If you’re planning on buying new woodworking machinery for your business it’s highly likely you’ll be weighing up exactly whether you want to splash out on brand new equipment or opt for a tried and tested second-hand machine. There are benefits associated with buying new or used machines, so here are the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Buying new woodwork machinery

Some of the major benefits of new woodworking machines are that they’re built using the very latest technology, can be very reliable and may be a more ideal match to your needs. New woodwork machinery will arrive at your premises in perfect condition and will have all essential paperwork, instructions for use and accessories. It’s important, though, that new machinery is compliant with all essential regulatory requirements, which you should do your homework on.

There are a variety of different makes and models of woodworking machines on the market, so you will need to shop around to source the machine that meets your specifications exactly. Opting for a recognized manufacturer with a good name for reliability can be one useful tip to bear in mind when you’re looking for new machines. The country of origin can also be an important factor in the decision-making process; you may be able to source an “all singing, all dancing” machine at a price that beats other comparable equipment hands down, but if you need to source spare parts in the future you need to know that local support is available.

Buying new woodworking machinery means you don’t have to compromise on the model you buy. If you’re looking for a machine with longer feed tables, larger blade capacities, or more powerful motors, the manufacturer specifications will provide all the relevant details and you get to choose the machine that’s just right for your commercial needs.

If you’re looking for CNC machinery, you’re probably best advised to buy new, if it’s affordable. The technology in CNC machines is evolving rapidly and programming can be much easier on new machines.

Finally, you’ll need to consider timescales and delivery options on your new machinery, as it’s not always the case that these machines are stock items. If you’re in a hurry for your outdoor woodworking plans, you may well have to shop around suppliers to source the machine with the right spec, that’s already manufactured and can be delivered almost immediately.

Buying used woodwork machinery

When you need to stick to a budget, you may have no option but to choose a used machine. Very often, though, used woodworking machines can be a great buy, particularly if they are from a reputable manufacturer that can be trusted. Many companies prefer some of these machines, as they appreciate the benefits of specific models.

If you’re kitting out a complete workshop, you are probably thinking about a mix of new and second-hand woodworking machines, and you really can pick up some great bargains in the used market. It’s a good idea to make physical inspections of all used machinery, as this means you get to inspect its physical condition and can make your decision accordingly.

You should also ensure that you can source specifications and instruction manuals for any used machines you’re thinking of buying. This may not be as hard as you imagine, as there is a lot of really useful product data on the internet that’s free to access. Many of the older machines were fabricated to standards of durability that simply cannot be matched today, so take the time to browse a number of used machines prior to making any buying decision.