The truth is, all major truck bed cover brands try to offer quality products. So, how do you choose what’s right for you?  When it comes to covering up things like pickup trucks bed, the tonneau covers needs to be: 1) tough and weather-resistant 2) good-looking! and 3) Adjustable to the truck bed.

If you’re badly in need of one for your pickup truck cargo, you’ve come to the right place! Our extensive researched article will help you find the truck bed cover with the best combination of weather resistance, adjustability, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Before we start, though…

Let’s see what sort of tonneau covers exist!

There are four main types of truck bed covers that are designed specifically for pickup trucks. The right style is a matter of personal preference. These are the following (not necessarily in any order of importance):

  • Hard Folding – As their name suggests, hard tri fold tonneau covers are made out of hard materials, and they fold in sections. For example, one such cover may consist of 4 sections, and the truck bed is revealed by folding one or more of these parts, depending on how much space you need. The mechanism is simple and sturdy and doesn’t break easily, which is great news if you have to open your truck bed quite often.
  • Roll up – The rolling tonneau covers, on the other hand, come with a softer material, resembling a cloth. (It’s a durable cloth of course, and usually features a couple of layers) To reveal the truck bed, all you need to do is simply roll up the cover et voila!- you’re ready to load or unload your cargo! With this, you can carry heavy duty materials in an easy manner. If you are having the roll-up cover, then you no need to worry about the unused parts of your truck. It will take care about your truck and will help to extend your good looking trucks lifetime.
  • Retractable – The third type of tonneau covers function by the virtue of retracting, so to speak. These models closely resemble the design of a shutter. The operating principle is pretty straightforward—he cover is mounted on sliding rails, and you move it back and forth by handling the mechanism. So, it’s the same as with a window shutter, really! The items underneath a retractable tonneau cover are totally safe, both from harsh weather and from potential theft. Most retractable covers have a security lock to protect the items inside. The sturdy structure relieves all your worries when driving the truck, whether it is a stormy night or a calm sunny afternoon.
  • Rack Integrated – The most complicated covers are those that come with an integrated rack. The cover itself is usually hard folding, but the rack is made out of a tough material (usually some sort of strengthened metal), as its purpose is to carry additional items on top of it. These bed covers with a rack are usually somewhat more expensive than the other three types, but if you need to carry a lot of cargo (especially if this cargo is of a weird shape and is longer than your truck bed), we warmly recommend getting one of these.

These 10 are the best according to our research. Our top picks are favorites for protection, adjustability, and affordability.

10 Top Rated Truck Bed Cover Brand Reviews by Experts

1) Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover Review

Established by a plucky crew of mostly Americans and Canadians, the cheekily-named Tyger Auto company represents a business with a special flair for visually-appealing car accessories! Whether it’s tough fenders with a shiny chrome finish or specialized trim body side moldings, chances are- the folks at Tyger Auto are producing it. (AND are willing to sell their gear to ya at an affordable price, too!)

Their warehouses are located in California, USA, but they have production facilities in a number of locations, some of which are situated overseas. Neat stuff, indeed, and judging by their growing customer base, we’d say that they have a pretty bright future ahead of them.

Here’s what makes these folks special:

Quality of Products – First things first. As they like to point out themselves, they don’t really produce every automotive part that you might need, but those that they DO produce are top tier quality, and nothing less is acceptable. Also, since many of the parts they’re making are model-specific, they’re fighting tooth and nail to include as many different car models as possible to their roster of products.

Hassle-Free Warranty – Buying car parts online can often represent a bit of a drag at times. There’s a number of factors that either you or the seller in question can mess up (sizing, car model, you name it), so having a hefty warranty included in the offer as well is certainly a plus. If you decide to go with a Tyger Auto product, you’ll get a warranty that includes a service, product exchanges as well as returns!

Most Prominent Features of their Products –

  • Dual Coated 24oz Marine Grade Vinyl –Used by the US military for their equipment, this particular material is a great solution for a tonneau cover. The Tyger Auto folks are surely taking full advantage of this!
  • Tough Aluminum Powder-Coated Frames –When it comes to the ‘skeleton’ of each of their supporting metal bars, aluminum they’re using is a great option as it’s lightweight and tough. Also, the powder-coating is the icing on the cake.
  • No-Drilling Installation – NOT having to mutilate your car every time you’re supposed to make an adjustment is certainly a big plus for a car accessory. Most of the products made by the Tyger Auto folks are made so that they require very little drilling or no drilling at all!

2) Tonno Pro

Boasting a sizeable roster of top-tier goods that can turn your pickup truck into a well-equipped terrain-tackling monster that can get you from point A to point B come hell or high water, the Tonno Pro company is a business that knows exactly what their customers are after.

Possibly their biggest strength is their dedication to deal-making, so to speak. So, if you decide to buy yourself one of their products, you can expect to get the designated goods at an agreeable price, and also enjoy a host of other customer-friendly benefits along the way!

For example, purchasing a brand new tonneau cover will also get you:

A Lifetime Warranty – The Tonno Pro company prides itself on its excellent customer service, the best part of which should definitely be the lifetime warranty they provide on each of their tonneau covers. So, whatever model you decide to go for, you can rest assured that it’d be neatly covered by a hefty warranty that lasts as long as you do!

Local Dealerships – While buying a Tonno Pro tonneau cover won’t necessarily get you a dealership of your own, the good news is that you’ll be able to make your purchase in a variety of locations across the US. This means you won’t have to pay large sums of money for shipping and other transport-related fees!

The sort of features you can expect from their merchandise –

  • ‘Drilling-less’ Installation – Since possibly the worst part of mounting a tonneau cover, or any pickup truck accessory for that matter, would be the maiming of your beloved four-wheeler, the good news with this model is that you can attach the whole thing with just a couple of clamps. No cutting, drilling, or otherwise hurting your car is required!
  • Patented design solutions – Another great perk of the products made by the Tonno Pro folks is their innovative approach to the design of a tonneau cover. These hard-working boys and gals actually have a number of patented or patent-pending designs, so you can expect something new from them with each new model they manufacture.
  • Water-tight materials – Most of the tonneau covers the Tonno Pro gang is producing is watertight. This ranks them pretty high in the hierarchy of pickup truck cover-making companies, as there is a fair number of manufacturers that don’t really bother about ensuring their covers are 100% waterproof.

3) TruXedo

Established in the year of 2000, the TruXedocompany made a name for themselves thanks to their professional approach to work and excellent online marketing. The bulk of their production lines are made up of tonneau covers, but they are actively seeking to expand their field of work and always introduce new exciting designs.

The cornerstone for their long-term efforts would surely be their passion for car customization, as they like to claim themselves. Also, customer feedback definitely plays a major role in the steps they’re willing to undertake in order to expand on their production lines in the future.

So far, so good. Let’s what else they’ve got:

Customer satisfaction-oriented work plan – Possibly the biggest ‘culprit’ for their success so far is the fact that they mend and develop their ware based on the requirements of their faithful customers. In this way, they hope to always hit the bullseye with their target audience, and set their production efforts in the right direction right off the bat!

A wide array of warranties–When it comes to covering their merchandise with warranties, the TruXedo folks seem to be careful about what they promise. Therefore, each of their tonneau cover lines comes with a separate warranty that reflects their capabilities to support it realistically. For example, the models made out of titanium come with a warranty of 3 years, the Lo Pro models feature a lifetime warranty, while the models bearing the mark of ‘Matte’ have a 5-year warranty.

The TruXedotonneau covers’ typically-encountered features:

  • Easy, single-person handling – Considering the robust build of tonneau covers, knowing that you’ll be able to quickly roll-up or dismount your cover of choice can be a great asset in the long run. Now, since the designers at TruXedo’s are well-aware of this, they make sure to make their models so that they’re easy to install and use, even if you’re doing it all on your own!
  • Fashion-savvy design solutions–The TreXudocompany considers their merchandise not only a useful accessory for an owner of a pickup truck to have but also a certain fashion statement. Therefore, the designers working for this business go out of their way to make each and every one of their new designs aesthetically appealing and stylish. So, if you like a tough-looking tonneau cover on your garage, the TruXedocompany is a good place to start looking for it!
  • A range of affordable models – When it comes to the question of pricing, the TruXedotonneau cover-making business offers a wide variety of different options for customers of all budgets. Rest assured, whether you’re working with a hefty sum of money, or a not-so-hefty one, you’ll be able to find something for yourself

4) Lund

Officially founded in the glorious automotive year of 1965, the Lund business set forth a lofty goal of becoming the most prominent company dealing in spare parts and other accessories for heavy-duty cars!

Fast forward a couple of decades, and now we’ve got widely-recognized and beloved retailer that deals in various secondary items for the automotive industry with great success. In their roster of products, the folks at Lund have managed to enlist such massive manufacturing brands as AVS, Rampage Products, and even Tonno Pro- which you’ve had the pleasure of reading about earlier on.

What makes the Lund company so special:

Extensive customization packages – Considering the fact that most pick-up truck owners who decided to buy, say, an enhanced fender, would usually also like to buy some other equipment for their beloved four-wheeler, the Lund folks made sure to organize affordable ‘bundles’ of parts, so you can kill multiple birds with one stone, so to speak.So, whether it’s hood protectors, nerf bars, or perhaps a tonneau cover or two, you can bet that you can find it at Lund – and paired up, too, with other items for good measure!

A broad range of products and accessories–As you may have guessed from the passage above, the Lund company offers a variety of different automotive products you can choose from. Moreover, even though most of their goods are high-end sort of car enhancements, you can find a fair share of budget-friendly solutions, as well, so there’s something here for everyone, really!

Some typically-included features of Lund tonneau cover you can expect:

  • Weather-tight designs – A tonneau cover that lets in water and other elements is definitely not a particularly good one, as the cargo underneath it is often too precious to be mishandled or, worse still- dampened. If this is also your number one concern as a potential customer, Lund may be the perfect go-to retailer for you, as this business offers a number of models that are completely and utterly waterproof!
  • No-hassle installation – Another great asset that comes with pretty much each of the Lund’s tonneau covers would be the simple installation. The whole thing can be set up quickly with the use of the clamps that come in the package, so not only will you be able to finish the installation in a jiffy, but you also won’t need to do any drilling or cutting.
  • Easy maintenance– Depending on what sort of terrain you usually drive your pick-up truck, the maintenance of your tonneau cover presents a chore that needs to be done from time to time. The good news with the models coming from the Lund company that the illustrious act of brushing off dead flies and other debris from your tonneau cover will be a piece of cake. So, if you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to have extensive cleaning sessions, a Lund tonneau cover might be an excellent solution for you!

5) MaxMate

As a relatively new company, MaxMate already has a number of heavy-duty car accessories that can turn your four-wheeler into a proper traveling fortress!

In their versatile arsenal of truck bed-covering items, you can find all kinds of tonneau covers, from roll-ups to three-layered protective surfaces that can survive a tornado. Neat stuff, indeed!

Now let’s see what it is that makes this particular bunch of covers so likable:

Variety of designs on offer – The best thing about the MaxMate is that you can find virtually any type of tonneau cover that you fancy within their product lines. Whether you like roll-up kind of design or prefer low-profile covers, chances are- you can find it at MaxMate’s!

User-friendly constructions – Since setting up a tonneau cover can be a bit of complicated process, the folks at MaxMate like to make sure that their models are easy to install. Therefore, if you get yourself one of their truck covers, you may expect a hassle-free installation, and also easy operation afterward.

So, what do these MaxMatetonneau covers look like?

  • High-quality materials – At MaxMate, high quality of their truck covers is a must, so the engineers at this company always go out of their way to ensure their ware is second to none! For example, they often use such materials as marine grade vinyl and strengthened aluminum for good measure!
  • Hefty warranty – To further advertise the quality of their merchandise, the MaxMate folks like offer generous warranties which often reach the 10-year mark. So, if things go awry with the cover you bought (through no fault of your own, that is), you may rest assured that the company will be taking care of it in a jiffy!
  • A piece of cake installation – Customer-friendly designs are always welcome when tonneau covers are in question, and the MaxMate company provides just that- a bunch of ware that is a breeze to set up. To make the whole process simpler, their tonneau covers often feature Velcro straps and other design solutions that don’t require any drilling or cutting of your truck bed.

6) Bestop

Created in 1954 by a bloke called Tom Bradley, the Best company began its business path as a small shop where pieces of soft upholstery were created.

In the following decades, the company would grow quickly and soon the entire territory of US was covered with their soft tops! (Not the actual ground, of course, but the pickup trucks and other vehicles)

The Bestop lines of products:

Secondary equipment for Jeeps, Broncos, Scouts and other vehicles – The ware that is produced at Bestop’s can be roughly split into two major categories: 1) equipment for Jeeps and other similar four-wheelers, and 2) accessories for trucks. The first one would include such items as soft tops, bumpers, doors and floor mats.

Truck accessories – The second one, on the other hand, deals with trucks, so this is where their tonneau covers can be found. Also, in this category, you can browse through their selection of treksteps, tinted window kits, and other items that can enhance the appearance of your beloved pickup truck!

The usual features of Bestoptonneau covers:

  • Advanced tensioning system – Many of the tonneau covers coming from the Bestop folks feature an automatic tensioning system. This means that the fabric covering your truck bed will always be tight and smoothly-spread across the entire surface.
  • Stylish appearance – Another major selling point of the Bestoptonneau covers would be their sleek looks. Their models boast a smooth surface that not only protects your cargo but also looks good! What’s not to love?
  • Easy handling – Thanks to the practical system of clamps that keeps the entire thing ‘up-and-running’, the covers are easy to install and can be removed in minutes without any tools!

7) Gator Covers

Boasting a name that instills fear in the hearts of their tonneau cover-producing competition, as well as a set of values that even Gandhi himself would definitely approve of if he was around, the Gator Covers business has been making quite a name for itself in the recent period!

Their main motivational force is their firm belief in innovation, inspiration and unparalleled service. (as they like to claim themselves) So far, it seems this policy’s been working out fairly well for them, judging by their growing customer base.

Some of the perks that make Gator Covers stand out from the rest of the competition:

60-day warranty – For each of their products, the Gator Cover folks offer a 60-day warranty. Within this period, you can return what you’ve purchased if you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve got.

A special ‘Love it or Swap it’ policy – Another customer-friendly policy of the Gator Covers company is their ‘Love it or Swap it’ system. The idea is that you can simply swap the product you’ve bought for another one, rather than having a refund. Good thinking from the Gator people and the customers seem to love it, as well!

Alright then, let’s see what these Gator tonneau covers are ‘made of’:

  • Tough materials – Durable materials such as military grade vinyl are often used by the Gator Covers folks, as they have excellent water-retaining properties and aren’t that expensive.
  • Model-specific covers – If you’re on a lookout for a tonneau cover that could fit your car snugly, Gator Covers has a number of model-specific solutions! This ensures that you won’t have to do any additional drilling or cutting when it comes to installation, as the dimensions of your car and the tonneau cover will match perfectly.
  • Adjustable tension control – One of the great assets of Gator Covers’, well, covers, is that their models allow for advanced settings, so to speak. This means that you can set the tension of the cloth as well as some other parameters without having to take the whole thing apart.

8) Extang

Established in 1982, Extang started off strong setting up a series of principles that would make them competitive in the future, as well.

Roughly speaking, these would include: 1) hard work, 2) pursuit of quality and 3) ensuring that customers are satisfied with their ware.  So far, it seems that this rather simple three-part policy has worked like a charm for the Extang folks!

Apart from this rather well-organized core, let’s see what else this company has got to offer:

Exceptional engineering – Even though tonneau covers aren’t necessarily the most complicated car accessories out there, some top-tier engineering solutions can still make them not only stronger but also better looking than your ordinary car cover! The Extang folks surely score highly in this particular category, as can be seen from their customer feedback.

Trailblazing design efforts – Complementing the Extang’s great engineering solutions is their designing prowess! This fact is what makes this company one of the best ones around when it comes to the visual appeal and style of their products.

Here are some of the features you can expect to find in Extang’s products:

  • Efficient clamping system – When it comes to easy installations without any cutting or drilling of your beloved car, the Extang has managed to up the ante with a system that employs two different kinds of clamps- Jaw-grip clamps and EZ-Lock clamps! With these two bad boys in place, you can expect your tonneau cover to stay in place come hell or high water!
  • High-quality materials – The materials used by the Extang represent a high-quality mixture of aluminum and a tough tarp made of a leather-like combination of cloths that come in three layers, no less!
  • Attractive warranties – The tonneau covers created by the Extang gang come with hefty warranties, the most attractive models being the ones that are covered by a lifetime guarantee!

9) TonnoMax

Based in sun-bathed California, as their PR team likes to point out, the TonnoMax company has been equipping their faithful customers with high-quality tonneau covers from the year of 1998.

Other than the aforementioned tonneau covers, at TonnoMax’s you can find a variety of other accessories and secondary equipment for pickups and other vehicles, as well.

So far so good. Now, let’s see what other assets the TonnoMax folks have in store:

A wide array of compatible vehicles – From Chevy S10 models all the way to Fords, and Toyotas, the TonnoMax folks have a tonneau cover for all kinds of pickup trucks, so you can rest assured that these folks will have something in store for you, no matter what vehicle you drive!

A number of easily-accessible dealers – If you do decide to go with one of their tonneau covers, the great news is- you’ll be able to find a dealer somewhere in your vicinity! (as long as you live in the US, that is) A wide array of models, and can be easily obtained- what’s not to love, huh?

TonnoMax’s tonneau covers- a grandiose display of features!

  • Durable materials – TonnoMax tonneau covers are made out of 24oz dual coated vinyl, so they’re sure to survive some serious abuse without collapsing!
  • A piece o’ cake installation – To set up one of these covers, you don’t need to drill, cut or otherwise hurt your car. Also, a TonnoMax tonneau cover is as easy to dismantle as it is to set up, which can is great if you tend to switch between open and closed truck beds often.
  • Lightweight construction – Since fuel economy is a factor when the quality of tonneau covers is in question, the designers at TonnoMax like to make sure their pickup truck covering models are lightweight. As we all know- less weight equals more speed, so obtaining a TonnoMax tonneau cover is certainly a warm recommendation in this respect! (Note: It has not yet been proven that tonneau covers actually improve fuel economy. Still, a lightweight cover is certainly a plus in the long run!)

10) BAK

Offering a variety of different tonneau cover design solutions, the BAK Industries are paving their way towards becoming one of the market leaders in this particular niche.

Whether it’s hard folding tonneau cover, rolling, or retractable models, chances are- you can find it at BAK, and buy it at an affordable price, too!

These are the core principles of the BAK company:

Precision – Considering the fact that each of their customers needs a tonneau cover for a different reason, the designers at BAK like to make sure that their models are made to fit each individual truck perfectly so that you don’t have to modify your truck in any way. Therefore, just make sure to find the exact tonneau cover model for your car, and you should be A-okay!

User-oriented designs – Pickup truck drivers tend to transport various kinds of cargo, and the great news about the BAK tonneau covers is that they come in a range of shapes and sizes. So, it’d be safe to say that virtually anyone can find a fitting model for their needs.

Right then, let’s see what makes BAK tonneau covers such a great choice:

  • Sleek designs – The BAK team of designers pride themselves in some pretty great solutions, all of which must pass their rigorous inspection first. This means that BAK tonneau covers are both durable and good-looking!
  • Easy installation – Virtually all models coming from this manufacturer can be set up using a bunch of clamps that you get in the package. That’s right- no drilling or tools required.
  • Built for accessibility – The primary focus that folks at BAK like to put on their covers revolves around accessibility. What this means in practice is that you can open up your truck bed easily without having to lower the tailgate first enabling you fast loading and unloading!

Before we conclude this article, let’s throw in a word or two about what sort of features to look for when buying a tonneau cover. This can come in handy if this is your first time you’re purchasing one of these:

Features that are Important to consider When Buying Truck Bed covers

  • The Material – There are two main types of tonneau covers based on their material: 1) soft covers, and 2) hardcovers. Usually, soft covers are made out of durable vinyl, which is then layered a couple of times for good measure. As for the hard ones, aluminum is usually the first choice of the majority of the manufacturers. These two materials have been well-proven over the years, so buying a tonneau cover that is made out of them is always a good idea.
  • The Installation – When it comes to actually setting up one of these covers, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the installation doesn’t require you to modify your car. So, what you want to do is look for clamp-on designs or some similar mechanism, as these are most reliable and easy to mount!
  • The Question of Warranty – Since pretty much all brands manufacturing tonneau covers offer some kind of warranty, we would advise you to shoot for the ones that offer a lifetime warranty. Nothing beats having your car accessory covered by its manufacturer for as long as you’re alive and kickin’!
  • The Cargo-Carrying Properties – This last parameter mostly concerns the tonneau covers with an integrated rack. Picking up one of these models can be a good idea if you need to transport goods that can’t fit in your truck bed (For example, surfboards or long wooden planks)!

Top 10 Truck Bed Cover Brands – The Final Words

In conclusion, a well-made tonneau cover can really make a world of difference when it comes to protecting your precious cargo. As far as the brands we listed above are concerned, each of them has become quite a large player on the market, so you can rest assured that their merchandise will be of top quality, so to speak.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find your optimal tonneau cover model at an affordable price. We wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase- cheers!