Literally, any surface that you can think of, your go-to device for cleaning them should be the TopCoat F11.

From the surface of your car (including the glass) to the metallic surfaces of your gas burners, and even down to wooden and brick surfaces, this is essentially a product that can be applied in all these areas and more.

The efficiency and ease with which the polish operates in the different areas you apply it to are staggering. You don’t have to stress yourself by applying too much pressure after cleaning. All you essentially need is a squeeze of the bottle, and it seals in the luxurious shine.

Note: Despite the TopCoat’s use on many other surfaces, its capabilities really shine through (pun intended) when used as a car polish.

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The TopCoat F11 Master-Craftsman Polish & Sealer Review

The TopCoat F11, as implied, is the ideal polish for most surfaces around you. Nonetheless, there’s a need to properly discuss its capabilities.

Serves as Protection

Firstly, the polish/sealer offers long-term protection from the elements (i.e grime, the sun, rain, and the likes). This means you can simply apply the device, and watch as it resists most of what the environment throws at it.

Down the line, you’ll appreciate this fact since it means cleaning will get a lot easier on your part. The fact that it makes everything better, and dare we say it, younger doesn’t hurt a thing. On the contrary, it seals in the whole deal.

It’s Eco-friendly As Well

None of the ingredients that make up the TopCoat F11 Master-Craftsman Polish & Sealer is in any way dangerous. There is no solvent nor are there harsh abrasives present in the product make-up that may pose a threat to your health

Nor to the health of your car paint for example.

As a matter of fact, we can say it’s more or less built to blend well with the surrounding (you’re safe), whilst doing its job effectively. The value of this feature is that it won’t harm the plants, trees, and even the surfaces you apply it on. The latter is particularly crucial if you’re planning to use the F11 long-term.

Zero Preparation Time

Just as mentioned above, you don’t need to go through any unnecessary step to use the product. There’s no need to add in water/any other chemical, or even stir/shake it up. All you need is accuracy and the time to use it.

Notice we didn’t mention energy? That’s because the usage of the TopCoat F11 is straightforward and thus, stress-free. One added benefit of this is that it saves you time, as opposed to others on the market.

Application and its Longevity

Each application of the TopCoat F11 is meant to last. This means most of the features written above, with their individual benefits are all meant to last a long while. At the same time, the zero preparation time doesn’t hurt its efficiency/capabilities which is a testament to the manufacturer’s skills.

So, apply it with ease of mind that you’re getting quality and not the cheap imitations of the real deal that are present on the market.

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How to Polish Your Car to Always Look it Shiny

There’s a difference between employing techniques when polishing your car and just essentially getting it done. The former is what gives that long-lasting sheen while the latter just lasts for a few days. Though, this depends on the polish used, which is why these DIY instructions are a little bit tailored to the TopCoat F11.

Polishing the Car

Pick the appropriate pad for your car, lest the wrong choice leaves undesired results. In short, use a soft pad for dark colored cars since they’re more prone to swirl marks. On the other hand, lighter colored cars can easily take harsher pads.

After this, you need your polish.

Tip: If you’re using a new polish, properly read the instructions before starting on the steps below.

Step 1: Pick your polishing wheel’s pad, wet it, and apply the polish. Take note to keep the pad only slightly wet so as not to damage your car paint.

Step 2: Start with one panel at a time and also, do not rush this step. You can calculate enough polish for each panel of the car, apply it to them, and work from there.

Step 3: Parallel that consistent motion of yours to whichever part (or panel) of the car you’re polishing. Also, apply a constant pressure throughout, since once again, it reduces the likelihood of you damaging your car paint. Do this until the paint completely absorbs the polish and you’re left with a rich, shiny color.

Step 4: Wash away the polish from the pad occasionally. You don’t want to weaken its ability to apply polish, and at the same time, you can save up on the polish down the line.

Step 5: Be careful of the edges of your polishing wheel’s pad. They move the fastest and the polish also doesn’t reach them as opposed to other areas of the pad. Therefore, exercise care because you risk peeling your car’s coat off if you’re not.

Tips to Use When Polishing Your Car

Wash Your Car Regularly

It’s not only through the use of polish that you can get that consistent sheen. You need to work for it. Nonetheless, this is the short explanation. The long one goes like this; Your sheen won’t last for months simply because there’s no product with that kind of capability.

So, to counter this fact, you need to invest some time into washing your car regularly. And depending on how often you do, the next time won’t take much effort and time. Basically, doing this means you’re maximizing the functions of the TopCoat F11. Namely, the fact that it protects your car, and its ability to retain that protection for a long time.

Wait Till it’s Cool

Water usually flash-dries with the aftereffects being rough, unsightly patches that disturb the distribution of the polish. So, if you want to apply your polish (after washing of course), then wait till everything cools down considerably around and inside your car.

Final Words

The F11 is fast-drying, easy to use with literally no prior knowledge, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, it protects from grime/dirt, bugs, rain and is likewise inflammable. The latter shows its eco-friendly side, and also the safety it offers to your car. Nevertheless, like many such products, it does have its shortcomings.

The price, to start with, isn’t ideal, and the amount of polish available per bottle isn’t that much. Still, these things are almost a good tradeoff when you consider the product’s highlights.