Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

best exercise bike to lose weight

Before I get to my best exercise bike reviews, here’s how to pick the best exercise bike, starting with the types of exercise bikes.

Types of Exercise Bikes

So, you know you want to get an exercise bike for your home. First, you have to know the basic. Below is a quick guide on the different types of an exercise bike to get you started:

There are basically three types of exercise bikes.

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes

One of the most popular among users because of its high level of comfort, ease of use, the durability and the high quality components. Due to the semi-reclined position, the workout that you will get is low impact. The back seat is usually Additionally, it is mainly quiet even if you pedal at a high speed.

Some major features include: LCD Display, high resistance system, self-balancing pedals, easy adjustable straps on the pedals and oversize seat with flexible height adjustments. If you are short of space, look out for foldable recumbent exercise bikes.

Who needs it?
It’s especially catered for people who just had an operation and need physical therapy as well as people who suffer from back or knee problems. This is because you don’t need to climb over the low level seat or bend your legs too much as the pedals are placed in front of you.

Athletes who need cross training will also benefit from this because your joints will experience little impact or pressure while your back is thoroughly supported. All in all, a recumbent bike makes a friction-free, life-long exercise machine.


  • High level of comfort
  • Durable
  • High quality components.
  • For people who need physical therapy
  • For people who suffer from back or knee problems
  • For athletes who need cross training

Upright Exercise Bikes

This provides you a similar feeling of riding a bicycle outside. In fact, it will give you the same workout that you will get from a regular bike. One such example is the different tension settings available just like normal bikes. The height is similar to a normal bicycle that you would use outside.

Some standard major features to look out for: 50 to 51 inches of height for the seat, various exercise programs, magnetic resistance system, LCD Computer display with a full workout statistic.

Who needs it?
This is specially catered for experienced cyclists and advanced users if you are interested in enhancing your physical performance.

As this is a traditional bike, you are seated upright while cycling. This means you’ve got to have a strong back and it’s not really for those with groin and joint problems (there is a lot of pressure placed on your knees).

It is for those who want a good lower-body and cardiovascular workout. Also, if you have limited space, this is the bike to get. Remember, if you’re thinking of getting this upright exercise bike, always seek advice from the doctor first!


  • Similar feel to outdoor riding
  • Similar height to normal bicycle
  • Upright seat
  • For those who want a good lower-body and cardiovascular workout
  • For those who have limited space

Dual Action Exercise Bikes

This is one bike that gives you an added bonus compared to normal bikes. Mostly upright bikes but the arm handles have movable bars. As the name itself suggest, the dual action is in utilizing your arms and legs together. You can get a healthy sweat after a full-body workout while sitting down comfortably. So, you are not just toning your lower body but also upper body.

The good part is if you’re not feeling like exercising all the parts of your body, you can choose not to use the dual action handlebars. This means you can forgo the arm movements for the more traditional pedaling motion of a bike.

Who needs it?
Those who want a greater aerobic intensity and full body workout simultaneously. The similarity to the recumbent bikes is the low-impact exercise that will not hurt your joints! Physical therapist usually use this dual action exercise bikes for a gentle exercise on the upper back and neck muscles to recuperate from injuries.


  • Mostly upright bikes
  • Movable bars
  • For those who want to tone both lower and upper body.


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