Conair Fabric Steamer Review

conair ultimate fabric steamer reviews

The Conair fabric steamer, like all garment steamers, are handy gadgets. When you pick a garment steamer, you need to decide what you are going to use it for. There are three basic styles of steamers, travel, home and professional.

The Conair Fabric Steamer comes in all three sizes, and you can find the perfect one to suit your every need.

The travel steamer is a light-weight, hand-held version of the home steamer. Both the professional and home use steamers can be used in a residential home.

You can find Conair fabric steamers in two styles of home or professional level models: upright and canister.

The main difference between the home and professional models of the Conair steam cleaners are size and power. If you want to be able to get an entire load of laundry steamed out wrinkle free, and then move on to other areas of the home such as drapes and bedding, a professional strength Conair fabric steamer is better than the smaller, mid-sized home garment steamer.

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Conair Fabric Steamer Reviews

Three Sizes Do it All

For traveling, check out the small Conair fabric steamer that is small and compact. The Conair Gs1 will get rid of all the suitcase wrinkles and can be found on

Compare it to other compact steamers to see how well the travel-sized Conair steamer stacks up to other hand-held units. Another travel-sized garment steamer that you can check out is the Jiffy Esteam travel steamer.

Conair specializes in home and professional quality garment steamers. Their GS7R is an upright unit that resembles a vacuum cleaner but is easy to store thanks to the collapsible arm that doubles as a garment hanger.

Quality Brand Name Assurance

Each Conair fabric steamer has the backing of a long-standing company that has been in the business of personal appliances for decades and has earned the trust of consumers everywhere.

Knowing the brand behind an appliance is important, because it means you can find them when you need to. It also means you can look at their history of producing quality products as a guide to how well the garment steamer you pick will be made.

Conair GS7 Fabric SteamerLooking at Power

For home use, the Conair GS7R packs quite a wallop. The home-sized Conair Steam Cleaner has 1200 watts of steaming power compared to other similar size steamers that average 600 to 1000 watts of power.

Likewise, the Conair GS60 gives you the same heavy-duty 1200 watts of power, but in an even more compact, canister style steamer.

Complete with an automatic safety shut off so the steamer won’t burn up, or smoke when empty, it and other Conair fabric steamers have a cool-touch hose (or handle on upright models) to make using it comfortable and safe.

The Conair GS60 also has a lint attachment to get rid of bothersome debris as well as a crease attachment to get your drapes and pleated clothing sharp and crisp.

Cool Deals on the Hot Conair Steamers

The home-sized Conair fabric steamer such as the Conair GS60 AND GS7R are also a great deal for the budget minded. Many home-sized garment steamers are expensive for first-time buyers, or consumers on a budget. Conair follows its quality and affordability minded business platforms with its Conair fabric steamer line and delivers excellent quality at very affordable prices. All of the Conair fabric steamer models can be found at even greater savings on

Super Power for All Your Steaming Needs

Conair fabric steamers also come with the ultra high-powered, long-running professional strengths. You can find the GS11RH at as well, and it will give you 1400 watts of power with up to 1 and ½ hours of steam time.

Even though the professional size Conair fabric steamer is about twice as expensive as the home sized Conair GS60 and the Conair GS7R, if you need extra long steam times, and large garment rack handles, it may be something to check out. However, you can also check out the extremely versatile and stylish Rowenta IS9100 or the Jiffy Steamer J-4000 for comparable garment steamers.

Best Conair Steam Clothes Cleaners for Home Use

Conair GS4 Fabic SteamerEven with all the power of the professional model, I prefer the Conaire GS60 for its easy to move canister style, and the flexibility of the long hose and multiple attachments for working around the house. The hose makes it easier to get into tight spaces than the more traditional upright styles of Conair fabric steamers.

The long hose and attachments also make getting at drapes while they’re still hanging on the rod a simple task. That’s much easier than fighting with the draperies to get them down, steam them, and then hang them again. What would be an all-day effort turns into a few minutes with a canister style Conair fabric steamer.

The Conair GS4R is also a canister style, and if mobility is more important to you than power, it is the better of the Conair fabric steamers. The compact little GS4R also comes at a very affordable price that even fits if you have never used a fabric steamer and aren’t sure it is a good investment.

However, once you’ve gotten used to the easy way of getting wrinkles out, you’ll never want to go back to an ironing board again. A Conair fabric steamer can do in seconds what a traditional hot iron and board take minutes to do. Even the compact Conair GS4R gives you plenty of steam time to get a load of laundry wrinkle free.

Steam Time

Another thing to keep in mind if you are considering the various versions of the Conair clothes steamer is; just because one offers longer steam time isn’t the only reason to buy that model. Of course, if you like other features of one Conair fabric steamer better than the others, then the time can be a helpful deciding factor.

However, even steamers that have a shorter steam time per fill only require that you refill the canister with simple water and heat back up again. You can usually be up and steamy again in just a few minutes.

When you want a great steamer that can get the job done without emptying your wallet, the Conair fabric steamers can’t be beaten.


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