Cuticle nippers are used to remove the dirt around the cuticles. They are popularly used in pedicure and manicure for general nail care either to remove or trim the fingernails or toenails. Most of the cuticle nippers are the types you can grip with your hand while some others are the types that look like scissors. However, the best are those of stainless steel, box hinged, and hand gripped, with a jaw size that fits your hands.

But how and where can you get the best cuticle nippers? This article has come with some tips to guide you on getting the best cuticle nippers and scissors for your use.

Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Cuticle Nippers Compared

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Where Can You Buy From?

Best Cuticle Nipper FindingThere is a lot of department stores around you, from where you can buy.Amazon is another great source to buy your best cuticle clippers. A simple walk through the search engines such as Google will take you to a long list of websites that sell a variety of nippers of superior quality. You will also be able to select from our reviews below and you are sure to get good value for your money. Moreover, please try and do the shopping comparison before making your decision.

Short Review of 5 Best Cuticle Nipper for You

1. Got Glamour Cuticle Nipper 1/2 Jaw Single Spring, Stainless Steel

Got Glamour is known worldwide as the finest beauty product manufacturer. This 1/2 Jaw Manicure & Pedicure Kit is little pricey you’re going to find but good for smooth and easy cutting action. With 1/2 jaw, you can cut even the tiniest cuticles quickly and safely. They are sharp, sophisticated tools build for last longer.

Collect this ultra-sharp, no-pull nippers that will not likely to break or corrode. Once you got these in your hand, you’ll feel that how amazing tool you got to keep in your beauty salon or beauty box. They also claim that if anything goes wrong , they will give you refund. Buy it for your mom, sister or love ones to present in holiday as a gift.

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2. Tweezerman Stainless Cuticle Nipper, 1/2 Jaw

If you need an efficient nipper made to hold up for years, see the check the Tweezerman Stainless Cuticle Nipper. Featuring  rock-hard stainless steel construction, this is wonderful for precision. Double-spring handles is made comfort. This nipper is fit for both left and right-handed person, but it’s not apt for use on artificial nails. Unlike the Cobalt Stainless nipper, which have three sizes, this nipper is only available in one jaw size 1/2.

You can continually foil this stainless steel nipper without any problem. When you want to look clean without polish, this tool make this possible to make your nails shiny and groomed.

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3. FAMILIFE L01 11 in 1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set with Box

The FAMILIFE L01 looks good, thanks to 11 in 1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set with Box. With 11 pcs of manicure pedicure set It offer you enough to maintain your all grooming needs. The included cuticle scissors are small enough to fit in your nose which you can use to trim your nose hair.  The case looks nice designed with portable size. Carry it anywhere when going to travel. The stainless steel manicure set that will do the job perfectly. Because of separate tools for fingers and toes you are safe from fungal infections.

This manicure set is made of 100% heavy duty quality stainless steel , which will prevent it from rust. Not to mention, because of a complete set this can be a great gift you can offer to friends and family.

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4. Nail Nipper 2pcs Set Cuticle Remover Professional Quality

These 2pcs Nail Nipper Set are good enough to make professional or personal cutting action. With a SHARP AND EASY TO USE surgical grade Japanese 410 stainless steel ½ jaw, it  make the job easier removing dead skin or hangnails. The manufacturer even claims that If anything goes wrong they will give you a full money back. How amazing! They seems smaller in size which is good for the action. The pink color is also cute too.

They send you a full instruction in an ebook after purchasing where you’ll learn everything you need to know about change your ugly nails into beautiful finger paintings. Tough cuticles don’t have a chance when you use the best cuticle nippers on the market! 

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5. Cuticle Nipper with Cuticle Pusher-Professional Grade

This set of nipper works great making your nails, fingers and toes look good . The cuticle pusher make the process more convenient  to clean up the nails. Effective grooming solution in low price. You may use these in your spa shop and the customer will absolutely loves them! Very sharp and virtue for the money. If you’re tired of other low quality, blunt products- then you will be glad that Blue Orchids Cuticle nipper is not like that.

This is a great instrument for cutting cuticles around your finger nails and toenails. It is able to cut even in tiny areas around nails with ¼” jawThe 4″ long handles make the job comfortable. If cleaning’s what you care about, look no further. Don’t forget to wipe the blades with alcohol after the use for longer usability. This nipper comes with lifetime Satisfaction guarantee.

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Mistakes Most Buyers Make

To get the best of cuticle nippers in the market, there are certain things to take note of. One of the common mistakes people make while buying a cuticle nipper is targeting an inexpensive one. Most times cheap nippers tend to be of low quality and may not last longer. But good ones are known to be very strong and last really long.

Using Cuticle Clipper for Nail Care

So what use are cuticle nippers in helping our nails look good? A lot actually, they are a tool that most salons use that people really should be included as part of their own ‘nail care’ kit. Take a look at some of the situations that cuticle nippers come in handy.

  • Shaping the cuticle. Often cuticles around the nails can become misshapen. That is to say that the skin is crowing over the nail where it shouldn’t be etc. The cuticle nipper can be used to help draw the skin back, away from the nail, and ensure that there is no overgrowth of skin.
  • Removing dead skin. Sometimes we get a build up of dead skin around the cuticle, which often hardens making it difficult to remove. Cuticle nippers are designed to be able to deal with this dead skin build up both before and after it hardens.
  • If you have a hangnail that’s hard to cut because of the cuticle the cuticle nippers are perfect for either drawing back the skin to allow you to cut the nail or for cutting the skin if there is too much of it anyway.

Cuticle nippers are very versatile tools that should be part of anyone’s nail care kit. Make sure you have one in your makeup bag today.

How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle nippers’ blades get blunt after some time. When this happens, their cutting power gets reduced. If you have a cuticle nipper whose blades are no longer cutting well and you are already thinking of buying a new nipper, I have good news for you. Why would you buy another one when you can still do something about the one you have? The good news is that you can simply sharpen your nippers and save the cost of buying a new one. In this article, I have got some tips for you on how to sharpen your cuticle nippers with minimal hassle.

Doing It Yourself

The first thing you have to do is get a flat hone. A flat hone is a machine designed to sharpen any cutting edge such as cuticle nippers’ blades. All that you need to do is open the nippers wide enough in order to be able to place the first nipper’s blade on the flat hone’s disk for rotation. You have to do this with every sense of concentration. Then rotate the flat hone’s disk very well until you are sure that the blade is perfectly sharp. Repeat the same thing for the second blade.

When you are done, check the two blades very well to ascertain if they are sharp enough and are ready for use. If you notice that one or two of them are not yet as sharp as you want, place them one by one on the flat hone once again, and you continue to repeat the same process until you are satisfied with the level of sharpness.

Finding a Nipper Sharpening Service

Also, there is a lot of professionals out there who offer nipper sharpening service. You can find one in your local area or if that’s not possible, you can as well look for one through the internet. A simple search on the Google will give you a long list of available nipper sharpening companies which you can choose from.