how to use baitcasting reel

Baitcasting rods are important for fishing. This allows you to maximize your baits and ensure that you get to lure in the fish you wanted to have. As a fishing enthusiast, you need to understand that they should be made as a form of investment. They are made to accomplish some heavy duty kind of work.

To choose the best baitcasting reel from the market, you need to look for various aspects such as the material used in its build, the turn ratio etc. There are tremendous choices available in terms of durability, and structure. At the same time, it can be a really daunting task to select the top baitcasting reels from that wider range.

So when you buy your bait casting rods, remember to keep in mind these important factors:

Determine your Fishing Type – There are four main kinds of fishing that you can do: inshore, offshore, surf, and pier. Inshore fishing is usually down in shallow water and concentrates on a small sized fishes with a maximum weight of 20 pounds. Offshore fishing is just the opposite of inshore. It’s concerned with catching bigger and heavier fishes and can be used in deep-sea fishing. Surf fishing makes use of specialized rods that cater to casting and spinning reels. Angler preference is important when it comes to surf fishing. Then lastly, pier fishing is done on piers and is slightly more expanded than inshore fishing.

The length of your rod – Casting is the focal point of a baitcasting rod. The way you swing, it will determine just how far-off the distance you can cover is. Longer rods do longer casts, but they might not be advisable for heavy fishes. On the other hand, short rods are more appropriate for big fishes so that you don’t have to worry about your rod breaking while trying to pull in your catch. Shorter rods are also preferred when it comes to bottom fishing since a school of fish is expected to be found.

Know what your guides are made of – Your guide facilitates the casting process, and there are different materials used to make this part. Regular rods are made up of standard metal. Ceramic ones are the most expensive, but its value lies in smoother operations along with longer casting and less frays of line to be experienced. For bottom fishing and heavy trolling, roller guides are recommended. If you need a guide for application on wire lines, if would be good to use stainless steel guides that come as case-hardened.

Take note of the butt length – This can be found in between the rod’s reel and its back end. Rods which are made for purposes of casting have shorter butts as opposed to spinning rods that have longer ones. Longer butt lengths also apply for trolling and bottom fishing. The butt length is important because it creates a level of comfort when it comes to angler preference.

Understand the taper you will use – The taper allows your rod to bend and be flexible enough from tip to its butt end. It even ranges from being slow to extra fast. This is important when it comes to angling your baitcasting rod. It takes in the pressure soon as your fish bites the bait. It can also affect the level of comfort you experience once you need to pull up your fish.

Recommended Baitcasting Rods By Expert

Looking for the best baitcasting reel? Meet the top models that come in several varieties that are different from each other. Note that the reels are not listed down in any order.

1.Daiwa Zillion-TWS Baitcast Reel

First on the list is Diawa Zillion. It, arguably, is the fastest and the best of all the reels available for sale on the market. Moreover, it has a splendid gear ration of 7.3:1, and brings a lot of benefits for the price. The casting is more than smooth; the anti-backlash control is excellent, the long, precise case is simply superb.

Its micro-click adjustable knob for controlling the cast is awesome, and this feature goes well with a cracking handle that is notably very long. 11 is the number of its bearings, each of them is corrosion resistant, thanks to the chemical nickel plating. It carries a round design and just takes the little effort to operate.

2.Abu Garcia 1129943 Ambassadeur 6500 C3 CT Mag Hi Speed Reel

Second on the list of reel is the Ambassador 6500 C3 which is very durable yet light in weight. It carries a round design and comes with 2 stainless steel bearings to resist the back lash that naturally happens when the bait attracts bigger fishes. Coated with nickel for corrosion resistance, the Ambassador employs a centrifugal brake system featuring 6 pin to minimize severe backlash. Furthermore, the carbon matrix drag system cranks out enough pressure of nearly 24 pounds.

the Ambassador employs a centrifugal brake system featuring 6 pin to minimize severe backlash. Furthermore, the carbon matrix drag system cranks out enough pressure of nearly 24 pounds.

3.Shimano Caenen Baitcast Reel

Shimano Caenen is the third one on this list with 4 Ball bearings and 1 rollerbearing of its highlights. Several people think that it is certainly the best and the fastest of all the reels that are vented on the market, for it has got a no slip grip on the drag star to boot with special anti-rust bearings. Its gear ratio is simply splendid and offers way too many benefits than what you would have liked for this price.

Talking about casting, it has got a smooth yet reliable one. We’re not done yet; the anti-backlash control, which they say determines one of the qualities of the best reel, is near perfect. That said its bearing requires minimum effort to provide great distance. It has got a lightweight frame made of aluminum and comes with drag washers for smooth dragging.

4.Shakespeare E-Z Cast Baitcast Reel

Shakespeare EZ Cast, fourth on the list of baitcasting reels, features an anti-backlash control, which they say determines one of the qualities of the best reels that is near perfect.

To boot, its long, precise case is superb. Weighing just 7.3 ounces, its gear portion is measured to be 6:2:1, which is impressive and has one-way bearings (anti reverse) with a 10-pound line.

As you would know, there is a large number of reels available on the market, so it’s a bit tricky to make out the best baitcasting reel. However, the reels that are discussed in this article are what anglers would love to put their money on, even if it cost them more.

The Verdict:

There is a misconception going around that these reels can be used only by those fishermen who have acquired skills for its usage. With the advancement in technology and enhancement of reels quality, even a novice fisherman can easily get hold of the best of the baitcasting reels around.

Now, if we take a look at the material that is used to make a reel of this kind, we come across two different models. One model comprises of aluminum and the other one is gone out of graphite. The stronger of the two is the reel made of aluminum, and this is the one to utilize when you are looking to hunt down creatures like the tune or the huge marlins. And on the contrary, if you are aiming for the species of pan fish types, you can opt for the graphite reel.The graphite reel is more agile and lighter in weight.

If a baitcasting reel has to be judged by smoothness in its working, the way to go is to judge them by the quality of their bushings or the ball bearings. There are different types of materials that are used in the creation of these bearings. Out of them, the preferred ones are made of stainless steel ball bearings. The best baitcasting reels consist of stainless steel ball bearings rather than the traditional bushings. This is because bearings provide better cranking. If you want the cranking of your reel to be as smooth as possible, then you should opt for the top reel. They have a larger number of bearings than the usual reels as the cranking becomes smoother by a greater number of reels.

There is a global notation on account of the crank turn ratio.  If the turn ratio of the crank is X: Y then the number X denotes the number of turns take by the crank and Y denotes the number of rotation of the spool in the same amount of time. The ratio associated with the reels varies from a 2:1 to a 1:6 as well. The more no. of spool rotations per turn, the higher is the cranking power. This great power best suits to traits such as jig, the bottom bouncing and the trolling. The small cranking powers are sufficient for applications like standard line hanging and bank fishing. And if someone wants to end up doing both bank fishing as well trolling, then a ratio of 4:1 is ideal.

Some more features are worth mentioning for the better selection of a baitcasting reel. These functions include the cast settings, drag system, etc.  Summing it up, baitcasting reels are available in a wide array of options just like the other angling equipment you could think of, so look for special characteristics that help tell apart the best baitcasting reel of them all.


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