Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit SM-R350 Smartwatch Tracker Review

samsung galaxy gear fit sm-r350 compatibility

Your weight loss journey will not be this lucky if you do not use any tool that has been made and developed using the latest technology.

Samsung Gear Fit  – What is It?

Your workout routine will never be complete when you do not have a powerful, useful and innovative accessory to wear on while you move to lose weight. One of the best products you may consider for this time is the Samsung Gear Fit which comes with a lot of features that you will surely admire.


This Gear Smart Fit from Samsung is the best bracelet for those who love technology and sports at the same time. This item will let you get and stay connected while it keeps on helping you to get into shape using its personal trainer and heart rate monitor.

  • Interchangeable Straps – Gear Fit from Samsung comes with a curved super amoled touch screen & interchangeable straps that you may find available in various colors to choose from. Hence, you can easily choose any color you like, and you can go for what suits you when it comes to fashion. Additional straps may be available, but you will have to buy them separately.
  • Personal trainer – Samsung Gear Fit comes with an integrated heart rate monitor & receives real-time suggestions to help you while you are busy with your activities.
  • Notifications monitor – you also need to keep an eye on the notifications coming in your phone. This product, Samsung Gear Fit will instantly show all of the Gear Fit notifications you get from your favorite social networking sites, emails, calls received, messages and also, from your favorite applications.

What’s Good About Samsung Gear Fit?

You may customize your Samsung Gear Fit with a large selection of colors and backgrounds to choose from. There are different display clock settings that you can use to make it look more suitable to your personality. Also, it is durable, making it as a significant investment you can ever have today. This product is completely dustproof and waterproof. It can perfectly accompany you in your ventures. Wherever you go, you may bring this item with you and then you may record your entire physical activity for the day.
With Samsung Gear Fit, you can also easily control the basic tasks available in your smartphone plus you can just reject incoming calls, and you can do that by sending a text message. Samsung Gear Fit is best for various devices such as smartphones and tablets under the Galaxy series.

What’s Bad about Samsung Gear Fit?

On the other hand, this tool comes with some minor flaws such as it does not come with extra straps on its package. You need to buy them separately. This item is also a bit pricey. There are no any other drawbacks you can find on this item.

Techical Information.

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: SM-R350
  • Model name : Gear Fit
  • Year: 2014
  • Weight: 27 g
  • Dimensions: 2,3 x 1,2 x 5,7 cm
  • Batter: 1 Lithium battery included
  • Kind: Wristband
  • Display Technology: SAMOLED
  • Dimensions: 1.84 inches
  • Resolution: 128 x 432 Pixeles
  • Autonomy: 60 hours
  • Autonomy (stand-by): 120 hours
  • Battery included:  Yes
  • Battery technology: Lithium
  • Network interface: Wireless
  • Network connetion: Wireless
  • Human interface    Buttons Touch Pad
  • Timer: Yes
  • Bluetooth technology: Yes

Samsung Fit Gear is the best gear you can have for your workout needs. It is so easy to use and it has been made using the latest technology. It is a great product you can have as your new investment today.


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