What is biomass?

Definition of Biomass

Biomass is energy that is stored in organic, biological material made from the sun made by living organisms. Plants use energy from the sun to convert into energy. This is done during the process of photosynthesis.

There are many types of biomass. To answer the question: what is biomass, you also have to understand the types of biomass and how it is made. Some of these types are plant crops, wood, alcoholic fuels and simple trash. This matter is converted to biopowered energy by several processes. These processes are direct combustion, co-firing and combined heat and power. The most common of these processes is direct combustion. This is also the simplest process. It is easily done by simply burning a pile of wood. This however can affect the environment and cause pollution. This is why other methods such as co-firing are used. Co-firing takes place in a coal plant. This process entails combining the biomass with coal. Combined heat and power occurs when biomass is used as both heat and energy for one building.

But, what is biomass be used for?

The better question would be what is biomass not used for. The uses for biomass are very extensive and important. It is used for many types of things such as cooking, heating homes and buildings and even for electricity sources. It can even be converted into liquid forms and used as a substitute for automobile fuels.

Biomass has become so popular because it is a very clean, renewable source for energy and fuel. There are many advantages to the use of biomass. Not only is it a cheap source, but it also does not add any CO2 to the atmosphere. Biomass is a sensible idea as it uses trash and waste products in a way that helps the environment. It also helps keep the sources from the earth that are not renewable available for future generations. However it does create a small trace of greenhouse gases when it is made. It also may take time to find enough sources to convert into biomass energy and fuels.

Biomass is very important to creating energy for the world. It has been used in many countries where resources are lacking and there are many projects slated to use the energy and fuel of biomass in order to save the non-renewable sources of the earth. This is very important as we need to find ways to sustain our way of life without hurting or effecting the earth’s source. Biomass is one such way.

The answer to the question, what is biomass is simple. It is a complex process that creates a natural source of renewable energy. Biomass can be created from many waste products such as wood chippings, household trash and pulp from sawmills. Knowing what is biomass helps to cut down on our waste products while also using them for renewable sources of energy.


Renewable energy is a hot topic. There are several renewable energy sources that are available. However, most people think of the two most common as wind and solar powered energy sources. But, there is another kind. This is called biomass.