Inflatable 1 Person Kayak Review

Best Inflatable 1 Person Kayak Review

Fishing and kayaking have been two of the things I found to enjoy so much. I always look forward to going on fishing trips during the weekends. For the past few years, it has been my main hobby and stress reliever. I find it a relaxing hobby where I get to spend some quality time with myself. To sustain this hobby, I’ve made it a point to invest in quality kayaking and fishing equipment. As with most of you here, I’ve also had my fair share of disappointments. When I first started buying stuff for my weekend hobby, I insisted on exercising my frugality over my good sense and logic. As a result, I compromised quality just for the sake of saving a few dollars on my wallet. It only took me a few months to realize this was a mistake. One by one, the cheap pieces of kayaking equipment I bought started to wear out after only a few uses. With that, I learned it wasn’t such a smart decision to scrimp on such things especially on my kayak.

Thankfully, I have managed to get my hands on this durable Sevylor Pointer Inflatable 1-Person Kayak. It has become my main buddy when I go out on my weekend fishing trips. I’ve been using it for more than a year now, and it has lasted longer than most of my previous buys, so it’s obviously durable. Come to think of it; this kayak has helped me save more money in the long run. Apart from its apparent durability, one thing I like most about this kayak is that it offers the same level of performance and similar features to that of a traditional kayak. That’s an opinion coming from my own experience of using traditional types of kayaks, of course. Unlike those heavy kayaks, however, this inflatable one is easy to deflate and keep away. I find it a convenient advantage as I can easily hide the deflated kayak at the back of my trunk on my way to the lake.

Aside from satisfying my weekend demands, this kayak has also served me well during days when I feel more adventurous. Apart from fishing, I’ve also used this kayak quite a few times in the river. It’s light and easy to maneuver along the wild rapids; it can almost pass for a whitewater raft. That’s to my advantage since I’m endowed with a heavy built so I can easily slice through rapids safely. I don’t suggest you do the same and take this inflatable kayak to the rivers if you are a bit on the lighter side though. You might risk throwing yourself in the water which is quite dangerous most of the time.

Overall, I say this is an altogether reliable kayak for fishing enthusiasts such as myself. I am quite content with its built and quality, and I suggest it to anyone who is looking for a portable and durable kayak to take to the lake.


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