Choosing the Saltwater Fishing Rod

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Choosing the right type of saltwater fishing rod is important and the deciding factor on buying the best saltwater fishing rod for you will largely come down to the target species you are after. A rod designed to catch flat head and whiting, for example, will differ greatly from a rod designed to catch snapper and tuna.

Saltwater Fishing Rod

There are a number of saltwater fishing rods that are promoted as dual purpose rods which could be suitable for some anglers, particularly beginners or those who fish a few times a year. More experienced anglers will usually have a saltwater fishing rod for each of their target species. This is a much better approach than having just the one dual purpose rod.
Saltwater fishing rods are built with a very strong handle and butt section. The bigger the fish you are after the heavier the rod you should choose. Especially is this true when using downriggers and when you are trolling in your boat.

Although the rod should be heavy and strong you will need to ensure the one you choose is sensitive enough so you can feel a bite.
Most rods are manufactured from graphite however e-glass is another popular option nowadays. These type of saltwater fishing rods increase the flexibility of your rod but doesn’t compromise on strength.
The handle of the rod is also very important. If should be comfortable for you to grip – no one else – you! The guides on the rod should be in the center of the rod, very smooth internally and manufactured from rust proof materials (typically aluminum  oxide). When you hook a fish all of the pressure from the fish’s fight will be directly on the guides so they play a very important role in landing your prize fish!


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