List of T-shirt Heat Press Starter Kit


If this is your first time shopping for heat press machines for your t-shirt printing business, you might not be aware that you can get starter kits along with your purchase and that suppliers often provide this.

But why?

You know that for your t-shirt printing business, you will need something to get you off the ground. Not only do you need your heat press machine, you also need a starter kit to get things going.

Most suppliers of heat transfer machines know this and often provide starter kits of essential items that you need for your t-shirt business. You may say that such gestures by suppliers of heat press machines is part of their strategy to offer you a deal and keep you loyal to their brand.

Typically, starter kits consist of various items including heat transfer paper, software, and extra heat press machine parts.

Here is a list of items you may find in starter kits on the heat press market:

  • High-performance printer – capable of producing premium quality prints that won’t bleed or smudge.
  • Inks – This is a professional quality heat transfer ink that can be used on light colored or white fabrics. These inks offer bright and vibrant colors that suit any design.
  • Heat transfer paper – Among the items in the starter kit is a quantity of heat transfer paper. This is essential for your heat transfer business which is main component in your t-shirt printing machine use.
  • Design software – Some starter packages also offer free software to get you started in designing your awesome images. Such software is easy to use, comes with a library of stock images, templates, and other media that can be used on any PC, tablet, or laptop.
  • T-shirts – Some starter kits also include a few t-shirts of various sizes to get you started in your t-shirt printing business. This is just the kick-start needed to begin seeing returns on your investments almost right away.
  • Of course, your supplier may offer other items in their starter kits. The starter kit is designed to get you going with the essential tools for your t-shirt business. You are free to purchase additional items to supplement your starter kit for your t-shirt business.

Certainly, starter kits can help to get your t-shirt printing business off the ground quickly and with few hassles. Heat press suppliers often provide starter kits with their products as a way of getting consumers to experience their products and purchase more items later.

You might find this list of starter kits quite helpful:

  • Bigfoot by the Foot Heat Deluxe starter Kit – This starter kit includes heavily discounted HTV sheets in various sizes; sheets of non-sticking platen cleaner, a LogoIt alignment tool you can choose (such as a 31″ ruler), and a weeding kit.
  • Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Starter Kit Bundle – which includes a substitute mat, a blade, heat transfer design software, and membership to silhouette design studio free for one month.
  • USCutter Digital Heat Press Starter Kit –  Including the USCutter Digital Heat Press, two Tshirts, five Sheets of Siser EasyWeed Vinyl, and a non-stick sheet.
  • Silhouette KIT-HEAT-TRANS Heat Transfer Starter Kit- with three sheets smooth heat transfer paper (three colors, 9 by 12 inches), two sheets flocked heat transfer paper (9 by 12 inches, two colors), a Silhouette Hook, a booklet of design ideas, and an instructional guide.
  • Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Starter Kit Bundle – including a 12” cutting mat, a cutting blade, cuttable designs (51 exclusive options), 1,000s of designs you can download, and software that is compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Dulytek Clamshell Rosin Press Starter Kit – The Dulytek Rosin Press Starter Kit consists of a silicone pad, two premium quality dab tools made of stainless steel, two jars of concentrate in different colors, ten rosin press filter bags, and ten sheets of parchment paper.

Of course, this list of starter kits is not exhaustive. There are tons of great starter kits out there for you to choose.  Not all starter kits have everything you may need to get going in your business so it helps to do some homework to find the best offers out there. The starter kit that offers you the most bang for your buck will also go a long way in getting your t-shirt printing business off the ground.


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