Nowadays, more than ever, travelers are becoming very aware of the impact that their adventures may be having on our fragile ecosystem. While globetrotting is often one of the best life experiences, it is also a good idea to keep in mind the eco-friendly options that are available to you. Environmentally friendly travel once meant that you were limited to camping out in a tent, often in the middle of nowhere.

In modern times, however, a number of  Eco-Friendly accommodations and tour options are available, which allow you access to luxurious and lavish features, with minimal impact on your surrounds. For some great ideas, when planning your next getaway, be sure to check out our list of the best eco-friendly accommodation options around the world.

List of Best Ecological and Sustainable Destinations

The award-winning categories were based on the conservation of the natural world, the most authentic places in the earth.


Located to the northeast of Madagascar, these islands, characterized by their white sand and turquoise waters, were awarded the prize for the conservation of the natural world. At the site, Noah’s Ark ecological resort is undertaking a project to introduce some

2.Eco-Friendly Balinese Bungalows

Bali is renowned for having some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. From pristine beaches to rolling mountain ranges and the dense tropical rainforest, it is easy to forget that there is a need for anything man made in this world. Focusing on sustainability, these eco-friendly bungalows use hydro-electricity, non-chemical cleaning products and organic foods for meals.

3.Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

The oldest capital of the United States was recognized with the prize to the authenticity of the place. Its historical center holds important archaeological and cultural attractions. Central Plaza and the Indian Market are its most iconic places.


Located in southern central Europe, the charm of this small country lies in its imposing nature. The World Legacy Awards named it the destination with the best environmental practices because 60% of its territory is protected and the different activities in favor of the local communities.

5.Chaa Creek, Belize

This eco-resort took the award to the committed communities thanks to its excellent work with the local students. It offers 10% of each room reservation to social and environmental projects, also offers workshops, camps for children, scholarships and internships.

6.Hotels Cayuga, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

The chain of hotels was raised with the recognition to the companies that use ecological technology and respect the environment. Its eight accommodations are based on energy saving, water and have replaced the use of plastic by reusable bamboo.

7.Home stay in Vietnam

Many countries offer travelers the opportunity to truly experience the culture and heritage of a destination, with the option of homestay accommodation. A Vietnam hill tribe trek and home stay holiday will have you experience sights and creating memories like no other. Living in a traditional home, holidaymakers will have the chance to truly experience what life is like for the locals of Vietnam.

Trekking through Hanoi and visiting Sapa are also a great feature of this experience and, best of all, you’ll be doing your part for the environment. Local guides provide insight into how to trek carefully, ensuring that you are causing minimal disturbance to your natural surrounds. Finding cheap airfares to Vietnam is easy and staying with a home-stay family allows you to provide income to much needed, smaller villages.

8.Sintra Natural Park Accommodation in Portugal

If you’re looking for something with a little luxury, but are still conscious about your impact on the environment, book your next holiday to the charming surrounds of Portugal. Sintra Natural Park Accommodation takes every necessary step to ensure that they are creating an eco-friendly environment for travellers, using only organic linens, low energy use appliances and natural heating systems, using kindling from the properties own pruned trees.

In many cases, it only takes a few simple steps to create a more eco-friendly environment for your travel time. Whether you indulge in the experience of living with a traditional Vietnamese family or would prefer the experience of living in a tip abroad, you are sure to be creating unforgettable holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Always remember, just because you are going green, doesn’t mean you need to go without.