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There are so many great options around the world when it comes to surfing. Every year someone finds a new beach in some remote territory. That beach then becomes the next big thing. While those beaches might get the spotlight for a little while, there are three beaches that have been at the top of surfers’ lists for years, and in one case, almost a century.

One stretch of beach that is relatively recent on the scene is Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This is by far the best option in Central America. The weather is phenomenal, the locals are friendly, the waves are amazing, there are world class resorts and small hotels wherever you turn, and everyone is looking to make you happy on the service side.

If you’re looking for a specific beach to go to in this area, consider Little Hawaii or Witches Rock. The waves in these locations can reach as high as nine feet. Just make sure you use caution. The rocks barely below the surface might be the reason for the big waves, but they can also cause serious harm.

Another option halfway across the globe is Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. This is otherwise known as J-Bay. It’s only a few hundred miles from Cape Town. The Billabong Pro is hosted here every July at Supertubes Beach. The waves at Supertubes are known to be extremely predictable and reach as high as ten feet.

The third and most obvious option is North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. This is also known as Wild Water. There’s a twenty mile stretch of beach where waves can reach as high as thirty feet. The Bonzai Pipeline and Waimea Beach are the most popular options.

Surfing is an exhilarating experience. Finding new places to surf is almost just as exciting.


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