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Welcome to our soft tip darts website that is dedicated to the game of soft tip darts. Here we have reviews of all of the major soft tip dart brands. We also have articles, news and rules related to the game soft tip darts.

Top 5 Best Soft Tip Darts Compared

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5 Soft Tip Darts Reviews

  1. Wolmund Soft Darts, 12 Pc Plastic Tipped Darts Set

Your dart game with the electric dart board will be much better with the Wolmund Soft Tip Dart Set that is made for dart lovers of all ages. Not only is this dart set well designed for maximum efficiency, but it is also made of high-quality materials. Precisely crafted for better grip and effective flight, the Wolmund Soft Dart Set makes it much easier for you to be more accurate in your dart games.

The well-known Wolmund brand of professional darts come in various weights from 16 grams to 20 grams, which are suitable for your game.      Each dart is made of a premium soft tip and a brass barrel that is steel plated for excellent balance and style. The shaft of the Wolmund dart is convex and made of aluminum and polypro flights, along with grooves and knurling that are placed strategically for the best grip and flight control. As with most darts, you would need to ensure that the neck of the Wolmund darts is tightened, and the flights are not frayed or split as you use them.

Highlighted Features

  • The package consists of twelve pieces of elastic 18 grams darts, twenty-four anti-loosening rings, forty-eight dart flights (both slim and standard) and one hundred and twenty dart replacement safety tips;
  • Premium quality darts that can be used by professionals and beginners of whatever skills level, suitable for bar or pub style dart boards, durable and reliable;
  • Darts are designed for higher speed and smooth flight, no drag or resistance;
  • The darts are made of high-quality materials that are subjected to stringent quality checks.
  1. Viper Dart Accessory: Tufflex III 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points

You won’t have to stress over lost, broken or worn dart tips ever again, once you have the Viper 2BA Tufflex III soft dart tips. With these solid dart tips, you have a set of reliable replacements for dart points that have gone bad. Each dart tip comes with a cone that is reinforced to withstand the force created by a 20-gram dart. Every dart tip is one ¼ inch long (the tread is excluded). Another useful feature is that the Tufflex III is designed to allow a tight and secure fit and easy removal thanks to its locking hole.

If you have 2BA corkscrew threads on your darts, then these soft tip dart points are perfect for them. For a 1000 pack of Tufflex III expect to pay an unbeatable price. These set of soft dart tips are not only durable, but they are also shock absorbent.

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable and strong thanks to its reinforced cone made to absorb the force of a 20-gram dart;
  • Tips can be easily removed and securely fitted with a locking hole;
  • Every soft dart point tip is one ¼ inch long without the thread;
  • The Viper Tufflex Tips are dart points that have soft tips which can match any dart with corkscrew threads that are 2BA in size.
  1. Wolftop 12 Pack Soft Tip Darts 17 Grams

If you are looking for soft tip darts for a bargain, then the Wolf top 12 Pack Soft Tip Darts are just the product for you. Once you get over the initial disappointment that a few of these darts bend after a few throws, or that you have to tighten them a few times, you will enjoy using them in your dart game.

The Wolf top soft tip darts are made of PET material and weigh in at less than a gram each. Not surprising for darts that are around 1.73 inches or 44 mm long and 1.42 inches or 36 mm wide. With aluminum shafts that weigh 1 ½ grams and are 1.89 inches or 48 mm long, you should expect some level of durability. It is compatible with 2BA sockets. You might also love that each soft tip dart features a black coated barrel weighing 15 grams and measuring 1.97 inches or 50 mm long. Each package comes with 12 soft tip darts and 36 dart points. You also have four styles of flights in this package.

Highlighted Features

  • 2BA Aluminum dart shafts are not easy to break, making them quite durable;
  • Premium quality black coated steel barrels allow for excellent balance and one of a kind styles;
  • Improve your control over your Wolf top darts with their strategically positioned groove and knurling;
  • The Wolf top soft tip dart set comes with 2BA dart point, and the additional 36 pieces of replacement soft tips are sufficient for long-term use;
  • The twelve-pack plastic tip darts are packaged in a jar to make them easy to carry around and to use.
  1. MAXMAU 18 pcs of Soft Tip Darts 10g Slim for Electronic Dartboard

For a fun family night of darts with your friends and loved ones, depend on the Maxmau soft tip darts made especially for the electronic dartboard. Each package comes with eighteen dart barrels, dart shafts, flights, and plastic tips. These darts are around 139mm, and the barrel is 7mm in diameter.

While the Maxmau darts are not the type you would use in a professional tournament, they are suitable for fun and games in a private setting. Expect a few broken darts or loose or torn flights when you use these soft tip darts. Replacements are, however, not hard or expensive to get. Simply re-order from your supplier.

Highlighted Features

  • The dart barrel knurling is coated to make it skid-proof;
  • You can easily replace the shaft of the soft tip dart as well as the dart flights;
  • The Maxmau soft tip darts are designed as standard 2BA threading to accept both the shaft and the soft tips;
  • The nylon shafts are flexible so that they are easier to handle;
  • Darts do not weigh much and are suitable for dart players of different skill levels.
  1. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart 16 Dart Flights 200 Dart Soft Tip Points Electronic Dartboard

Amateur dart enthusiasts will get a kick out of the GWHOLE soft tip dart set that is made especially for dart fans of all ages. Designed with precision barrels to allow a better grip when throwing, the GWHOLE dart also provides excellent movement through the air thanks to its traditional core flights. You have the choice among various weights with 18 grams whenever you buy the GWHOLE dart.

Not only do these soft tip darts provide excellent flight, but they offer superior balance. You will also love the premium quality barrels that are nickel silver plated. Each dart also features grooves and knurling that are placed strategically for excellent gripping points. Enjoy greater control over your dart game and bullseye accuracy with flights specially made to reduce drag and increase speed.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft tip darts weigh 18 grams
  • Dart set comes with four styles of flights;
  • Improved control with grooves and knurling that are placed strategically;
  • You will enjoy competing with these darts that are made for a perfect flight and feel;
  • Dart package consists of twelve soft darts, sixteen dart flights and two hundred plastic soft tip points.

Fundamental Throwing Techniques in the Game of Darts

The actual throw is the most important part of a very good dart board player. However, most players don’t examine this fundamental element of their dart game. Most people go with what seems most relaxing without thinking about how they could be destroying their dart game. The next occasion that you are throwing darts, have a more detailed check at exactly how other folks throw darts. Several rock forward and backward, several lunge forward with every single toss, many throw rapidly and without a follow-through, and others stabilize on a single foot.

Each and every throw is distinctive, but here are couple of things to consider prior to deciding to formulate your own dart throw:

Correct alignment

The first thing to a superior throw will be aligning your shoulder, elbow and hand in a straight line. All three need to aim at the board. Some people move their elbow slightly to the left or to the right based on individual choice, but don’t go too far in such a movement as it can grow into terrible mechanics.

Continual throwing action

The perfect tossing movement is just like how you would swing a hammer. Utilizing your elbow, hand and wrist for speed and your shoulder for help. As you extend your arm the elbow should rise up and produce the drive necessary to speed the dart towards the dartboard.

Holding the dart

Don’t hold the dart sideways from the outset of your toss. To attain a top amount of proficiency at darts almost all non-essential motions ought to be lessened or averted. Maintain your darts balanced and aimed straight at the board.

Balanced posture

A solid center of balance is vital to the toss. Whatever you do, be sure that you are nicely balanced while throwing. Leaning or rocking is typically a poor idea because it makes the dart board not only a compact target, but a shifting target.


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