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A little while back I started to go to the shooting range and since I already enjoyed bow hunting I figured I would look at how people utilize spotting scope ratings when deciding on a spotting scope for either hunting, terrestrial viewing or game hunting.  I actually purchased a couple different ones until I arrived at the Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Waterproof Spotting Scope.

Maybe my experience  and spotting scope reviews will help you decide if your not to sure what your looking for.  Just like most things you could look at some of the details and your head would spin.  I hope to help you a little by explaining some of the more technical details on the spotting scope ratings website.

Breaking down technical details that may help you decide on spotting scope ratings:

Lets start with Magnification, which as it sounds makes the image larger.  The higher the number like 60x for instance the more magnification ability the spotting scope has.  Keep in mind typically 30x040x is sufficient for game viewing, hunting and more.  Objective Lens represents the size of the external lens on the spotting scope and that lens is responsible for gathering light and brightening the image.  The weight of this Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Waterproof Spotting Scope is 20 ounces so that is something to mention because it has come in handy while backpacking since it is compact and light.  The close focus feature is not extremely important but to have one under 20 ft is useful if you plan on using a spotting scope in conjunction with a camera.  The exit pupil point simply refers to all the light rays from the object entering the objective lens(aperture) through to eyepiece to form a magnified image which happens to be circular.  It is important to know your intended observation conditions but this spotting scope does well without perfect lighting conditions.  Field of view is much more important at closer distances as it renders objects larger because normally the further away the more distorted any image becomes. So if your looking at something 1000 yards away that stretches out of view from side to side of the spotting scope like a mountain then you will see 90ft of the mountain at 20x without moving the scope with the Bushnell Trophy 20-60×65 Waterproof Spotting Scope.  For 60x the same holds true except you will only see 45ft without moving the scope.  All in all I think this is a great affordable scope and deserves a top spot with one of the higher spotting scope ratings.

Note: this spotting scopes close focus is 30 feet.

Aperture-diameter of objective lens which is the external lens that gathers light.

What does Porro Prism mean?  Essentially, Porro prisms were wide spread utilized until the 60′s.  Then came along the roof prisms that are now more widespread in more expensive high end spotting scopes. However to get great bang for your buck the Porro prism design will give better performance  especially in a lower priced spotting scope.

Eye Relief!!!!! Keep in mind if you use eyeglasses you need at least a 14mm.  Eye relief is the distance your eye can be from the spotting scope eyepiece.  If you have thicker eye glasses you may want to consider another spotting scope because 14mm may be a little close.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Great all around for viewing


  • The tripod is not much use


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