Why We Still Have Pendulum Wall Clocks in our Homes

wall clocks with pendulum and chimes

Pendulum wall clocks are a bridge between ages. When you see, but most often hear such a clock you will definitely have the feeling that you get somehow connected to another time, you get in touch with a world long gone where pendulum wall clocks had a daily tale to tell.

Many people still have pendulum wall clocks in their homes, they are inherited from grandparents or relatives, and they look like relics from a distant past. There are cases when the noisy clock remains on the wall only because of its sentimental value, and not just because it looks nice or because of its functional purpose.

Things stand differently for a collector. Pendulum wall clocks can be a very hot topic, and you can find lots of materials on the Internet regarding the ways to recognize a genuine piece. What are the key elements to be taken into consideration when buying wall clocks? How can one establish the value of the item? How to set the approximate period of creation? And the list of peculiarities could go on.

The country of origin is also important when it comes to purchasing old pendulum wall clocks. What’s the use of all that? Most probably for the majority of people, such information means nothing. But for a true collector, it tells a lot, it’s like buying chocolate from the store next door or buying chocolate from the best chocolate store in Switzerland.

These days pendulum wall clocks are still preserved in perfect shape mostly because of the information stored by the passionate collectors. They still know how the mechanism works, what kind of oil to use, when to clean such a clock or how to make it less noisy.

Pendulum wall clocks will perfectly fit any classic or traditional home environment. You can picture it in a library full of dusty shelves and books, in a castle, a manor, a country warm house or in the kitchen of a lovely old couple. This is where pendulum wall clocks make a difference, where they give value to time and space.

Pendulum wall clocks can also be used as a thoroughly modern space as an ironic suggestion about the way “time” itself gets old. There are interior design trends that will make use of old pendulum wall clocks in combination with modern pieces of furniture; without being misplaced, such items will give a feeling of coziness and warmth to a very actual atmosphere.


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