Vehicles can be a great investment.Hence, it is vital to care for them by doing regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your car in excellent condition. However, there are car repair mistakes most car owners do that can cause serious damage to their vehicles. Here are 10 common car repair mistakes that can cost you.

  1. Not Changing the Oil

Not changing your oil has been listed as one of the most damaging car repair mistakes that could actually cost you more in the longrun. Dirty oil can damage your engine and can result toengine failure if left for too long. Technicians also say that filling the engine with the wrong type or incorrect weight of oil can also be damaging.

Although incorrect type of oil will not cause disastrous engine failure, it will definitely make your engine run inefficiently. Therefore, use the recommended oil for your vehicle and follow the oil change schedule suggested by the manufacturer.

  1. Neglecting to Check the Tires

Believe it or not, most car owners do not check their tires on a daily basis. Your car tires are at risk of losing pressure especially when the temperature rises during the day. Both over-inflation and under-inflation tires reduce your tires’ durability as well as the efficiency of your car. Low tire pressure reduces fuel economy and increases the risk of a blowout.

Hence, it is vital to always ensure that your car tires are properly inflated and add air if need be. Another mistake is ignoring the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light. TPMS light alerts you when the tire pressure is below safe limits.

  1. Ignoring Dashboard Warning Lights

Although your car may be running just fine, ignoring the dashboard warning lights is a common mistake that could lead to expensive damage. For instance, a warning for low fuel means that you are running out of gas. This is dangerous because driving when the fuel level is below the quarter tank will be hard on the fuel tank.

An illuminated check engine light is another costly mistake. This warning sign could mean potentially serious problems, and your car needs to be checked as soon as possible. Always read the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the meaning of the warning lights and the actions to take.

  1. Not Inspecting or Changing Brakes

Just like any other things, brakes are prone to wear and tear which will cost you more money in the long run. If your brakes are squealing, this is a sign that they need to be changed. Ignoring the granting and squealing brake sounds could lead to brake failure and a potentialroad accident. This can then lead to expensive part repairs and replacements. Getting your brakes for regular inspection will help avoid this problem.

  1. Not Changing Old Parts

As car parts degrade over time, you need to replace them with new parts. Ignoring to replace air filters could make you end up paying high repair costs in the long while it would have been a minor service bill. Do not wait for something bad to happen before you contemplate changing old parts even if they are still working.

  1. Putting Off Scheduled Maintenance

Delaying your scheduled maintenance just to save a few bucks can be very damaging and dangerous. Neglecting to go for maintenance will not only reduce your car’s efficiency but also cost you more money. It’s just like a child; even if they are not sick, you need to take them to a doctor for regular checkup.

Failure to change your oil and air filters will make your engine work harder, and failure to replace worn out brake pads may result in replacement of the whole brake system. Follow the owner’s manual and avoid skimping on routine maintenance.

  1. Forgetting About Other Fluids

Apart from oil, other fluids such as coolant, transmission, and brake fluid are essential in ensuring that your car runs smoothly. These service fluids need to be checked, replenished and replaced.Otherwise, it may result in more damages. The frequency of checking and changing these oils should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Taking Your Car to Unqualified Service Shops

This is a common car repair mistake that most car owners make when trying to save some money. Unreliable shops are likely to have unqualified technicians who may put incorrect parts in your car. They may also put poor quality parts which will not last long.

Hence, you will have to part with money again in order to get your car fixed. When choosing your auto shop, always check their reputation and credentials.

  1. Driving When Your Engine is Overheating

This is never a good idea as it could cost you your life. When your engine is overheating, the best thing to do is to stop your car on the side of the road and let it cool. If you can’t figure out the problem, consider requesting for a tow truck.

  1. Doing DIY Repair on High-Tech Vehicles

Thanks to technology, cars are becoming progressively complex over the years. This, therefore, means that it can be difficult for you to perform repairs that require specialized diagnostic tools and equipment. So unless you are performing minor repairs like changing spark plugsor using floor jacks, your car should be serviced by a qualified professional. Some DIY repair could lead to extensive repairs.


Proper car maintenance will help avoid serious problems that could be expensive and time-consuming to repair. Car repairs prolong the life of your vehicle, keep it running safely and help prevent accidents. However, if you are new to car repair, you are likely to make some common mistakes which can be costly later on.

The mistakes can be in terms of missed maintenance items or bad decisions. Your car will be up and running without any problems if you avoid the above common car repair mistakes that can cost youmoney, time, and energy.