Over the years the exercise bike has given individuals the freedom to perform daily exercises while maintaining a busy schedule and without having to travel to a fitness facility. Although a home workout might lack a professional trainer, a set schedule created for you, or socialization, exercising at home saves money and produces results if the exercise regime is followed through in a constant process. The exercise bike was designed with consumers in mind when making it usable by people of all ages.

Exercise bikes have come a long way since the creation of the Gymnasticon during the late 18th century by Francis Lowndes. Although being the first machine to exist in its category of exercise bikes or similar equipment, the Gymnasticon was primarily designed to help those who were ill. Weight loss was not a large issue during this period, but illnesses such as with palsy, swollen joints, or debility affecting a body part were standard and required some form of medical treatment. The original Gymnasticon went through several equipment modifications until the late 20th century where the seat, pedals, and handlebars of a bicycle were incorporated.
Those who purchase an exercise bike are usually looking to improve an aspect of their health, whether it is to become healthier, lose weight, or achieve a firmer tone to their body. The cardiovascular workout that is obtained through the use of exercise bikes has proven to help burn calories, reducing weight. Many orthopedic doctors recommend the use of an exercise bike for those that can only perform exercises that are low-impact. They also may recommend it for physical therapy rehabilitation, but it is most commonly recommended for weight loss of obese patients.

The Two Main Types of Stationary Exercise Bikes

There are two types of stationary exercise bikes found in home gyms: Recumbent bikes and Upright bikes. The upright bikes are commonly found in household gyms. They take up very little space and allow the rider to maintain a composed posture while riding. A recumbent bike consists of the same concept of exercising the lower limbs but with more support with a backrest and the ability to use the machine while in the sitting position. There are many different variations of these two types. The mini-exercise bike also allows the user to sit in a chair. However, this floor version of an encompassed wheel with pedals has a very poor stability which causes it to drop on the list of top choices by consumers.

Safely Operate Exercise Bikes

Although other equipment on the market is more dangerous than a stationary exercise bike, people may become lodged between bars, fall off, or suffer from another form of injury. The chances of someone getting hurt on a stationary bike are very slim and compared to other equipment, non-existent. When you purchase a new bike, it should always come with a manual. It is best to fully read this manual from cover to cover before operating your new bike. Operating a stationary bike is fairly easy, but with the electronic mechanisms built into the machine it can become stressful. There are basic machines with little to no electronic parts that consumers can purchase to avoid having to learn a new system for their exercise bike.

Maintaining Your Bike

As with any piece of equipment, you must keep a steady check on the condition of your bike frequently. It is recommended that once a month the bike is fully examined for any loose parts. This could be as simple as tightening a screw or replacing the seat cover. Daily maintenance should also be performed. While exercising perspiration, or sweat, might drip onto the bike. This could cause damage to any electrical parts located on that area of the bike. Therefore, it is advised to always exercise with a towel handy to wipe up any drips or perspiration from yourself or a nearby refreshment. After using the exercise bike, wiping it down with a clean damp towel will prevent the dust and other indoor dangers from affecting your exercise bike.

Workout Advantages of an Exercise Bike

There are many advantages to buying the commonly advertised all-in-one gym systems, but what they don’t include is that stressing your body numerous times in different directions without the proper warm up and conditions can cause serious injuries. Using an exercise bike for your daily workout regime at home can save you money and pain. Many of the newer models have level restraints to how fast you are allowed to pedal, creating resistance, and being useful in calorie burning. They also come equipped with timers and calorie counters. By using these timers and calorie counters you can set a certain goal each day and meet it within a set time period without worrying or wasting time with changing positions, move bars around, or completely transforming your equipment.

Exercise Bikes Emotional Benefits

Several people find it discouraging to travel back and forth to a gym just to be around people who are thinner, more fit, or healthier than they are. While discouraged, they may quit attending that gym or stop exercising in public. The availability of exercise bikes takes away from the discouragement of feeling embarrassed or the disappointment of having someone review your fitness record and scold you for showing bad marks. The emotional stress lessens when your surroundings are more familiar. In the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy riding your personal exercise bike without feeling as if all eyes are on you or watching the clock eager to leave. More people are keeping their exercise routine ongoing if done at home than those who purchase gym memberships and attend fitness facilities.

Using an Exercise Bike to Change Your Lifestyle

Exercising is not just a daily task for six months and then no longer needed. Keeping a healthy lifestyle means doing regular exercise for your entire life. Although this sounds time consuming, incorporating a workout, whether it be on an exercise bike or doing pushups, for fifteen to twenty minutes a day, every day, will improve your overall well being. Short-term results will be weight loss. However, long-term results will be a change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy life style.