The responsibility of owning a fish pond does not end when you can ensure that your pet eats at the right time, much more than this, you need to make sure that every components and tool installed into it are functioning well like with the water pump for example. Pumps may vary when it comes to its capacity, water flow, filtration ability, power supply, uses, sizes, durability, maintenance, and its cost- all of these aspects should, of course, be taken into account when picking the right pool pump.

Since there’s so much that a fish pond owner needs to know and consider about which one to choose, we’ve decided to do a review on pond pumps. It will help you to understand what to look for when you’re searching for the best product. We have also listed products that are some of the best on the market. These are a good selection for you to check out and decide which one suits your needs and budget.

Buying the Best Pond Pump: How to Choose?

With so many ponds pumps to choose from, you can easily get overwhelmed by the many sizes and models that are available today. Once you’ve placed moving water in a pond by the stream, waterfall, spouting ornament, or fountain, you will already need a fishpond pump.

You need to ensure that you pick the right size of pond pump whether you have a preformed pond or one with liner. You will need an outlet in the outdoors so that you can make use of electrical equipment like the electric pond pumps. The outlet should be GFIC (ground fault interrupter) to ensure the safety of your family and guests. Such feature will cut off the power supply when the wiring has damage. The electrical wires should also be protected using a conduit. For shorter distances, you can always use GFIC extension cords, and you can hide the wires under the mulch or stones.

Indeed, the sparkling water that you see on your pond can already turn a gloomy morning into a wonderful one so you need to make sure that every aspect of the pond is taken care. A good functioning water pump can further turn an ordinary pool to an amazing one. With this, choosing a good pump is a must from the bewildering selection there is.

Pump Application

Above anything else, decide about the pump application. The submersible model is quite popular today. To pick the best model, you will need to follow the useful information provided by garden suppliers and pump manufacturers. If you have a small pond, you can benefit greatly from the submersible pump. It’s also highly economical as compared to other models of the pond pumps. Submersible one can be used for garden fountains, waterfalls, streams, to filter the pond, or as a self-contained water ornament. The capacity should also be considered. The capacity will be expressed as a measurement of water flow or the maximum height wherein the pump will be able to raise the water. For a small pond, a low capacity one is enough although a bigger one is needed for extra large ponds. Also, the capacity of the pump will depend on their filtration needs.


All fish pond pumps can assist to aerate the pond, but this tool can further keep the pond clean and healthy, particularly if they are combined with filters that will help get rid of small particles and UV filters that are known to destroy algae. Of course, this is a complicated business since there is a need for separate tubing, filters, and connections. However, there are now some manufacturers that would make use of simple filter and pump kit that is made to combine pumping ability with UV filtrations in one powerful unit which is a good choice if you are after practicability.

The Size

The size of the pump can be determined through its GPH (gallons per hour) while the larger pumps are rated using hp (horsepower). The charts provided by the manufacturers can be used to determine the appropriate pond pump. As the word suggests, the submersible pumps are placed directly into the pond. Such pumps are noise free and you can also use the pump to drain the pond just in case you want to replace the water.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Another great option is the magnetic drive pond pump. It doesn’t use coolants but is more expensive as compared to the submersible versions. Even if you need to spend considerable money on the magnetic drive pond pumps, the operating costs are less expensive over the long run.

How Much Water to be Pumped

Determine how much water can be found in the pond. Preformed ponds are easier to calculate since the info is already included in the specifications.

The water volume is another important factor to consider. Multiply the length, width, and depth (in feet) of the pond to get the cubic feet. Figure out the volume. You should also give attention to the tubing diameter especially if you’re using waterfalls.


The safety seal should not be pulled and so to ensure safety, secure the cord in place. Selecting the right fish pond pump is vital if you want to ensure the health of your pond. Get a durable and reliable pond pump since it will be running 24/7. Shop now and get a good deal.

5 Best Water pump Reviews

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  3. Simple Deluxe 1056 GPH UL Listed Submersible Pump
  4. Alpine PAL3100 3100GPH Cyclone Pum
  5. Homasy 920GPH Submersible Water Pump with 5.9ft (1.8M) Power Cord

Types of Pond Pumps

Large Pond Pump

Large pond pumps are good equipment for everybody who wants to keep a large fish pond. The large pond pumps re-circularize water from your pond by transport it through a filter. Consequently, large pond pumps give effect to the pond to be aerated. One function that you could get for having the large pumps is for cleaning the water of nitrates and preventing the buildup of algae.

Large pond pumps are available gorgeous pumps. They are precious. If you want to get the best deals on the pumps, you should consider wisely getting the efficient ones. You have to know the specifications and also the quality of the pumps. Try to get the powerful one that will meet your needs.
You should identify what you really need to guide you find the best large pond pumps for you. A pump is necessary for circulating and filtering water in a pond. Usually, it is recommended that the pond water should be circulated at least once every two hours. This prevents the accumulation of mosquito larvae over the stagnant water surface.

Furthermore, it is sensible to decide the quantity of water in a pond and get a pump that pumps at least half that volume every hour. In other words, the gallons per hour rating, or GPH, should be 50% that of the total pond volume.

Large pond pumps are electrical devices and require a water-resistant cord. The cord may be concealed between a pond and an outdoor electrical outlet. Pond pumps are installed under water. They normally do not produce any distracting noises. So you will not be disturbed of the bad noises. If a pump is supposed to house both fish and waterfalls, then the pump rating (GPH) should be increased. The function will give great benefit to the pumps.

Large pond pumps operate professionally for comprehensive periods of time with no usual protection and have 6 foot power cord. Do not worry about the warranty. They have already served you one year limited warranty. It is 120 volts has a 16 foot power cord and is UL listed.

Large pond pumps are a good answer if you are looking for products which are helpful at your work. Therefore you should get some information about the large pond pumps for helping you decide which the best pumps for you.

Small Pond Pump

Small pond pumps are a great solution if you want to have such beautiful mini ponds in your backyard. You will not spend much money to have a small pond; you can buy small pond pumps to help circulate and pump the water. It provides filters and pumps to keep the water from getting dirty.
Nowadays, even though there are so many kinds of pond pumps, some people like to have small pond pumps. So you should be careful in choosing the best product that is suitable for your need. There are many variations of small pond pumps you can choose from today, so you are suggested to know each product well before you choose the best one.

Do you want to know another model of small pond pumps? Here is Little Giant PE-2H 1/40 HP Small Submersible Epoxy Encapsulated Pump. These portable pumps are designed to move water out of areas such as aquariums, tanks and shallowly flooded basements. It is very adaptable and solves a variety of household needs. Applications include water displays, statuary fountains, machine tool coolants, air conditioners in which liquid must be recirculated.

It is important to keep in mind that the small pond pumps are made by a lot of manufacturers and available in many different brands and type. It will allow you to look at a choice of items and get your choice. First of all, you are required to determine your needs you should restrict your search. Lastly, you will see that it is a huge step to get all you need with no trouble.

Final Thoughts

Our review should’ve helped you to determine the factors that you need to consider when deciding what pond pump to purchase. We have also presented the five top pond pumps that you should consider when deciding to purchase one.

We have also distinguished the difference between large and small pond pumps. Hopefully, that has given you great insight and helped you to make up your mind when considering the size of the pump that you want to buy.