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best spray mop for hardwood floors

When it’s time to clean the house, most of us believe that it is not a particularly entertaining task. But many times having the best mop can help you to do domestic chores more quickly and easily return to what we really like.

But what does that mean about a good spray mop? Are not they all the same? Certainly, they are not, and in order to buy the most effective one, you must look carefully at their features to choose the one that will be most appropriate for the house, the office or any place you wish to clean.

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Of course, we must not look for it to be made of gold either. Come on! It is recommended that it be of good quality but cheap or at least that its price be economical. Have everything from both sides Ah! And if it’s aesthetically pretty, better. The cleaning utensils are obviously not decorative objects, but the idea is not to make the spaces unfit.

In the market, there are many models and you could get lost among so many of them, so it is better to know what you should look for in an efficient mop.

5 Best Spray Mops Reviews

1. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Drains alone

Very safe for those who seek to make the minimum effort while using the mop. No ducking and strength to drain the water. The 22 oz. refillable bottle allows you to mix your own solution to remove the water and continue cleaning.

It comes with a Microfiber cleaning pad picks that clean 50% more dirt and dust per swipe. The system is so simple. Fill the bottle with hot water and two teaspoons of your prefered cleaning solution and start mopping.

The mop is resistant and effective for scrubbing all types of surfaces, including wood floors.

2. O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop

With Refillable bottle to apply any cleaning solution

It is a very useful splash-proof mop game and perfect for those who detest those small drops of water that always remain on the floor when finished cleaning. Its mop is rotating with centrifugal drive and microfiber material.

The cube is universal and very easy to empty because it has a nozzle through which the water goes down. The game comes in a cart along with the drainer. The base with wheels allows the cleaning equipment to be moved effortlessly where required. Microfiber pad is included which is machine washable over 100 times.

3. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

With 1 Power Mop, 5 Pads, Cleaner Solution, Batteries

The draining with this mop is very simple because it has a ABSORB + LOCK STRIP that trap dirt & grime deep which is good for powerful clean. The cleaner is designed for use on all finished wood floors.

The mop is very absorbent microfiber and soft enough to clean any surface. They wipe away clean with very little effort. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, this spray mop works like a pro.

It has protection to avoid splashing water when the mop is drained inside the bucket.

4. HOMILY Floor Spray Mop

360 Degree Professional Handle Mop

This 360 Degree Professional Handle Mop is ideal for those whowants environmentally friendly and reusable microfiber pad with their spray mops. It has a powerful draining system to free it from the water without much effort.

The mop is made of very absorbent microfiber. One of its excellent qualities is that the walls of the bucket are rough and with them you can further rub the mop to remove the dirt from it and be able to continue cleaning. The head is rotating allowing you to reach difficult corners.

When using any mop you should remember to drain it according to the type of floor you are going to clean. Ceramic, for example, resists much more humidity than a parquet or laminated wood floor. For this reason, for the latter you can pass the mop very lightly moistened or almost dry.

5. MOZIX Spray Mop

Vinyl With 700ml Capacity Spray Bottle

If you need a reliable mop suited for all kinds of messes, thousands of reviewers recommend you look no further than the MOZIX Microfiber Mop. Since it comes with 1x mop bar, 1X ultrafine fiber mats, 1x 15 inch wide mop head & 1X 600ML storage tank it’s comfortable with heavy duty and light touch-ups.

It comes with three 360-degree rotation capacity, so you can clean all the areas much more easily.

It is comfortable and light and does not cause discomfort to people with little strength in the arms or back problems.

Microfibre mop or cotton mop What is the best?

The choice of the material of which a mop is composed will depend fundamentally on the type of soil and the type of cleaning that has to be carried out.

For example, one of the biggest advantages of cotton mops is that they support chemicals better. Therefore, for surfaces that require more aggressive cleaning, we recommend using cotton mops.

We have a wide variety from 125 to 245 grams and from 24 to 31 cm.

All of them made of high resistance and durability cotton.

The mops microfibre help reducing chemicals. Thanks to its structure in the form of a star that allows the total capture of dirt.

This type of mop is generally recommended for smooth surfaces (parquet, stoneware, and marble). They are also recommended for daily cleaning or maintenance.

In our wide catalog, you will find microfiber mops of strips, cut thread, braided from 160 grams to 225.

How to clean the parquet and the floor of your house (in an ecological way).

What do you need?

  • If the surface has a large amount of dust a vacuum cleaner
  • A standard mop bucket
  • One of our microfiber mops
  • And a little lemon and / or vinegar.

How to clean the parquet?

  • If the surface is very dirty or with residues or excessive dust, vacuum or clean the surface with a brush and a dustpan.
  • If the dirt is normal you will only have to use the mop.
  • Use hot tap water in a conventional cleaning bucket
  • Add a few drops of natural lemon and / or vinegar
  • Take the microfiber mop and introduce it into the bucket so that it absorbs the elements of lemon and vinegar
  • Drain it vigorously to remove the water.
  • Pass the mop in the direction of the tables so that we avoid introducing dirt between the tiny spaces between them
  • The mop will leave a slight trace of moisture that will be removed in a few seconds

Tricks to remove difficult stains when cleaning the parquet:

  • Sticky dirt like chewing gum, etc .: Use a blade to clean ceramic hobs to lift the biggest dirt. Do it carefully. Then you can use a multipurpose microfiber cloth to eliminate the rest of the waste easily.
  • Soda or wine stains : Clean the stain with a multipurpose microfiber cloth with very hot water and wait a few minutes before finally cleaning with the microfiber mop Marks for pencils, markers, paints:Rub the marks with a cloth or microfiber cloth moistened in alcohol.
  • Grease stains: Put on top of the stain, an ice pack or a package of frozen vegetables, until the fat hardens. Then, with the help of the blade, remove the hardened grease. Wipe the remaining residues with a microfiber cloth for smooth surfaces with a few drops of lemon and hot water.
  • Heels brands: You can rub these types of marks with an eraser. If the stain is very persistent, lightly moisten the area with a little vinegar and hot water and proceed to rub with one of our multipurpose wipes.

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