How to Pick a Right Drain Cleaner

Pick a Right Drain Cleaner review

The easiest way to prevent a clog is to make sure that you clean the drain regularly. Keeping solid wastes from accumulating around the drain walls will help you avoid the messy problem that is clogging. And to do this, you will need a drain cleaner.

Drain cleaners come in many forms. Some are tools, while others are liquids that you pour into your drain to melt whatever is solidifying down there. When it comes to choosing the right drain cleaner, you’ll have to figure out what works for you. Here are some of your options:

1. Liquid drain cleaners

These are the most common drain cleaners you will find in households. They are easy to use. All you have to do is pour them down the drain. They are composed of different chemicals that help in melting the clog that might be forming down there.

However, the setback to this is that the chemicals might contribute to your drain pipe’s corrosion. When chemicals get in contact with metal or plastic, rust, corrosion, and other reactions may occur.

2. Drain pipe brush

A drain pipe brush is a small brush that can fit your drain. You can use this and twist it around the drain’s walls to clear whatever is clinging onto them. Also, they come very cheap.

The disadvantage however is the range of the drain pipe brush. There is only a considerable length that the drain pipe brush will be able to reach.

3. Vacuum

You can also use a vacuum to clean your drain. The vacuum sucks out the dirt that has accumulated down there. Acquiring a vacuum, however, can be pricey. Plus, it uses electricity, which will add up to your electric bill.

4. Hydraulic hose

Lastly, you can opt to hose down any dirt down your drain using a high-pressure hydraulic hose. Compared to an ordinary hose, the hydraulic hose blows the water with more power and force, clearing anything in its way. Like the vacuum, this can be expensive.

All in all, it is up to you which method to use when cleaning your drain. You can go for the cheaper ones like the pipe brush if you’re working on a budget.


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