Hiking and trekking are becoming increasingly popular by the day amongst exercise freaks as a major catalyst effectively contributing to weight loss. In contrary to resorting to aerobics and other strenuous exercises at a gym, hiking is simply walking along a path or climbing past a mountainous ridge or trail. One of the simplest and best forms of exercises available, hiking helps in keeping the body in perfect shape while contributing to a whole lot of health benefits.

Top 10 health benefits of hiking

  1.  Hiking helps in decreasing the level of insulin in our bodies thereby preventing the degenerative effects of diabetes. Thus, it aids in controlling diabetes.
  2.  Hectic life results in stressful situations. Hiking provides a relaxing opportunity to escape the drudgeries of busy life and seek solace in the solitude of natural surroundings. It refreshes the mind and heals the body thus acting as an ultimate stress buster with a constructive appeal.
  3.  Hiking contributes to losing extra pounds by burning about 300 to 500 calories per hour. Based on the path and effort put to hiking on a smooth, rough or mountainous trail, the level of calorie burning varies. Regular hiking expeditions supplemented by a healthy balanced diet make the process of weight loss faster and easy.
  4.  Arthritis patients and those with joint problems may resort to low terrain hiking trails for a minimal level of stress on the joints that helps in strengthening the muscles of the leg to take off pressure from the knee joints.
  5.  A hiking trip with a friend or a complete troop contributes to building new acquaintances or strengthening old friendships. Hence, it leads to socialization and broadens our horizon of the mind as we develop a sense of appreciation for the likings and dislikes of other people around us.
  6.  Hiking helps in checking diseases of the bone such as arthritis and
  7. osteoporosis. It promotes to raise the strength and density of the bones while reducing the level of calcium loss. Thus, it makes the bones stronger and reduces the chances of undue breakage.
  8.  Hiking requires only a few necessary items like gears, a pair of boots, some essential equipment and water. Therefore, it is not much of an expensive sport and can be afforded by anyone willing to go on a one-day hiking trip.
  9.  Hiking contributes to cardiovascular benefits. Hiking generates movements within the body that lead to expansion of the arteries facilitating the reduction in the level of blood pressure thereby taking off some stress from the heart. Hiking further brings about an increase in the level of good cholesterol HDL while assisting to get rid of the bad cholesterol LDL. It thus leads to improvement of health including the heart health, though a person who has already suffered a heart attack needs to avail the doctor’s consent before trying out uphill hikes.
  10.  Unlike the boring exercises of the gym with weights and treadmill, hiking provides the chance of relaxing and exercising amidst natural settings. It thus offers a much-needed break from the routine monotony of life.
  11.  Hiking provides the strength and stamina of the body help gain natural resistance towards fatigue. While uphill hikes firms the gluts and calves moving down the hill help in toning the quadriceps. It thus contributes to building the flexibility of muscles.

Having known the whole range of health benefits associated with hiking, what are you waiting for still? Just backpack your materials and move on a hiking trip.