metal garden hose reel

Gardening requires hard work and consistency. You should be able to handle the needs of your plants, and you should know the time when they need your attention. But of course, you need a break and want your gardening hobby to be easier. A perfect equipment piece that would make gardening easy would be the hose reel cart.
The hose reel cart helps keep your hose organized and your garden neat. Other than that, you won’t be putting yourself and your kids or anyone who can step in the backyard at risk. That means no more tripping over a scattered water hose. It also means lesser chances of having someone injured.

Cart Features

The hose reel cart is equipped with mechanisms that would do more than to organize the hose. The carts are installed with wheels to allow portability in case you want to transfer your hose somewhere or when you always want the hose within your reach when you’re working in the garden. There are good brands that have front hoods to protect your hose and increase its durability. Some hose reel cart products also have storage compartments or baskets to handle your gardening tools.
A hose reel cart with wheels costs a little high, but the prices are still considered affordable. The best way to determine the best-priced reel cart would be to check them online by visiting popular market sites.

5 Best Garden Hose Reel Carts Reviews

  • Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart, Holds 300-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose – Tan
  • Best Choice Products 300ft Water Hose Reel Cart w/ Basket for Outdoor Garden, Heavy Duty Yard Water Planting – Green
  • Suncast 175-Foot Capacity Hosemobile Garden Hose Reel Cart, Bronze/Taupe JNF175BD
  • Eley / Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Model #1043
  • Best Choice Products 300ft Water Hose Reel Cart w/ Basket for Outdoor Garden, Heavy Duty Yard Water Planting – Green

How to Choose Your Hose Reel Cart

Choosing an ideal water hose reel cart is easy. You just need the length of your water hose and your budget. There are hose reel cart products in the market that would last long since the material won’t easily rust. But there are some products, the cheaper ones usually, that can stand only for a span of time but would rust in the process. You have to be very sensitive about what you choose by considering how long you would want to keep your gardening hobby up or other valid reasons that would affect your decision to buy a heavy duty hose reel cart.

Two Wheels or Four?

A wheeled hose reel cart can either be two-wheel or four-wheel. The four-wheel is more convenient since you don’t have to exert extra effort to roll the equipment around. But either of the two, the hose reel cart also has a braking system which will assist you more when you want to make a stop somewhere in your yard. If you don’t want a wheeled cart for your hose, you can also choose to buy the wall-mount hose reel, a stationary reel which caters mostly to heavy hoses.

Organize your garden with a Water Hose Holder!

Are you the type of person who finds pleasure in decorating your home? Well, even if you are not that type, you would agree that it is really cool to live in an organized and perfectly designed home inside and outside. That is why we often spend a lot of time shopping for things and decorations that will make your home look and feel splendid.
But that does not only go for your house interior but also for your garden as well or the outside of your house. It is true that your garden or lawn also adds to the beauty of your house and in fact, they play a big part in accentuating your house by beautifying your surroundings.

Therefore, you must also pay attention to how you can make your garden bring out the beauty of your house, by beautifying it and choosing outdoor furniture that is useful in the garden like a water hose holder.

But what exactly is the reason why a water hose holder can beautify your garden?

For one, you are aware that you need a water hose for your garden, but that doesn’t mean you’d have to leave it lying on your lawn just because it is required there. Of course, when trying to beautify your lawn, you need something to put your water hose where you can easily see it and use it; and at the same time, won’t make your garden look like a mess. This is the purpose of a water hose holder, to keep your hoses neatly rolled up, making your garden organized and beautiful.

A water hose holder comes with many different and interesting designs that can be a fantastic method to stylishly make your hose attractive and ready for use at a moments notice. It is up to you to choose a water hose holder that would either match your property or according to your personal tastes and interests.

Either way, a water hose holder is beneficial to you as long as you make sure it can perform its function well by knowing first how long your hose is. This way, you can guarantee that the water hose holder you choose can accommodate a hose of that length conveniently.

Also, make sure that the water hose holder’s mechanism works perfectly or else your stylish water hose holder will be useless. Whether you choose something that requires manual winding or not, what’s important is it works.

But of course, the look is also important as it will make your garden look more appealing not only because it is organized but because of the things or furniture that you put in it. Choose wisely when it comes to decorating your property with a decorative water hose holder and happy decorating!