If you are searching for the best deals on commercial and residential tanning products and supplies, then you have found the right place. Most folks go to a tanning salon where you will find a broad range of equipment to use. For example, you can find 10-minute beds or face only face tanners. Commercial establishments pay wholesale, rather than retail, for their products. This allows them to not only pay substantially less for what they have in the salon, but they can get equipment financing and even demo models that your home salon wouldn’t have access to.

Setting up a residential salon allows you to avoid membership fees, have access and total privacy anytime. It could cost you a pretty penny to set it up, depending on the bed. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 – $4,000 for the elite models. Depending on which model you purchase, you may have some accessories that are part of the deal. With the elite models, you can expect things like a curved canopy (tanning surface), dial timer, longer warranties, head pads, goggles, and face enhancing tan lamps.

1.Tanning Bed

Tanning beds come in multitudes of styles, shapes and provide a variety of services. It’s important, especially if setting up a residential salon, that you be aware of your skin type and expose it carefully. Education on the model that is right for you is essential to avoid skin damage. Then just enjoy that golden glow!

 2.Tanning Bed Pillows

When ever we are lying down it is important that we get the proper head and neck support.  Over the past few years, tanning bed pillows have grown in popularity because customers were complaining about nothing to rest their head on.  By using proper tanning bed pillows, your head and neck will be supported keeping your spine and back aligned and the pressure off your shoulders.

If you tan at home, you may not be as concerned with your tanning bed pillows hygiene as you have full control over regular cleaning. If you visit a salon, on the other hand, this could be a concern.  You may consider bringing a small hand towel to place over the top the cushion to protect you from previous users.  Take your towel home with you and put it in the wash immediately.

If purchasing tanning bed pillows for home, inquire to see if they are machine washable or at least get the proper cleaning instructions.  Retailers online offer a full range of support cushions to meet your needs.  They are simple and inexpensive and are worth the investment. If you visit a salon, inquire about their cleaning schedule.  If you are not satisfied, bring you own next time to be safe.

3.Tanning Spray Booth

If you no longer want to exposure your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays, one of the best alternatives that are safe, easy and convenient is sunless tanning.  Airbrush tanning is gaining in popularity.  You enter a tanning spray booth and come out 20 minutes later with an all over tan.  Today’s tanning spray booth is so advanced you will be amazed.

The main advantages of a tanning spray booth are that the nozzles are specially designed to apply an even mist of DHA solution that covers your entire body.  This process takes about 20 minutes, and the solution dries within 90 seconds.  The DHA solution chemically reacts with your skin’s proteins causing it to turn a pre-selected color.  The other advantage is that you are not exposed to any UV rays during the process.

As the rates of skin cancer skyrocket and people become more informed of the damage that the sun can do, they are turning to the safe alternative of the tanning spray booth.  This tan will last about a week so to maintain your bronzed color, book a weekly appointment at the salon.  It is quick, easy and won’t leave stains on your clothing.  You will look and feel great.

4.Choosing the right tanning oil

You have thought that tanning oil was no longer around on the market.  Well not so.  It is alive and well and can be found online or at your local pharmacy or salon.  Oil will help you to get a golden brown tan while protecting your skin from dehydration.  If you don’t want to buy it, you can find some homemade tanning oil recipes online.

Good tanning oil will leave your skin feeling soft and silky but at the same time will help promote a tan.  You will be surprised at how dark you can get using these as they help intensify the tanning process.  They will also protect your skin from peeling and the awful dry feeling after you take a shower.

We recommend that you use tanning oil with a minimum of 8 SFP.  If you go into the sun unprotected, you are just asking for trouble.  Once you burn, you have done that damage to your skin cells, and it can take days, even weeks for them to repair.  Burning your skin will cause it to prematurely age meaning wrinkles and lines will appear sooner than you want.

5.Tanning Bed Bulbs

Tanning bed bulbs are quality replacement lamps for your commercial tanning bed or home tanning bed.  They are proudly made in the United States and many retailers and wholesalers are happy to ship them directly to you.  Wolff tanning bed bulbs, lamps, tanning beds and other supplies have been around since 1987 and have over 18 years experience.

Some of the top Wolff tanning bed bulbs includes the X-Power lamp and the new X-Power Plus lamp.  The goal of these two lamps is you tan stronger, not longer.  The X-Power is one of the best ever made in the industry allowing customers to reduce tanning time while still getting amazing results.

Other featured Wolff tanning bed bulbs include Bronze S Twister, Bronze Sun Family, Dark Tan, Dark Tan Plus, Velocity, Velocity Extreme, Velocity Plus and Face Tanner lamps.  These are all excellent lamps and each provides its own unique advantages to meet your tanning requirements.

6.Tanning Lotion

When shopping at the pharmacy, creams, moisturizers and lotions are often expensive.  But where do you find cheap tanning lotion?  One of the best places to start is online.  Many super retailers offer great products for up to 50% off the suggested retail price.  Cheap tanning lotion doesn’t mean it isn’t good so check things out first before you buy.

When the sun tanning outdoors or using a tanning bed, it is highly recommended to use a lotion even if it is a cheap tanning lotion.  There are several benefits to doing this that will help protect your skin over time.  These creams help keep your skin moist which is of particular importance when indoor tanning.  They also open up your pores which actually magnifies the exposure of the UV rays.

Now this magnification does have some risks associated with it so it is highly recommended that you do extensive research before investing in cheap tanning lotion.  Your ultimate goal should be safety first, good skin tone and texture and finally color.  Be good to your skin and it will help to keep you looking great for a long time.

Tanning Tips for Teens

You have seen them in a number of magazines, the bronzed models looking fabulous.  But with that look come risks.  The hazards of teen tanning are everywhere.  Warnings, articles and even possible state legislation banning teen tanning from tanning beds is reaching the headlines. There are some safe sunless tanning options available such as airbrush tanning, spray tanning and tanning lotions.

The sun’s UV rays are damaging to the skin and help in the development of skin cancer.  Artificial light sources from sunlamps and tanning beds also produce UV rays and teen tanning for long periods of time using this equipment can do as much damage.  There is currently a rise in malignant melanoma which is the most serious form of skin cancer.

Experts agree that it is a result of increased exposure to the sun or from exposure from these artificial light sources.  Either way, teen tanning must be monitored closely to help put a stop to the steady increase in cancer cases.  Some of the new tanning creams are fantastic and last a long time.  If applied evenly, the skin tone is great.

Is tanning alright while pregnant?

You have just found out that you are expecting a baby.  Many things go through your mind about what may harm your little one.  A popular question has been, “Is it alright to partake in tanning while pregnant?”  We recommend that the first person you speak to is your doctor.  They know you the best and can advise you if it is alright to do any tanning while pregnant.

To date, there are no studies on the effects of tanning beds or tanning while pregnant.  The UV rays from the lights in tanning beds never reach your unborn child, so there is no risk to your baby.  Most doctors recommend that you don’t do anything that will raise your body’s temperature during your first trimesters such as hot tubs, saunas or even tanning beds.

Some doctors do allow their patients to use them in the second and third trimester however for very short periods of time only.  Tanning, while pregnant may be okay for short sessions but remember staying cool and hydrated, is always better for you.  Make sure to consult with your doctor before taking part in any of these activities.