Some Advice On Smallmouth Bass Fishing

how to catch smallmouth bass

The sport of bass fishing has grown a lot in popularity over the last few years. People find in a fun and exciting hobby which can be shared with friends and family or enjoyed all by yourself. People often associate bass fishing with explosive episodes of the largemouth bass launching out of the water to attack a lure. Largemouth bass fishing is without a doubt one of the most exciting forms of fishing, but fishing anglers also find that they really enjoy smallmouth bass fishing as well.

Smallmouth bass fishing provides many benefits for anglers that make fishing a great experience. One thing to consider with smallmouth fishing is that there are probably more locations and opportunities for fishing all across the country and even the world. Smallmouth bass live in places people seldom consider for bass fishing, but with some careful research, a person can find great smallmouth bass fishing opportunities not far from their own home in most cases.

Where To Go Smallmouth Bass Fishing

When a person thinks of fishing in the Northwest, they often think of trout and salmon. But there are many opportunities for warm water fishing in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and even Montana. Oregon has great smallmouth bass fishing on the Klamath Lake, the Prineville Reservoir, the Tenmile Lakes and many other lakes and reservoirs all across the state. Washington and Idaho boast smallmouth bass fishing opportunities on the Snake River along with other locations. In Montana, an angler will want to try the fishing on Lake Fort Peck along with the smaller warm water lakes across the state.

Smallmouth bass fishing has become quite popular in the New England states. The fish have always been there, but until recent years anglers were more focused on other types of fishing. The Farmington River in Connecticut boasts great opportunities for smallmouth and neighboring Massachusetts is finding the Connecticut River Valley to be a good choice. In Maine, an angler will find many prospects for smallmouth bass fishing. A good choice will certainly be Clearwater Pond where smallmouth bass over sixteen inches is not uncommon.

Of course, states all across the south have ample opportunities for warm water fishing including smallmouth bass fishing. The southern lakes and ponds will prove to be very productive in almost all cases. Anglers will want to be aware that these fishing locales are also home to such creatures as the territorial water moccasins or cotton mouth snakes who enjoy the fishing as well.

You can find some of the best places for smallmouth bass fishing in the mid-western states. Minnesota with ten thousand lakes has plenty great fishing spots all across the state, and there are many guides and lodges available for a great fishing vacation. If you are looking to experience the thrill of catching fish, this would definitely be a place worth checking out.


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