5 Best Sponge Mops for Tile, Vinyl & Laminate- Reviews 2019

rubbermaid commercial pva sponge mop

Technology has improved our everyday life vastly. It’s changed so much from how people lived just 50 years ago that it would be impossible to explain to someone 50 years ago what life is like today. Computers, internet, construction, automobiles, and all other sorts of cool stuff. New technology is amazing…. most of the time. Have you ever bought an ordinary pair of scissors lately. Perhaps for your children to use at school, or to cut wrapping paper. It seems like the pair of scissors I have from the 1970’s cuts better than the standard plastic handled scissors of today.

Mops follow the same pattern as scissors. There are a bunch of new generation mops with disposable cleaning pads. From my experience the old fashioned sponge mops clean better than the new stuff today.

Top 5 Best Sponge Mops Compared

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There are improvements on the old mop. The sponges are made of new material such as microfiber mop heads. Not only do the old fashioned floor sponge mops clean better than the new generation of mops, they don’t require you to buy replacement pads every time you clean your floor. How annoying is it to buy replacement mop pads? You already have the mop, yet you still need to constantly purchase pads in order to clean.

Here are 5 Best Sponge Mops for Your Home

1. Kitchen + Home Absorbent PVA Double Roller Sponge Foam Mop with Extendable Handle

Having trouble cleaning your floors? Wasting takes too much time? You need a solution to your cleaning woes, for this you can use PVA double roller sponge mop to your floors which will make your cleaning experience good. The PVA quality mop makes cleaning a fun activity along with saving a lot of your time.

This sponge mop has a surface that attracts dust, dirt and grime. It cleans and then immediately dries the surface of the floor. The mop has a polyvinyl sponge head that is completely absorbent suitable for drying all floor surfaces. You will not have to wait a long for the floor to dry.

To cater for people with different heights, the PVA mop has an adjustable aluminum handle that extends to five feet. The mop is also fairly easy to use, you don’t have to make your hand dirty while cleaning since the water can be squeezed using a lever that is hand operated. The PVA mop heads are easily replaceable as well. This is the mop that every modern home should have in their cleaning guidelines.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Telescope handle- This handle can easily be adjusted according to an individual’s height.
  • Absorbent– The mop head is made of absorbent material thereby making it easy to dry the floors.
  • Usability– The hand operated lever is relatively easy to use and squeezes the water out without dirtying the hands.
  • Design– The gloves on the mop head pick up a lot of dirt unlike other mop heads.

2. RCPG780 – Rubbermaid PVA Sponge Mop

Looking for a mop that can clean the floor and leave no traces of water behind? Have you been struggling to clean up the floor without keeping wetness and dirt behind? Then you need to take a look at the Rubbermaid PVA sponge mop and cleaning will be the least of your worries.

The Rubbermaid PVA mop distributes water on the floor then dries it simultaneously. The mop is easy to use through its adjustable handle that caters for tall and short individuals. When you shorten the handle, it can be used to clean the walls and shower stalls.

The sponge of this mop picks dirt instead of pushing it around. The Rubbermaid PVA mop is suitable for all types of surfaces, from hardwood to tiled floors leaving no water behind. The spare sponge for the mop is also durable and easily replaceable. The sponge can last up to a year before you get to replace it.

The mop also gets wet quite first, not as most people would expect. Take around five minutes and you are good to go. The Rubbermaid PVA sponge mop is highly recommendable for a modern home.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Super absorbent- The mop keeps the floor dry and clean. The floor is left brand new.
  • Adjustable handle- The handle can be shortened to clean the walls.
  • Flexibility with surfaces- The PVA mop can be used to clean all kinds of floor surfaces. That includes tiled, hardwood and ceramic floors.
  • Minimal water residue- The mop does not leave traces of dirty water on the floor.

3. The Super Standard 11″ Double Roller PVA Sponge Mop Set

Don’t get twisted by mops you have seen on the internet and think that they could compare to the super standard 11 PVA mop set. The world of cleaning has been revolutionized with this mop that is suitable for home, commercial and pavement washing.

The PVA mop comes with a ready to use mop refill and it’s spare. The mop has a telescopic handle that is relatively robust.  The handle length is also reasonable for users of various heights. The sponge does not filter to any color, so even if the floor is dirty, it does not transform to the color of the dirt.

It is suitable for keeping the floor dry after washing. The mop can also be used in a home with pets, it picks up all types of pet hair and dust that comes along.

The PVA mop does not leave any water strips on the floor. The floor is left sparkly and fresh. So it’s easy to say that is recommendable for the modern floors.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Robust handle- The mop can be used at home and for commercial purposes. The handle can easily squeeze out water without dirtying the hands.
  • Magnetic– This mop picks up hair like a magnet. A good cleaner for a house with pets.
  • Absorption capability- The mop leaves the floor dry and clean, no water can be detected.

4. MR. SIGA PVA Sponge Mop

Heavy duty cleaning with ultra-modern pull and lift wringer lever system can only be made possible by the use of Mr. Siga PVA sponge mop. Cleaning has never been easier and quick leaving no trace of water behind.

Mr. Siga PVA mop has a sponge that is super absorbent and has the capability of engrossing water which keeps the floor completely dry and clean. It’s ultra durable which can be used for long time to clean grease, dirt and dust.

The Mop is also appropriate for removing pets hair and threads like materials from the floors. The PVA mop needs to be wet before use, its more effective that way, put it in the water for about 20 minutes before you start cleaning.

The handle is also great for cleaning the walls. Shortening the handle makes it easy to wash and dry the walls. The sponge does not drip out any water, it is also good for any type of surface, including hardwood and ceramic floors. The mop is suitable for both home and commercial use.

Highlighted benefits and features

  • Pull and lift winger lever- This feature makes the mop to have easy usability.
  • Sponge mop absorbent- The sponge is relatively absorbent on all types of floors. It leaves the floors without any spills of water.
  • Heavy duty- Can clean all kinds of stains quite effortlessly. The mop can remove grease stains.
  • Time saving- The mop head gets wet pretty fast.

5. Rubbermaid® Commercial PVA Sponge Mop RCP G780

Gone are the days when cleaning the floors was such a difficult task that would take hours. Rubbermaid commercial PVA sponge mop brought the change that was needed in the cleaning domain. With the Rubbermaid mop, cleaning is almost effortless.

The PVA mop has a blue sponge that is completely absorbent and durable. It dries the water as you clean leaving no strips behind. The mop has a great scrubbing action on all types of surfaces.

The Rubbermaid mop has a handle mounted lever which makes it easy to wring. The handle is also very flexible and adjustable for users of dissimilar heights. Removing stains, Greece and dirt has never been this stress-free, the mop can clean room corners and walls quite fast.

The head should be soaked for a while before initial cleaning, don’t jump into cleaning right away. The mop is light weight and very portable while cleaning, suitable for cleaning multiple rooms.  The usability is also pretty good, you don’t have to dirty your hands while cleaning. The cleaning sponge is replaceable after quite some time and it is cheap to swap. Given the merits that comes along with the use of the Rubbermaid commercial PVA sponge mop, it is highly recommended for a modern home.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Absorbent and durable- Dries the floor as you clean and also the mop has a long life before the parts can be replaced.
  • Handle lever- The handle can easily squeeze the water out of the sponge without the need to touch the dirt with the hands.
  • Scrubbing action- The mop is appropriate for all kinds of surfaces. It can scrub all kinds of stains.
  • Adjustable handle- The mop handle can be adjusted to fit individuals with various heights.

Different Uses of Sponge Mops

Versatility and comfort can make the difference between an arduous cleaning task and one that is quick and easy. A sponge mop is a cleaning tool that can go beyond the floors it was designed to clean to give it the leverage, precision and enough pressure to thoroughly clean some of the flat surfaces is not within reach – and without breaking your back to get it done.

Floor cleaning
A sponge mop is a great option for hard surface floors. Sweep the floors and corners well, before scrubbing it. Prepare a bucket of warm to hot water and add to it the recommended amount of cleaning solution. Submerge the mop in the bucket to saturate it with the cleaning water, and then wring it out to remove the excess water.

Mop the entire floor, working in small sections, one at a time. Start at one end of the room, and scrub the floor with the push and pull movements. Rinse the sponge mop, and mop over the same area again before moving on to the next section.

Cleaning walls
Add an additional sponge mop to the cleaning cabinet to clean the walls. This is where the convenience of leverage that decreases the amount of elbow grease really shines. The walls are easier to clean with a sponge mop, especially at the highest and lowest points of the wall.

Prepare the mop and cleaning water in the same way they do for floors, but select a cleaning solution that works well on the walls, either painted or papered. After soaking the mop in the water and squeezing it out, start at the top of the wall and pull the sponge mop up to the bottom of the wall, painting similar to rolling on a wall. Rinse the mop and continue to clean all the walls in this way.

Other Uses

Cleaning with a sponge mop is also effective for shower enclosures, bathroom walls, and cleaning cabinets, top cabinets, especially in a kitchen that is not very easy to reach by hand. Pieces of large furniture, such as cabinets, cabinets, and consoles can also be cleaned with a sponge mop.

Use a sponge mop to clean the roof in a fraction of the time it would take to clean it with a ladder, a bucket, and a cleaning cloth.

Take the sponge mop to clean the exterior of the car, outdoor furniture, the entrance door, glass patio doors, the shed and the lower parts of the sliding house siding.

The head of the mop sponge will deteriorate over time and after many uses. Prolong the shelf life of your sponge mop by thoroughly rinsing it out after each use and storage in the reverse order, or in a hanging position, which will dry completely between uses. Avoid the use of chlorine with the sponge mop, since it shortens its useful life. If you have to use bleach, wash thoroughly with a detergent before rinsing and storage to dry.

How to Clean Sponge Mops After Uses

To clean the brooms, after having used them, simply shake and strain a wide-tooth comb between the brush of the broom, then wash in hot soapy water or a solution of one liter of water with a tablespoon of ammonia .

To dry it, it must be put outdoors, upside down so as not to unmold the ears of the brush. Then we wash it again, submerging them for a whole night in hot soapy water.

The brush should be cleaned with soap and water, the brush with ammonia and water in equal parts, while the nylon brush in a quart of warm water in which a spoonful of baking soda has been dissolved: all types should be done of dry brush taking in the ears of the brush upwards.

As for the cleaning of synthetic sponges using a solution of water and soda or water and salt are cleaned very well. Then they have to soak for a whole day. After washing it, it is placed in a water solution containing one tenth of hydrochloric acid and finally rinsed thoroughly with running water.

The rags should be washed with ammonia and water, rinse well and let air dry before storing to avoid odors. As an alternative, it can also be washed in the washing machine always separated from other garments: remember then, check and clean the filter since dirt and dust could ruin the clothes introduced in the subsequent washing.


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