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Scissors are a deceptively simple tool, and very few take the time and effort to understand that not all pairs of scissors are created equal. This is even true when it comes to fabric scissors. Crafters know that there are different pairs of fabric scissors for different situations, and will use all the information at their disposal to make a good decision on what kind of fabric scissors are necessary.

The following pairs of fabric scissors will contain this kind of information to allow you to make a good decision on getting a pair, as opposed to just getting a pair of fabric scissors, not knowing exactly what kind you need.

Top 5 Fabric Scissors

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Here are 5 professional fabric scissors Reviews

1. Singer 561 8 and ½ inch Professional series scissors heavy duty bent

Sometimes it is necessary to cut through multiple layers of fabric. When a situation calls for this, the Singer fabric scissors is an available option. They are extremely strong, being able to cut through up to 20 sheets of paper or 6 sheets of cardboard. They are also small, being 8 and ½ inches, meaning it is possible to cut through very thick materials with precision. These qualities make it a very good option for when it is necessary to cut through small but thick layers. One thing that may turn users off is the way the grip is constructed. Although it looks comfortable enough, consider how small the blade is.

It is simply not possible to use the Singer fabric scissors for long periods of time, especially if you have bigger hands. Also, the size does not truly lend itself to cutting cardboard. They are strong enough, but it is very rare to encounter a piece of cardboard that only requires a pair of scissors that are less than nine inches to cut. And keep in mind, the blade itself is much shorter than 8 and ½ inches. The grip accounts for roughly half of the total length, which means the blade is only four or so inches. All things considered, the Singer fabric scissors are ideal for precision cutting.

2. Westcott 13901 8 inch Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors, Grey/Yellow, 2 pack

Because the blades of the Westcott fabric scissors are made of titanium, making sure that they are sharp is never going to be a real issue. To say that they are strong would be an understatement, as it is possible to cut through small bones with the blade. It is also very easy to wash and are rust resistant, due to the fact that they are made of titanium. The Westcott scissors will last very long, and they come in a pack of two pairs, which means there is a backup ready in case one pair is lost or stolen.

The blade needs to be discussed. It is only three inches long, meaning that cutting through long pieces of material is not ideal with the Westcott scissors. However, that is not entirely true, as the grip on the pair is unusually big and is larger than even the blade. This means that it is indeed possible to keep cutting for a long period of time without any wear on the hands. But because the blade is so small, precision cutting is also very possible and easy.

3. Gingher 8 inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Any tailor will say that precision cutting is at the core of their craft. The Gingher shears are specifically designed for precision cutting and should only be used for precision cutting. Like most fabric scissors, it is eight inches long, with the blade being roughly four inches long. One thing that separates the Gingher shears from other scissors is the grip. While it is bent, it is not made of plastic and are very small. This allows for efficient precision cutting, which is absolutely necessary for cutting out patterns and trimming seams.

The knife edge also assists in this. While it is possible to cut through multiple layers with the Gingher shears, it is much better when used on thinner layers for the simple fact that the blade is so small. While the knife edge does provide a very smooth cut on thinner layers, it is questionable as to if it can provide an equally smooth cut on multiple layers. This is because of the simple fact that there is more to cut on a thicker layer, and a knife edge may not be powerful enough to cut through multiple layers while also allowing the cut to be precise.

4. Lotor Pinking Shears, 9.3 Inches Handled Professional Stainless Steel Dressmaking Sewing Craft Scissors (Serrated)

The use of serrated shears are quite rare, even in the world of tailoring and dressmaking. However, they are still a necessary part of any tailor’s inventory as certain things require serrated shears. . While it is possible to cut with precision with the P. Lotor shears, they are designed for cutting through long pieces of fabric. This is because the blade is much longer than most fabric shears, measuring at 4.6 inches. The joint is ball bearing, which does allow a smoother cut. Because of this, they periodically need to be oiled.

While this is a negligible task, it is worth mentioning. Additionally, just because they are serrated and have a longer blade does not mean they are stronger than any other pair of fabric shears. Although they can cut through a fair amount of layers, they are chiefly designed for smaller layers. The fact that they are serrated can confuse people into thinking that the P. Lotor shears are much stronger than most shears but this is not true. It is also not clear about that they are for both hands. The blades are not reversible, so the P. Lotor shears may cause problems for left handed users. However, the grips are made of rubber, making them really comfortable and making it easy to cut things for a long time.

5. Fiskars 192980-1001 Forged Scissors, 8 Inch

One common problem with any kind of scissors, let alone scissors that are designed for fabrics, is that oftentimes the handle doesn’t lend itself to cut with precision. The Fiskars scissors have addressed this very common design flaw. While most pairs of scissors do have a bent handle design, this design is much more pronounced with the Fiskars pair. It is possible to lay it perfectly flat against the handle. This offers more precision than most other pairs of scissors. The length of the blade is roughly four inches, which is very common.

Combining this with the design, it is possible to cut through a lot of fabric for long periods as well without discomfort. One thing that is questionable about the Fiskars shears is the sharpness of the blade. While it can be manually sharpened, this brings into question exactly what it can cut and how long the blade can last before it needs to be sharpened. The reason why this is questionable is because most other scissors do not mention that they are able to be sharpened. Does this mean that the Fiskars shears will last longer because they can be sharpened or does it mean that the other brands are so strong because they cannot be sharpened? This is a gray area for the Fiskars shears.


It is important to understand that there are different scissors for different situations. While it is true that most pairs of scissors can cut through the same kinds of materials, the important thing is to understand the design and blade length. Knowing all of the details of the design and and length of the blade on a pair of scissors will give you all the information you need on whether a pair of scissors can cut for precision or can cut things for a long period of time without discomfort.


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