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In today’s market you will find many different models those will help you to find fish finders for money. Though there is little difference in their features, they do basically the same thing. You can divide these markets in two different parts, like a console and a transducer. Transducer mounts on the side of the boat or mounts at the bottom whereas display mounts at any portion of the boat. Both transducer and the display are connected with a cord.

What is a fish finder?

A fish finder is a device that is used to search for the exact location of a fish or the shoal of fish in water. This fish finder is also known as the fish sounder. The fish finder emits a sound wave in the form of the cone shape. Generally, a cone is fixed just below the boat. The sound waves come from the fish finder spread when they release a transducer.  Generally these fish finders are a kind of SONAR. The origins of a fish finder are traced to fathometers. With the rapid development of technology, fathometers used the CRT’s and with the use of the CRT’s fish finders come into the market.

How does Fish finder works?

how to read fish finder images

Fish finder’s functions using sonar technology. The transducer transmits a sound wave to the bottom of water and records how long the sound waves take times for the signal to return back to the transducer. But at present the advanced fish finders receive send-and-return sound wave and interpret all information as readable.

Why this fish finder is very popular?

This fish finder is very popular among the fishermen or those who has a passion for fishing. When you are fishing from the bank or fishing with a small boat, a small and portable sonar unit will guide you to interpret the water around you. Fish finders are no doubt a fascinating and the most effective tool for fishing. The sonar units of the fish finder help to find fish in a very effective way. It should be easily understood that the fish finder will allow a fisherman to catch the fish in a very easy mode. There are some reasons behind its popularity. A good fish finder helps you to establish the following things;

√ Determine the depth of water,

√ Calculate temperature and

√ The general structure of the bottom of the body

How to choose the best Fishfinder?

Finding a fish finder is not at all a time consuming factor. The main determinant is money and what type of fishing you are going to do. Get a portable fish finder when it is kayak or canoe or get a fish flasher when you are ready ice to fishing. Again, if money does not matter at all, then you may choose a few. All basic fish locator will help you by telling the depth of the water and also help by finding whether the bottom of the water is clayey or muddy or hard or covered with vegetation. Whatever the kind of fish finder, it will also help you to find the exact location of a fish or the shoal of fishes. So, never be afraid, if you hire a black & white and non-GPS unit of a fish finder, it will also give you the best result like a costly one.

Main Benefits of choosing Fish Finders:

There are certain benefits of using fish finders;

Location: New high technology based fish finders use modern GPS technology that helps to determine the location of the fish when the boat moves in water. This fish also determine the location of the boat when it is running over water. Without any fish finder, it will be a very difficult task to keep track the exact position of the boat while the boat is in the river or in the sea.

Temperature and pressure sensitivity: By using a temperature gage, the modern technology base fish finder will allow you to pin-point the particular location of fish. This modern and high-tech technology based fish finder is really very effective in spawning season. This modern fish finders have inbuilt track-back capabilities that helps to determine the exact location of fish while fishing.

Speed: To examine the speed of the boat speedometers is used with fish finders. This speedometer may be very helpful for collecting information about fish while traveling very fast with your boat. Some fish finders will also guide by informing the optimal speed for trolling in some particular areas to maximize the catch fishing capability.

Price: Fish finders are available at in the market at a very reasonable rate. For best quality you may pay high price, but it is also available at cheap rate for casual fishermen.

How the manufacturers of fish finder will help you:

The manufacturer will provide you installation instructions when you collect any fish finder. Again, some manufacturer will provide video tutorials on their own website and will also guide you by saying how to read a fish finder and how these fish finder work. What kind of fish finder you choose is not a fact, the true thing is that an individual fish will appear as arches and the shoal of fish will  appear as many arches or in a large blobs. The contours in the bottom will be illustrated along a solid line with the bottom of that screen. The most important thing you should remember that usually the boat has to be in motion in order to work properly until you are able to get a flasher.

The new feature in 2017:

In this year a great modification has been done in fish finder. In respect of value and technology, this fish finder is far better than that of the previous one. A quick run-down feature has been added in this new edition. If you want to verify the new edition with the old one and want to get the best one, please go through our fish finder reviews, hope you will find the best one.

Reviews on new fish finders:

If you go through these reviews, you will able to get a clear idea about new trend in fish finder.

Hummibird has introduced a new series named ‘Helix-5’ with new display of 5 inch with 800 x 480 resolution and aspect ratio 16:9. Differ models from 2D sonar to GPS side image combo is now very popular in the market.

Lawrence has also upgraded their HDS series by introducing CHIRP support 2D sonar and faster processors.

Lowrance is upgrading their HDS series by adding CHIRP support for the 2D sonar and faster processors. Lowrance has also introduced a new Elite 9 CHIRP model with a screen size 9inch. New Elite 4 CHIRP and Mark 4 CHIRP models are some of the new series comes from Lowrance those provide quasi-CHIRP support, 4.3inch screen and with many more facilities.

Gramin is fighting to reach the top in the sonar market. You may able to get this new gps/fish finder models at best reasonable price. Another best fish finder from this series is echo Map 43dv, it is also a popular one among budget fish finders. New 5-inch and 7-inch screen base fish finder is also available. This model will surely hit among anglers who are looking for a high-end model.

Which Is The Best Fish Finder:

There are varieties of option that will those will help to select the best one. But which is the best one should be determine by the fishermen. It’s not a difficult task to choose the best fish finder for you budget. Which model is the best one depends on the money factor. First of all you have to decide how much you want to spend. Fish finder is available under the range between less than $100- $2000.

Fish finder less than $100: A very basic fish finder is available at this rate. This fish finder is small with low resolution, black and white screen and no GPS facility. Reading you will get is bit cramped because of its b/w screen. This fish finder has a low power rating and also has a lower end transducer. This means that the most depth the fish finder shows is about 100-150 feet. The readings may be good enough but not at all fantastic. If you are a new angler, then this fish finder is the best for you. Go for the Garmin Echo 100 or the Lowrance X-4 for this purpose.

Between $100 to $300: Under this range you will get a lot of chance for fish finder. So if you want best fish finder under 200 dollars range you may expect Humminbird’s PiranhaMax models such as 176i and 196ci, these will give you the depth of around 100-200 feet and also provide you with limited GPS capability. Though there is no map, still you may able to set waypoints and properly track, so that you can properly navigate. Remember that 196ci has a color screen that 176i do not have.

The Garmin Echo 300c is also fishermen choice. It shows a depth of around 200- 300 feet, has a nice 4-inch color screen, but has no GPS. Garmin models are popular as they have good screens and easy-to-use menus. This set works very well at faster speeds. This set is generally available at $219.99. You can also get Down Imaging or Down Scan technology based fish finder at less than $200. These are good for finding structure as well as cover than fish. This set uses high-frequency SONAR beam. Models like the Elite-4x HDI have a maximum depth of 300-650 feet. However, at $300, you can expect a good fish finder which has a color screen, a good GPS that includes decent maps. As this fish finder has decent power ratings, you can expect result from 400-500 feet deep. In this price range you may expect Humminbird 386ci model.

Between $300 to $600: This price range is better to purchase a good fish finder.

It combines the best technology into very small packages. If you have enough prices to spend for a fish finder then you may purchase any model under this range. This model has 5 inches color screen, high power good rating from depth, internal GPS with standard map, Down Imaging or Down Scanning  SONAR. With this model you can expect result from 500 feet deep. Some of the favorite models are:

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI: This Elite-4 HDI model is compact one that has a color screen, Down Scan SONAR and a built in GPS. For a small boat, if you want a color, GPS, and Down Scan SONAR, then the Elite-4 HDI is a great.

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI: This Elite-5 HDI is a developed version of the Elite-4 that has a larger 5-inch color screen and 4 transducer frequencies. You can see the best combination of structure or cover, and fish.

Raymarine DragonFly: This Dragon Fly model has a generous 5.7-inch color screen. It has 3 buttons that will help you to operate at different modes. This model has a quite special type of SONAR that combines beams of different frequencies that gives you a clear picture on the screen.

$600 and above: under this price range you will get almost all features of a good quality fish finder. The best advantage of this fish finder is that it has large screen size and expandability. Under this price range you will get professional level of models that will help you to find fish accurately. The best models under this series are 1.Lowrance HDS series and 2.the Humminbird 700/800/900/1000 series. All these models have extremely powerful fish finder, powerful mapping packages, and high-definition screens. These models also have the ability add peripherals such as satellite radio, weather, radars, and have also the ability to network two or more units together. These models are ideal for professional angler.

This model can help to monitor everything of your boat from the SONAR to navigation and even to monitor fuel levels in the engine. You will able to a professional model at $600-700. There are also more expensive models with heavy larger screen with more advanced peripherals.

The screen size is extremely important though a difference in screen by one or two inches may be seemed in each screen. However, the overall size will be different drastically. If you have any need to know about fish finder screen, you may checkout our comparison about fish finder screen size.

How to select the best one for you: The fishfinder unit is one of the most important things to any angler’s arsenal. Somebody say that fish finder is one of the most important elements to catch more and more fish and this statement is really true. The characteristics of the fish finder differ with price. Simple models give you the basic information about depth and temperature. But the higher range model reads 3D lake maps and also integrates with other system like autopilot or downriggers. The information which sonar supplies to an angler is actually invaluable and is actually the deciding factor at every time you are picking a location for fishing. Any information which you receive from your sonar offers you with the idea that can feel a difference between spending the whole day for fishing rather than catching.

Humminbird, Lowrance, and Garmin are the three big giant in the marine electronics industry. As they provide the best brand of fish finder, they have built the largest customer bases because of the same reason. They all offer exceptional products at the best prices and all these products perform very well. There are also many other brands in the market, but these brands are the best as they provide the best value to all anglers.

When you are going to buy a new model for your own application, take time to verify different models with their features available in the market. Our main aim is to guide you to find the best fish finder or gps combo unit at different best prices.