If you are looking for a dependable companion to track your training performance yet has a sporty and stylish design, then Polar M400 is the perfect product that you should get. It is specifically created for runners who want to keep track of their daily activities and at the same time be able to keep their performance at its peak. The product is designed to provide a lot of options that you and other people should keep an eye on and just take advantage of every feature it has to offer.

Why Polar M400 is Your Best Training Companion

Polar M400 is the best option that people can make use of in particular by those who are into fitness and are interested in keeping track of their running performance whether they do it as a part of their routine or for preparation for their next race. There are just many features that this device can offer and some of these functions are as follows:

  • Polar M400 tracks distance, pace and also altitude with a built-in feature of GPS technology.
  • It can follow whatever activities you make all the time.
  • The device can also follow or track down your steps and also your calories.
  • Be able to plan, sync and even share your entire training performance with the use of the
  • Polar Flow mobile app as well as web service.
  • It allows you to set your target and be able to beat your best records.
  • Polar M400 has the Back to Start feature that lets you explore any new routes and still be able to find your own way back to where you began.
  • Be able to train with the right intensity just within your heart rate personal zones. This feature requires an H7 sensor for heart rate.

Having all of these features in mind, you are sure to find the best partner when it comes to meeting your goals and make it possible always to set your best records.

Uniqueness of Polar Flow Web Services

This feature is created to store in your sports profiles and tailor your views for every sport you are interested in. It is a particular feature of the Polar M400 that will allow you to create training targets that are detailed and accurate to what you want. This can also be used for gaining deeper insight of what you are doing and keep on learning from all activities that you do. Along with the Polar Flow of Polar M400, it also has the Flow Mobile App that allows you to get the quick visual overview of the training performance and be able to analyze all your achievements. It can be easily synced through a Bluetooth connection because of its Bluetooth smart.

Final Verdict

As Polar M400 showcases different kinds of features, any runner will have the opportunity of enjoying the process of training.  Also, everybody will be able to learn things they must enhance. It is a highly advanced device that will help people in getting the ultimate results that they want and just be guided accordingly.