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One of the most astonishing things to see are dye decorations on fabric. From logos to symbols, to other kinds of art, fabric dye has been a staple in making plain clothing. However, the process of creating works of art on fabric using dyes can be complicated. Many things go into the process of using dye on fabric and there are a lot of things to consider, like how it is applied, what kind of material is necessary to apply it, how it dries, and if it can be removable in the event of a mistake. The following fabric dyes will be analyzed with these in mind.

Top 5 Fabric Dye

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Here are 5 Fabric Dye Reviews

1. Jacquiard Indigo Tye Dye Kit (Mini)

Indigo blue is a pretty common color of dye, and it is possible to dye almost anything with the color. The Jacquiard dye kit contains roughly 20g of dye and 250g of reducing agent. This allows at least 15 shirts or 15 yards of fabric to be dyed. It comes with virtually all you need to begin creating great indigo dyes on any fabric: A pair of gloves to mix the dye, wooden sticks to spread the dye and create designs with it, as well as an instruction book with available dye patterns to copy. This is one of the best things about it, as it reduces the time and energy spent on gathering materials. The only additional required materials are a bucket and a tool for mixing the dye.

The downside to all this is that the Jacquiard dye kit comes in one color and one color only: Indigo blue. So if you are interested in creating dye creations of more than one color, this fabric dye kit will obviously not be able to do this. Additionally, while there is enough dye for 15 yards of fabric, do not expect a real deep blue dye if you are indeed using Jacquiard fabric dye on multiple articles of clothing or across a very long piece of fabric. The more the dye is spread out, the less color the finished product will have.

2. Rit All-Purpose Powder Dye, Navy Blue

Darker dyes are not something that many are used to, but Rit has navy blue fabric dyes available for anyone who needs to dye a piece of clothing a darker color. Because it is powder dye, there is not as much mixing required. In fact, just putting the dye on a selected piece of fabric and then washing it is generally all that is necessary. The simplicity of the dyeing process that this provides is probably the best thing about Rit fabric dye. However, there is a very small amount of dye in the package.

There is only enough dye for three yards of fabric. Additionally, some users have reported that the dye sometimes finishes out to a purple color rather than navy blue. There is also the issue of using it in a washing machine. The dye powder runs the risk of staining future items to be washed, since dye is very strong, powder dye in particular. One thing that can be done to address this is to take the same approach as any other form of dye, by soaking it into a bucket. Users have dyed things with Rit fabric dye using this method with similar results.

3. Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye, Black 8 oz

The process of applying a dye to a fabric usually entails mixing the solution with water then applying it on the fabric you wish to dye. However, direct liquid fabric dye also exists. The Rit liquid fabric dye is pre-dissolved liquid, making it similar to paint. Like with powder dye, it produces the best results when the dyed fabrics are placed in a washing machine. But it can also be directly used on materials as well. Like powder dye, it is very simple to use and that is what makes Rit liquid fabric dye so great. That being said, there are a few things to watch out for.

First, because it is so strong, it can possibly stain the washing machine the dyed fabric is placed in. To prevent this, rinse the washing machine with vinegar to prevent stains from developing in the first place. This is one thing that makes Rit liquid fabric dye less than perfect. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that using too little dye could actually not be enough dye to produce the black pigment on the fabric. The same can be said if you decide to apply this dye to too many fabrics. To get the most out of this dye, it is recommended to only use it on 1-2 pieces of clothing, which may not be enough for some.

4. Rit All-Purpose Powder Dye, Dark Green

Powder dyes are quickly being established as the most common way to dye any piece of fabric without much complication. Rit’s dark green powder dye is one of many colors it offers, and is very simple to apply to any piece of fabric. One of the best things about the dark green Rit powder dye that not many know about is that it can can be mixed with other dyes. It is possible to combine this particular fabric dye color with other colors to allow more diversity in their creations on fabrics. It is something that is simply not possible with other forms of fabric dyes. It can also dye more than just fabric.

It can also dye harder surfaces such as wood and cork. Most people think that a washing machine and a washing machine only is the only way to dye something, but with the Rit powder dye, it is possible to combine the powder with water in a pot or a bucket. The main issue comes in the temperature of the water. It must be really cold. This is not a major problem if using a washing machine to apply the dye, but it could be an issue when using a different thing to apply it. If the water temperature is not cold enough, the color will be unusually light.

5. Jacquiard IDYE-459 iDye Fabric Dye 14 Grams-Turquoise

Different than most fabric dyes that come in some kind of solution that needs to be physically mixed in with fabric, the Jacquiard iDye comes in a packet with dissolvable solution in it. It dyes objects by using boiling water. Place the packet in a pot of boiling water along with the fabric you wish to dye and the dissolvable packet will dye the item. This drastically reduces the mess that is commonly made by other forms of dyes, and it also means that because there is no washing machine involved, there is no risk of staining a washing machine with dye solution.

There are two possible pitfalls of using the Jacquiard iDye to dye things to look out for. First, because it is in a dissolvable packet, it is only capable of dyeing one thing at a time. So for anybody who wants to dye a lot of things, this particular dye is not an option. Second, there is a risk of wrinkling the fabric you place in the pot of boiling water needed to dye. A piece of clothing that is compact in a pot typically does not have a lot of breathing room, and could wrinkle easily.


There are numerous ways to dye things, and different solutions and different methods work for different materials that you wish to dye. One of the best things to do when deciding to dye something is to plan things out. Using this list, determine what you need to dye, why you want to dye it, and what method you want to use that will make things easiest for you. Then, using this list as a guide, get the dye that you need. This will make the process of applying dye to something much easier than if a plan was not made.


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