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10 Best Soft Tip Darts Reviews

1. Harrows Andy Arrows Chromed Brass

Harrows Andy Arrows Chromed Brass soft tip darts are part of the Andy Arrows collection featuring cartoon character Andy Capp. Featuring chromed brass barrels and nylon shafts, these darts are durable and best for the money.

You choose the weight as the come in either 16 or 18 grams. Also included are the aerodynamic dimplex flights and a slim pack carrying case. These darts are affordable in price, but do not lack quality. These Andy Arrows are made by Harrows, who have long produced quality and precision made darts. If you are new to soft tip darts, these may be the darts for you.

2. Harrows Assassin

Harrows Assassin soft tip darts are very sleek and pin point. The darts feature a 80/20 tungsten barrel that come with a chromed brass finish. The anodized aluminum shafts and high-tech graphite flights are standard issue on these darts. You choose the weight as the come in 16, 17, 18 and 20 grams.

These Assassin darts will make short work of your opponent and are some of the best affordable soft tip darts on the market. A slim case is included with the set as well. These darts are made by Harrows, who have over 35 years experience in manufacturing precision darts equipment in England. Kill the competition with these Assassins at your next match.

3. Viper Sure Grip

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts come with barrels made of nickel and interchangeable colored sleeves. The sleeves are non-slip to give you added control of the darts. The aluminum shafts are lightweight and the darts use 2BA soft dart tips.

These Viper darts are vailable in 16 or 18 grams of weight.your choice of weights and come with a handy carrying case. The choice of barrel colors are blue, black, orange, green, pink, red, yellow and purple. These Viper Sure Grip Darts are made by GLD Products who have been making and distributing family gaming products for over 30 years. These soft tip Viper darts are great for any type of dart player, regardless of experience level.

4. GLD Aristocrat

GLD Aristocrat soft tip darts can fit every players soft tip needs. The darts feature a 80/20 tungsten barrel that come either knurled or with a choice 8 or 20 rings. Complete with aluminum shafts, they come in only a weight of 16 grams.

Perfect for those who prefer a lighter dart. These soft tip Aristocrat darts are a favorite with beginner darters, as well as the more experienced players. A hangsell case and 2BA dart tips are also included. These darts are manufactured by GLD, a leader in quality dart making. Throw these soft tip darts at your next match and hit the bullseye.

5. Viper Cheyenne

Viper Cheyenne soft tip darts will make you the chief of any dart game. These darts have 80/20 color-coated tungsten barrels and shafts made of aluminum. These darts come in only 18 grams for the dart player who enjoys a heavier feeling dart. These darts use the 2BA dart tips and come with extra flights, extra shafts, and a handy dart mechanic wrench. Made in the USA by Viper, a division of GLD, who know dart construction and design. Scalp your opponent with the Cheyenne soft tips at your next game.

6. Viper Super Bee

Viper Super Bee Soft Tip Darts come with genuine brass barrels and have a slim design for better grip. The lightweight aluminum shafts ensure maximum control and the darts use 2BA soft dart tips. These Viper Super Bee darts are available in only a weight of 16 grams. They also come complete with come with a clam-shell carrying case. These Viper Super Bee Darts are made by GLD Products who have been making great family gaming products for over 30 years. These soft tip Viper Super Bee darts are great for any type of dart thrower. They give a consistent flight pattern and are ideal for people with small hands.

7. Bottelsen Nemesis

Bottelsen Nemesis Soft Tip Darts are made of 90% Tungsten and come with a .25-inch coarse barrel for firm grip. The shaft on these darts are an anodized aluminum shaft. They are finished in black steal and are very stylish. Bottelsen Nemesis darts come in only 18 gram weight for a heaveier feel. These darts come complete with a faux alligator carrying case as well. These darts are made by the Bottelsen Dart Company, who have long made quality steel and soft tip darts. They darts are manufactured in the USA and are great for experienced or novice players.

8. Bottelsen Hammer Head

Bottelsen Hammer Head Soft Tip Darts have barrels made of 90% Tungsten and come with 3 sections of Thrust Cut for a more secure grip. They feature a spinning shaft for better accuracy. These Hammer Head soft tip darts weigh 18 grams and are very durable. They use the standard 2BA tips. The set comes complete with a faux alligator carrying case. These soft tip Hammer Head darts are made in the USA by the Bottelsen Dart Company. Bottelsen is one of the respected leaders in soft tip dart manufacturing. These darts are for beginner and serious player alike.

9. Laserdarts Silver Widow

The Laserdart Silver Widow soft tip darts are made of high-density tungsten and have a smooth silver coating for a friction free release. The come with grooved or ringed grips as well. The Silver Widow soft tips come equipped with Spider Leg shafts which are four high tensile strength wires that are anchored in an aluminum base and covered with heat shrunk rubber to firmly hold the dart flight. They come in gram weights of 16, 18 and 20 and are slightly front weighted for an accurate flight. These are top of the line darts darts and are perfect for both beginners and pros. From bar darts to tournament darts, you can not go wrong with Silver Widow soft tip darts from Laserdart.

10. Laserdarts Gold Widow

LaserDarts Gold Widow soft tip darts will make you look at throw like a pro. The darts feature a gold coated 90/10 tungsten barrel that come either knurled or unknurled for your dart grip needs. The spider leg aluminum shafts help keep a firm grip on the flight for super control. They come in weights of 16, 18, or 20 grams depending on your needs. A deluxe dart pal is included with these Gold Widows that has extra dart flights, extra 2BA tips, extra shafts, and a dart mechanic wrench. They are made by Laser Darts, an industry leader in the dart for over twenty years. Take your soft tip dart game to the next level with the Gold Widow.

Fundamental Throwing Techniques in the Game of Darts

The actual throw is the most important part of a very good dart player. However, most players don’t examine this fundamental element of their dart game. Most people go with what seems most relaxing without thinking about how they could be destroying their dart game. The next occasion that you are throwing darts, have a more detailed check at exactly how other folks throw darts. Several rock forward and backward, several lunge forward with every single toss, many throw rapidly and without a follow-through, and others stabilize on a single foot.

Each and every throw is distinctive, but here are couple of things to consider prior to deciding to formulate your own dart throw:

Correct alignment

The first thing to a superior throw will be aligning your shoulder, elbow and hand in a straight line. All three need to aim at the board. Some people move their elbow slightly to the left or to the right based on individual choice, but don’t go too far in such a movement as it can grow into terrible mechanics.

Continual throwing action

The perfect tossing movement is just like how you would swing a hammer. Utilizing your elbow, hand and wrist for speed and your shoulder for help. As you extend your arm the elbow should rise up and produce the drive necessary to speed the dart towards the dartboard.

Holding the dart

Don’t hold the dart sideways from the outset of your toss. To attain a top amount of proficiency at darts almost all non-essential motions ought to be lessened or averted. Maintain your darts balanced and aimed straight at the board.

Balanced posture

A solid center of balance is vital to the toss. Whatever you do, be sure that you are nicely balanced while throwing. Leaning or rocking is typically a poor idea because it makes the dart board not only a compact target, but a shifting target.


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