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best folding recumbent exercise bike

A folding exercise bike is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to tone up their legs and upper body using a stationary bike but don’t want to give up room space in their home for one.

Although the traditional upright exercise bike is a brilliant addition to any workout setup and routine, it has to take up space somewhere, whether that space is in your home or a gym. If you can easily leave it set up in the corner of the spare room, then no problem but a lot of people don’t have that luxury and gym membership can be quite expensive over the long term. Folding exercise bikes solve the issue by being easy to store and also being portable.

Things to Consider when Buying Folding Excercise Bike


Portability is a great benefit and function of these exercise bikes. If you work in an office all day and barely get a chance for a proper break let alone go outside for some exercise, then the foldable exercise bike you have tucked away can be easily unfolded and used for a few minutes to exercise and de-stress.


Storage is easy with these bikes – you can fold them and leave them in the corner of a room or put them in a closet out of the way and out of sight.

Shape of Folding Excercise Bike

A folding exercise bike is typically an X shape when open and ready to use. It simply stands on the floor in this shape which is strong enough to take the weight of a person during use without buckling or falling sideways. When it comes to dismounting and storing you simply fold the X shape together, there may be a switch or lever to use before folding depending on the model.

Magnetic resistancy

A magnetic resistance system is used to apply differing degrees of difficulty to your workout, to simulate cycling up varying slopes and this is variable for you to set to your desired position.

You can adjust other parts of the bike such as seat height and tilt and even buy a different seat that may be more suitable if you choose, these functions will vary from model to model.


Every good exercise bike will come equipped with an electronic display which will give you information about your workout, so you can compare your performances and see how fit you’re getting. This will generally include info such as time, distance, speed, and the calories you’ve burned.

The Price

When buying a good folding exercise bike it may be a false economy to go for the cheapest you can find as the build quality is vital to its usefulness and durability. Spend a bit more on one that will give you good service for many years.

2 Folding Excercise Bikeis Reviews

1.Stamina 15 0200 Intone Folding Recumbent Bike

The Stamina 15 0200 InTone Folding Recumbent Bikeis an excellent folding exercise bike made by Stamina Fitness. It is one of a type of foldable bike known as a recumbent or lying down bike, where you can exercise in a lying position and protect your back by not putting any unnecessary pressure on it. The non-folding stationary bicycles also have a recumbent equivalent as an alternative to their upright counterparts. The Intone is more of a semi-recumbent as in normal exercise position you are between being upright and in a lying position.

The Stamina 15 0200 is a well built machine that uses a tough steel frame as its basis with non-slip footpads to keep it in a firm position on the floor.

As it is a recumbent bike, the handle bars are set against each side of the cushioned seat for holding on comfortably while pedaling.

The seat height is adjustable as you’d expect from any good exercise machine so that you can set it for yourself and it can be easily adjusted by other users. It also has a backrest to support your back.

To vary the intensity of your workout, you can easily adjust the resistance system to artificially reproduce cycling on the flat or cycling up varying degrees of slope.

Tracking of your efforts during your workout is performed by a LCD monitor which incorporates many functions including distance, speed, time, and the calories you have burned.

You can store the Stamina 15 0200 Intone folding recumbent bike out of sight in a closet or neatly in the corner of a room when it is folded and when unfolded its size is 42 inches (107 centimeters) wide x 41 inches (104 centimeters) in height and 25 inches (64 centimeters) deep.

2.Confidence Foldable StowAway Exercise Bike

The Confidence Foldable StowAway exercise bike is a very popular and time-tested folding exercise bike, that’s great for beginners and regular users alike.

Like other foldables you can easily fold this machine up and tuck it out of the way, leaving even the smallest of rooms with space available for other items. The dimensions when folded are: Width 17.5 inches (44.5 centimeters x height 53 inches (135 centimeters) x depth 22 inches (56 centimeters). The whole bike weighs 50 pounds (22.7 kilos).

A workout routine computer is situated centrally between the two forward-facing handlebars and provides the kind of information you’ve come to expect such as how many calories burned, time was taken, distance traveled and speed.

The non-slip feet keep you stable during use and this bike features non-skid pedals with foot straps to hold your feet to the pedals, essential when you really want to push yourself, the last thing you need is the potential for injury from losing your grip on the pedals.

You have to assemble the Confidence Foldable StowAway exercise bike from the box, but there’s an instruction manual and all the tools required to achieve this easily.

Adjusting the padded seat is always necessary for your optimum comfort and the upright nature of this machine means that you can watch TV and other passive pursuits while you get yourself fit.

The magnetic adjustable resistance system is employed to allow you to vary your level of exertion and create the ‘riding up a hill’ feeling and whichever tension setting you select the whole operation of the bike is virtually noiseless, which makes it ideal for using without disturbing other people.

The Confidence Foldable StowAway exercise bike is built to last you for years of regular use. The constant movement also puts an extra strain on it – this is a real plus and means that you can invest, safe in the knowledge that it is rugged enough to make the initial purchase cost spread over a good length of time.


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