how to use an omelette maker

Omelette maker is a new word in cookery, convenient and easy cookware, which you can find in every kitchen, shop or culinary TV channel. Omelette maker became an indispensable assistant for any restaurant or housewife.

Omelet Maker is a wonderful gift for someone who always asks: How to make a perfect omelet quickly and easily?
This appliance is an integral part of any good housewife kitchen.

Electric and microwave omelet makers

For today we have electric and microwave omelette makers. Electric omelette makers are very popular. Microwave omelette makers are less popular. But they also in great demand, because they are transportable. So you can take microwaveable omelette maker on a picnic or a trip.

5 Best Omelet Maker Review

  • Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS Omelet Maker – Black
  • Lekue Omelette Maker, Model # 3402700R10U008, Red
  • New Non-Stick Electric Double Omelette Maker Red. by Better Chef
  • Omelette Maker Color: Red
  • Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker, Red

With omelette maker you can cook the best breakfast for everyone and for any recipe.
Beside the eggs you should use the other products for a spice of your culinary masterpiece.
Just one minute and on your kitchen table you can see a ecologically clean food!
If you are tired, that you can’t make an omelet on the usual pan, the best solution of your problem is Omelet Maker!

How Omelette Makers Works?

Electric omelette maker is a device with non-stick surface. When device is switched off, you have to fill an egg mix in special forms on maker. After that, close a lid. Omelette will be ready in a few minutes. Thanks to pan’s elaborate form you don’t need to flip eggs.

How to use a omelette maker?

If you haven’t enough time to cook a meal or you have difficulties in culinary art, then omelette maker becomes for you perfect assistant. Omelette pan can be a multipurpose device. You can cook not only omelettes, but even roast chicken or steak.

Perfect and easy omelet recipe for breakfast

  1. With Omelette Maker you need only 5 minutes for cooking, oil and 6 eggs.
  2. You need to heat a omelette maker until the indicator light turns green.
  3. Break eggs into the soup plate, using a whisk. Pour into omelette maker.
  4. Close lid and set timer for 6 minutes.
  5. After cooking place omelet on plates and garnish with fresh herbs.