quite safe and you can re-inflate up to 15 tires without stopping.

What will you do if you are struck in the mid of the highway, and you suffer from flat tires? This will certainly be a very big problem for you, and you will have to fight with the situation. If you fight with the situation, then you will certainly find lots of problems. For example, you will have to drag the vehicle to as far as 4 to 5 kilometers from the place where your vehicle got punctured. Sometimes you will also not able to find out the mechanic. Then, what will you do?

Do not worry; you have some options left to you. There are some gadgets as well which you will find to be quite helpful. One of such gadget is the above one. It is an excellent inflator. But you will certainly like to know that what inflator is?

An inflator is a device which can fix the puncture in your tires and then re-inflate it for the further use. You might feel that we can carry the tools as well as the extra tires for this purpose. But just think of the situation when you will have to move through the Colorado desert, and meanwhile, you lose every tire in the way. This will certainly be a very big problem for you. You will feel thirsty as well as exhausted, and your frustration will reach its peak value when you will see your tires being punctured. How disgusting can this situation be? You cannot really think of such situation. Just think again that you are in the mid of the Colorado Desert and you do not have even water.

Just kidding, why should we worry since science has developed so well? You can have a big can of water, and you can carry the above inflator with you.

You will also find the pressure gauge with this inflator. With the help of the pressure gauge, you will be able to measure the pressure in psi. Thus you will be able to know that your tires need how much of air? This inflator stops automatically when the tire is fully inflated. This will stop it from bursting. You will certainly find out that the tire will not burst in any case.

If the tire bursts then it will again lead to the flat tire position. Hence you will find yourself in trouble. But you should not worry. This model will solve all your problems.

3. STANLEY PPRH7DS Professional Power Station

It is certainly quite important that you should know about this model. It is not just the inflator. It is a complete power house. It has ac inverters as well. Thus you will be able to use it to run the MP3 as well as the I-pods.

This is the complete power station for you. You will be provided with the jump starter as well as the compressors and the power inverter as well. What is the advantage with this? It is quite simple to understand. As far as the jump start is concerned, you will certainly find out that it is quite great. This means that you will be provided with the two batteries. The device needs to be started and for starting it will need electrical energy. Suppose the main battery is fully discharged in that case you can use the second battery and it will start this device for you. The inverter converts the AC current into DC current, and you can run various electrical appliances with it. The inflator which is the most important part is also being provided with the kit. Due to all these features, it is termed as the power station.

Similarly, you will find out many features related to this model. You will be provided with the 700 amp jump starter as well as 500 watt AC power inverter. The compressor is also being provided.

This product comes with the metal welder’s jump clamp. You will also be provided with the DC 12 volt outlet, and it will help you to power the 12 volt accessories. You will also be able to power the USB outlet. The USB outlet will in turn power the MP3, I-pod as well as the cell-phones.

Most of the compressor suffers from the overheating. This is certainly a very big problem. But you will not find any difficulty with this power station. It is certainly quite incredible. You will also not suffer from overloading as well as the short circuits.

The shut off preset tire gauge is being provided with the inflator. This inflator is also being provided with the automatic settings.  The digital power status LCD display will certainly help you out to read the outputs in a much easier manner.

Thus you will find this power station to be a multi purpose electrical instrument. The biggest advantage is that you will be able to run the MP3 player as well as the I-pods and you will also be able to charge your cell phones.

This is certainly an incredible feature of this power station. You can assume that you are taking the mini generator with you. Thus, you can resurrect your tires as well as you can go through some entertainment as well.

4. JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

This is yet Smart Pressure Technology. It can inflate your tires, and yet it will not suffer from the over heating. The digital output certainly makes the reading easier. You will easily be able to fix the puncture and then re-inflate it quite easily.

Tire inflammation is one thing which certainly can make it look weary. The tires should certainly be smooth and the air filled in it should not be the reason for the inflammation. Otherwise, the tire will burst out. Similarly, there are many more cases where you will find your tires in a problem. The road is also to be blamed. However, you cannot blame the road in the USA. The roads out here are simply great, and you will certainly find out that the condition of the road is just incredible unlike other countries in the world especially when compared to the roads in undeveloped countries like that of Africa. However, you should carry an inflator, and the above one is quite incredible.

As far as this model is concerned, you will certainly find out that it is a slightly advanced one. Digital pressure gauge is being provided and you will find it to be quite useful and easy to handle as well. You can easily understand that what profit you will have from this? Thus you will know exactly that how much pressure your tire is exerting and how much air you need to fill it.

Some of the features of this model are quite unique and you will not find it anywhere else. The biggest advantage with this model is that it is fully digitized. This inflator starts with the push button and you will just have to push it. Everything else will happen automatically. There is one outlet through which the compressed air is being passed and this can be connected to the tire in order to inflate it.

It will save your time since you can inflate all the tires of the vehicle within two minutes. Similarly, you will also save lots of money. It does not mean that you should use the inflator only when your tire gets flat. You should use it more frequently. This will be good for you, and your tires will have a longer life as they will be secured from the wear and tear.

You will also have to look at some other issues as well. One such issue is the space. You will be quite surprised to note that the space needed to keep this model is very small as all the precautions are being taken to make it as small as possible. You can inflate the bike tires, any vehicle tires as well as the sports items like football.

5. RING RAC635 12V Automatic Digital Compressor

So the inflator must be huge to have a battery to support all that power? Wrong, RAC635 is like a drill, it’s not too heavy, and the size is very compact. So from now on, no more taking the life out of your car’s battery, you simply plug in this inflator into the mains socket to charge it up. You could take the inflator with you when you go camping, and inflate mattresses, inflatable toys, etc. There’s also a bad side of it – It’s not going to be as powerful as the mains powered air compressors. This

This tyre inflator is also more powerful, offering air flow rate of 28-30/L min, meaning it can inflate a car tyre in less than 3 minutes. It comes with a built in light for emergency/SOS situations to inform the upcoming traffic, also comes with a useful white light which can become especially useful when inflating the tyres on dark roads. Comes with a 12V power plug and approx 3.5 m power cord. The air hose is approx 70 cm long.. It also comes with a pressure gauge, although, pressure gauges on most of these inflators are a little bit off. There’s also a bad side of it – It’s not going to be as powerful as the mains powered air compressors.