A lawn dethatcher is a tool for gardening that helps you in removing dead plants, weeds, and vegetation. It is designed to remove thatch which is a thick layer of debris accumulated in the grass blades soil in the lawn. Excessive thatch can have a negative impact.
Although dethatching can be done by hand, using a lawn dethatcher makes this process much faster and far more efficient and effective.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Lawn Dethatchers

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There can be a manual push lawn dethatcher, a power lawn dethatcher or even pull-behind power rakes and lawn sweepers.

10 Best Lawn Dethatchers Reviews

1. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Earthwise TC70001 infiltrates the soil and cuts the thatch layer better than any other dethatcher. Its adaptable, hardwearing steel made dual four-blade tines can make 11″ wide cut and till the earth 8″ deep to bring life to your garden. The 8.5 Amp motor has enough strength to run the device with outdoor extension cord (optional, because the dethatcher is complete in itself). However, while choosing the cord size, make sure you follow the manual that says – if you’re using 16-gauge cord, the length should be up to 50 feet. In case, it’s a 14-gauge cord, never attach a cord longer than 100 feet, and finally, a 12-gauge cord will do fine with up to 150 feet cord.

By selecting the range accordingly, you can proficiently make your garden and landscape beds ready for planting. The manufacturers have designed it, keeping transportation in mind, and hence kept its weight 23 lbs. only. The idea is reinforced by the flip up or down wheels. The push button start has made it more loveable and uncomplicated to use. Fortunately, you can operate this eco-friendly dethatcher without using gas, oil or spark plugs. Though the machine needs low maintenance, you can also access to the privilege of industry-leading 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong in the meantime. Plus, you can accommodate this thinly structured dethatcher anywhere in your garden or garage until the next tilling.

2. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294

What really separates this dethatcher from the pack is twenty 3/16-inch replaceable spring-loaded tines, unique to Agri-Fab 45-0294. This lets you accomplish multifunctionality such as uprooting the dead, entangled grass; loosening heavy and compact muddy thatches; and dislodging the hard-packed dirt, weeds and soil. The 70 lbs. tough steel tray adjacent with the tines covers the advanced weight distribution. Trill the land more comfortably by raising and lowering of the tines even from the tractor seat, thanks to the long upright lever fixed on top of the tray. This USA product is enduring, heat-treated and not susceptible to corrosion. During your towing the dethactcher behind a tractor, it’s necessary to confirm that no uneven path goes untouched. Agri-Fab has taken care of this matter very painstakingly and we perceive their effort in engineering two 7″ x 1.5″ semi-pneumatic wheels that go across any sort of landscape pretty much energetically. Undoubtedly, it’s great to have this device on your collection in order to when to make your lawn breathe more spontaneously.

3. GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14″ Corded Dethatcher

Another favorite lawn dethatcher GreenWorks 27022 is powered with 10 Amp motor and has 14″ dethatching path that helps to complete the task swifter. Quite contrary to the gas powered dethatchers that emit carbon and consequently taint the air, this model assures laudable service keeping the environs safe and sound. And we appreciate the ZERO carbon footprint – the featured quality of GreenWorks.

Incredibly, the manufacturers have designed this device in a way that’s fully controllable. So, uprooting the thatched layer becomes easier with its tine depth adjustment trait. You can access to 3 different positions during your working on the lawn surface. What’s more, it features an electric start and padded grip that feels great in hand. Stainless steel tines remain sharp for a long time, but if reverse happens, you can replace the full set of tines instantly (yes, the extra set comes with the package during shipping). Another nice touch is that it’s possible to connect extension cord using the cord lock that supports it in place. Last but not the least, it has got a four-year warranty that’s twice the industry standard.

4. Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher Attachment for Gardening

If you know you’re going to stir up the thatch and weeds but let the grass intact in the process, you may want to look into Mantis 5222. This specialized dethatcher is especially useful if you need to tenderly pull up grasses without literally ripping them up. Primarily meant to be attached to Mantis Tiller/Cultivators, it fits all Mantis 9″ tillers. It may sound complex, but following the manual, it takes only a few minutes to install. To reduce the time of your tilling, it’s structured with 15-inch swath. Mantis 5222’s standout feature is its 60 hefty, pliant spring-steel. This is, according to Mantis, increases the workability of the dethatcher, making this a valuable feature to anyone with the necessity of ploughing or fertilizing a lawn. And when it’s not in use, detach it from the cultivators or the tiller before you store it in any compact area (for instance, into your car trunk). A great space saver, indeed.

5. Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E 14-Inch 11-Amp

If you’re serious about your lawn’s greenery or just looking for the best-performing dethatcher out there, Sun Joe AJ800E is it. This lawn dethatcher emerged as our pick in this review because it features a sturdy 11-amp motor, a stunning 14” wide raking path (helps complete the entire ploughing session quicker) and accompanies a 12-gallon removable bag (for gathering the particles of the trimmed thatches). The elite airboost technology compels its 24 spring steel tines to accumulate as much thatches as possible with each round of towing. We’re also convinced with Sun Joe’s words that their creations won’t cause any harm to nature, because nowhere we could trace the presence of toxic carbon emissions. Furthermore, unlike other models, it never requires additional expense on buying gas or oil. And, it’s completely maintenance-free, 2-year warranty is another treat. So, if your lawn needs some care and you want a pollution free dehatcher, this ETL approved model would be a good choice.

6.Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper Sweep

Yardwise 23630-YW Sweeper’s height adjustment feature has made it a universal choice. By rotating the dial according to need, you can sweep any sort of surface. Tuning to your preferable height, you can also keep yourself free of back pain or such discomfiture. Very lightweight, so the users don’t find it tiring while pushing it over the dead leaves, sticks, and trashes of their lawn. The 21” wide sweep path lets you sweep the area faster. The brushes work awesome in grabbing every leaf or piece of debris they encounter. Lowering or raising the sweeper’s height, you can seize almost all sized leaves. Lawn owners love the support offered by the 26-gallon detachable bag, but some do expect little more room for grasping the garbage at a time. Besides, while cleaning the lawn, make sure that no wind is blowing nearby, otherwise all your work will go unnoticed and your lawn will get its earlier dirty face back. That’s a minor problem though. It’s collapsible, which means you don’t have to worry about storing the sweeper, and you can hang it anywhere after clearing all leaves. Over all, this affordable sweeper would be a perfect buy for saving your time, back and the beauty of your lawn.

7. True Temper 15-Inch Thatch Rake – 2914000

This thatch rake offered by True Temper is a solid option for those who are willing to thatch their lawn manually. Users like this 15” length that very efficiently work according to your direction. Unlike its electric competitors, it needs neither a must-have access to electricity, nor any battery to empower the motor. True Temper offers full control over this thatch rake, so, you can slant them at whatever direction you wish. Surprisingly, while trailing the rack on the ground even keeping it straight, its ergonomic structure will let it uproot the thatches as well as remove the tall weeds. Plus, the 7” curvy steel teeth do exactly what we expect from a thatcher. Whether you’re plowing the soil or simply thatching the lawns, its performance excels a lot of other models out there. We’re also impressed with the heftiness of its 54” hardwood handle and to make your hold of the rack comfy, the manufacturer has cushioned its top end. True, the motor powered dethatchers are faster and less-exhausting, but when you’re on a budget and can’t sacrifice your lawn’s fertility, this is the best option to go with.

8. Brinly DT-40BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 40-Inch

Still wondering how to dethatch your large yard speedily yet efficiently? Take a look at Brinly DT-40BH belongs to Brinly. You’ll love its versatility –  land tilling, soil loosening, weeds clipping etc. The company has designed it with two rows of 10 individually stretching tines so that they can rip up mass of thatches with each pass. Attaching the dethatcher’s handle with your vehicle, it’s easy to operate it even sitting inside the car. It weighs 31.2 pounds only and therefore, you can carry it for ploughing far off lands. Patchy fields won’t make it feel useless, because making it reach deeper of the surface, by loading some extra weight on it, isn’t a big deal for it. However, it needs to assemble before launching on your lawn, any DIY lover would find it interesting to give it the proper shape. Brinly has included a manual with minute description of each step so to make your fitting the device hassle free. For better understanding, watch the video tutorial provided in the amazon site. The tines come pre-assembled though.

9. Gardena 3395 Combisystem 12.8-Inch Thatching Cutter Rake Head

Judging only by looks, the Gardena 3395 Combisystem Thatching Cutter Rake Head stands out from the pack with its well-built wheels and stainless spring steel tines. Compared to other models, it possesses some unique qualities. First of all, unlike the regular dethacthers, you can pull the machine back and forth to adjust the clipping process. Secondly, its slender construction requires less energy to pull out after it dips into the deep surface during your cultivating the lawn. Final, and the most important trait is, it’s capable of taking off the mosses from you lawn, whereas a lot of expensive tillers, available out there, are constantly failing to do it properly. Apart from all these good things, you may need to face some serious problem with it. Its solid tines sometimes unintentionally can cause to dig up the green portions of the meadow. We’ve heard of its visiting up to 3 inches inside the land, if chances arrive and subsequently, it harms the good vegetations. But don’t be intimidated by this revelation. By towing consciously, you can avoid this circumstance and bring only positive result. One more thing to consider- the package contains the head section only, and you’ll need to purchase Gardena handle separately. However, we never ponder about its durability because Gardena itself has given it 25-year warranty. So, doubting its quality would be a mere waste of time.

10. Agri-Fab 45-0457 SmartLink Dethatcher

Agri-Fab 45-0457 SmartLink Dethatcher will help you keep your lawn fresh, lively and green right after you finish dethatching. Lightweight, supportive, competent and best of all, reasonably priced, this gadget is counted as one of the best performers in this review. Ready to dig up as soon as you start dragging it by connecting with the tractor, this model’s design is very well thought out. 10 sets of tines are its prominent highlight that ensure thatch removal without injuring the grass. Whereas the Gardena 3395 Thatching Cutter needs constant alertness to make the work done accurately, with Agri-Fab 45-0457, you won’t experience such accidental uprooting of the grass. Its two brackets attached on bottom resist it from digging the soil more than enough. Hence, it reliably eradicates the matted grass or unwanted layers so that the lawn can inhale adequate oxygen and remain energized. Installation is very straightforward, you can fix it with the SmarkLink master platform in a moment without using any tool. It’s convenient to store. 3-year limited consumer warranty is like a boon with the product.

Importance of Lawn Detacher

Dethatching is important to your lawn because it removes unwanted material close to the soil surface which otherwise reduces your lawn’s turf potential. A good Dethatcher or Power Lawn Rake cleans the debris to allow room for the grass to grow and thrive.
Thatch is basically a layer of lawn debris, grass clippings, and other materials.
For a lawn to remain healthy, the thatch should generally be at least the height of the pinky finger.
With the assistance of bacteria, the thatch slowly breaks down which ensures that the height is consistent and offers a number of protection to the lawn like preventing the burning of grass roots and helping the lawn in retaining water.

How to Use Lawn Detacher

On the other hand, the thatch becomes thick quickly if the lawn is unhealthy. The lawn might be over fertilized, or this may be due to the compaction of the soil which makes it hard for bacteria to reach the surface to break down the thatch. One of the quickest ways of helping out a lawn, which is unhealthy and struggling, is by pocking deep holes into the soil in order to aerate it. This draws up the bacteria so that they can start doing their work on the thatch. However, sometimes this does not work, and you will need a lawn dethatcher to dethatching.

Lawn dethatcher is just like a huge mechanical rake. You have to run the lawn dethatcher across the lawn steadily and letting the rotating blades to penetrate into the grass for pulling up the thatch. The height of the blade can be adjusted which allows for the lawn dethatcher to penetrate as much and as little as you want. You can also change the blade spacing according to your lawn’s needs. A rake is one of the alternatives to a lawn dethatcher however it can be pretty time consuming and also very stressful while not always doing the same level of job as is done by a lawn dethatcher.


Lawn dethatching is done best when it is winter times since this ensures that the grass shoots do not get damaged while dethatching. It is also important that you leave some of the thatch as removing all of it will hold back the recovery process of the lawn back to its normal health. Once you have removed the thatch through the use of a lawn dethatcher, you will have to rake it away. At first, the lawn will look pretty awful and not the best you have seen, however, you will have to give the lawn some time to recover after it comes back to its health. Water and fertilizers would aid this process.