best broiler pan for steaks

Frying on a usual pan cannot give you healthy food because on that way food loses vitamins and other healthy components. But broiler pan can save you from this trouble. Because usually, the food preparing without oil and it, of course, more healthy than on usual pan with oil.
A broiler pan truly is an important part of any kitchen and deserves your interest and attention.
It’s definitely a great idea to check out some of the different pans of the type to determine if it makes sense to buy one.

5 Best Broiler Pan Reviews

  • General Electric WB48X10056 Large Broiler Pan and Rack, 12-3/4 x 16-1/2-Inch
  • Nordic Ware Toaster Oven 2-Piece Broiler Set
  • Granite Ware Bake, Broil, and Grill Pan, 3-Piece Set
  • Norpro Stainless Steel Broil / Roast Pan Set
  • Frigidaire 5304442087 Range/Stove/Oven Broiler Pan

How to Select a Broiler Pan?

To the extent a person happens to be in the market for a brand new broiler pan, several things should be taken into consideration to help ensure getting the best deal possible. There are no fixed rules as to what should be considered before making this type of purchase. However, the vast majority of people who have had to shop for a pan of this kind typically focus on three basic criteria.

Breakage and Corrosion Resistant

Most people don’t really like spending a lot of time shopping for things that are constantly breaking or becoming useless. It is for this reason that the majority of people who are in the market for this kind of pan will usually insist that it is made of the high quality material that’s impervious to corrosion and breakage.

The Price

Second, the broiler pan needs to be priced right. More often than not, people who insist on the highest quality understand that they will have to pay a little bit more to get that quality. That being said, it’s also critical for most people, but they get a pan of this kind for a reasonable price. It’s important to remember, the quality often comes at a slightly higher price.

Low Maintenance Required

Third, people don’t want to have to do a lot of extra work to maintain the pan. It’s not unusual for certain products to require a high degree of maintenance. Given the fact that so many people have very busy lives, this can be problematic. Nobody likes the idea of having to spend extra time that could otherwise be spent with friends and family doing things to help maintain the overall usefulness and quality of a particular product. In this regard, the high-quality broiler pan will be perfect because not a lot of extra work needs to be done to maintain its usefulness.

Suitable for Regular Use

People want a pan that works. Appropriate pots and pans should be available. That is why it makes sense to analyze everything contained in one’s kitchen to determine whether or not the right things are in place. It’s best to do this before there is an actual need.

Different Types of Broiler Pans

Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

A stainless steel roasting pan is known to both cooks and foodies alike as the turkey bearer during thanksgiving. In fact, in many homes, the roasting pan is taken out only during this particular holiday and sometimes during selected special occasions. This is a limited view of the function of your roasting pan, which can do so much more if allowed to. The beauty of using a stainless steel pan is that it does not interact with a variety of foods, thus, giving you so many options to work with.

The following are ways of how you can extend the use of your stainless steel roasting pan:

Roasted vegetables will a delicious side dish make. The secret to this healthy but tasty dish even children will love lies in the processes of evaporation as well as caramelization. Wash the vegetables and allow them to dry thoroughly. Cut them in sizeable chunks. Try a different combination of herbs and spices. Top it off with olive oil. Preheat your oven to your desired temperature, but you can go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The low edges of your roasting pan will allow air to flow around. Cook your vegetables in the oven until nicely browned.

The perfect way of roasting beef. There are a number of pitfalls in cooking roast beef you need to avoid to prevent from having a meal fiasco. First, you need to ensure that your meat is fresh. This means not being refrigerated for more than fourteen days. Properly defrost your beef by allowing it to thaw in the fridge. Do not soak it in water to hasten the process as the meat will loose its flavor as well as its nutrients. Season your beef using a variety of spices. Place your beef in a stainless steel roasting pan with its fat side up. If you are to cook your beef in a stovetop, be sure to use a thermometer to achieve the degree of doneness you want. This is not a problem if you cook your beef in the oven. A temperature range of 120 to 125 will have rare roast beef; 126 to 140, medium rare; and 141 to 150, medium; and 151 to 170 will have well done roast beef.

Making roast chicken, you can substitute for turkey. Sometimes you just want to have a taste of thanksgiving dinner other times of the year. Because turkey can be quite expensive, roasting chicken can serve as its alternative. To have a near-turkey tasting roast chicken, use fresh chicken and give it some time to thaw. The secret to a delicious roast chicken is to apply melted butter all throughout especially in the area of the chicken breast and its skin.

Learn to experiment with the use of your stainless steel roasting pan. This ensures that you will not only have healthy but delicious meals every time. Eventually, you will develop a mix of ingredients you and your family will love. Try out different combinations of meat and vegetables as well as herbs and spices.

Shallow Roasting Pan

Tender and succulent meat with a distinctive flavor can only be made possible with the use of a shallow roasting pan. This makes the cookware a must-have in any kitchen. Other advantages afforded by a roasting pan are easy to access and removal of foods being prepared as well as versatility to control the cooking temperature. For people who love to showcase their cooking prowess, a roasting pan is your ticket to an entertaining show your guests will never forget.
Before reaping the above benefits, however, is the challenge of selecting the right shallow roasting pan. The following are qualities you need to look for in a roasting pan from all the available brands:

The heavier the roasting pot, the better. In fact, if you can’t seem to carry the roasting pan, then you have a winner. Weight in your roasting pan ensures that it stays warp resistant despite constant exposure to extreme heat.

The material of which the roasting pan is made of decides what you can and can’t cook. For pots with restaurant quality and feel, those made of stainless steel are the best. These pots are also the least reactive to all types of food especially the acidic ones. For the best heat conductors, anodized and heavy-gauge aluminum roasting pans should be your primary choice. Take note, however, not to cook food with high pH such as those dishes with tomato sauce as an ingredient, for a prolonged period.

If you can use the roasting pan in the oven, then you can do anything with it. Cooking in the oven allows you to test the highest temperature it can possibly withstand. When your roasting pan can surpass this oven test without getting hot spots, then the stovetop is an easy alternative.

Evenness in the surface makes for a uniformly cooked food. Try to check whether the shallow roasting pan is even all throughout from the side to the bottom. Make sure that it is not bottom bonded as this will not distribute the heat evenly. For instance, when cooking meat you will have some parts well done with others uncooked and overcooked depending on where the heat is concentrated.

No to non-stick pans, which limit your cooking options. For one, you can’t subject a non-stick roasting pan to high temperature because it can easily be damaged. If your roasting pan does survive, you are faced with a hard to scrub a layer of food. Another reason why a non-stick pan would never do is that you just won’t be able to deglaze anymore. Any good cook knows that the best way to make a sauce is through deglazing.

Lastly, you can turn to reviews and customer ratings to find out which specific brands of roasting pan are hot and which are not. Reviews and ratings are based on real experiences of customers, who have used a particular brand of roasting pan in a day to day cooking. Try to read more negative reviews than positive ones about shallow roasting pan brands.

Cast Iron Grill Pan

The importance of evenly distributed heat when cooking is the underlying reason why cast iron cookware has risen in popularity since their discovery more than hundreds of years ago. From cauldrons, pots, and pans, people have found ways to use cast iron in cooking utensils. Today, when you mention cast iron, a cooking utensil commonly associated with it is your grill pan. Cast iron grill pan has become an all-time favorite cookware because of the array of tasty, greaseless foods that can be prepared using it.

Because a food lover’s kitchen is never without a cast iron grill pan, below are best tips in its use:


Ideally, before using the grill pan, it should be seasoned first to make it stick and rust resistant. This usually involves coating a layer of vegetable oil, more preferable, or animal fat on the grill pan with the use of a brush for evenness. For half an hour, you need to bake the pan empty. Allow the pan to cool, then wipe the grease. The last step is to rinse the pan in soap and water, and it is ready for use. With long-time use, the better seasoned your grill pan will be. The specific method of seasoning a grill pan is usually detailed in your cookware packaging. Reminder: if you have an enamel-coated grill pan, seasoning is often not needed anymore.


Following the right way of cleaning your cast iron grill pan adds more years to its life. Rather than placing your grill pan in the dishwasher or soaking it in soap and water, it is best to rinse it using hot soapy water. For hard to clean grill pan, you can scrub it with a brush. Drying the pan after washing can prevent it from rusting.


There are a variety of foods you can prepare with a grill pan. You can cook all types of meat from chicken to beef and trust that the restaurant-like grill marks will be there every time. You can also cook paninis or your grilled bread. However, there are pans made explicitly for sandwich grilling that come with a presser.

The best tip in the use of your grill pan is to allow it to sufficiently heat up before cooking. If you are grilling on your stovetop, do not turn the heat to the highest level to prevent too much smoke. In addition, too high a heat will produce foods that are burned on the outside and uncooked on the inside. Because a grill pan can interact with acidic foods, it would be better to refrain from using it when you need to simmer acidic foods such as tomatoes. Lastly, because cast iron tends to absorb flavor, you should not grill your vegetables and meat in one pan. You can buy different pans for use in a variety of foods.

Grill pan made of cast iron offers a lot of advantages from the best tasting. Regarding health benefits, the material from which cast iron grill pan can give you a healthy dose of iron needed by your body to make red blood cells.

Broiler Pan Substitute

The number one enemy of people who love outdoor grilling is the weather. This is probably the reason why grill pans have been invented to give people a taste of their favorite barbecue in the middle of winter or on a rainy afternoon. Aside from the array of great tasting and economical recipes that can be cooked through grilling, it is always fun to get together with the rest of the family or friends for a cookout. The good news is that you can have a substitute for outdoor grill equipment with the use of a broiler pan. After all, the only difference between grilling and broiling is the source of heat. However, not all people have a broiler pan in their kitchen. Good thing is that you can use readily available cooking utensils as broiler pan substitute.

Below are the top utensils that can serve as broiler pan substitute:

Roasting pan. Because most kitchens have a roasting pan given the fact that thanksgiving is celebrated every year, you can use this for broiling. You can line the bottom of the roast pan with aluminum foil; or if you have a rack that fits in the pan, better use this. You can then place your meat on top of the foil or rack. Place your pan in the broiler section of your oven, and you will have perfectly broiled recipes whenever you want them. A more savory alternative is to line the bottom of the pan with your favorite vegetables. You can place the meat for broiling on top of them. Allow the oil from the meat to serve as the seasoning. You can then serve the vegetables as side dish.

Cookie sheet.

A second best broiler pan substitute is to use a cookie sheet. This is also a common cooking utensil in your kitchen especially if you have kids that love to raid the cookie jar every so often. You first have to make sure that the cookie jar can withstand high temperature up to 550 degrees. You can place the meat on top of the sheet for broiling. It would also be better if you have a rack to allow draining of the oil from the meat.

Cast iron pan.

If you don’t have the two utensils above, you can just use any pan made of cast iron. This cookware can be very heat resistant, which makes it ideal for broiling meat. However, you need to make sure first that the pan does not have plastic parts such as its handle, which can melt.

It is just a matter of using your creativity to finding the right cooking utensil you can use for broiling meat. The main consideration is its heat resistance because you can’t have well done meat if heat is not evenly distributed. However, if you much money to spare, you can always invest in a broiler pan rather than relying on a broiler pan substitute. There are a lot of avenues you can turn to when finding affordable but quality cookware.

Safety cooking with broiling pan

The broiler pan consist of two parts: a deeper (drip pan) and a slotted upper parts. Warning: broiling food to be cooked at very high temperatures and it enought to start a fire. You must be a ready, never do leave the room and have nearby a fire extinguisher. And if you cooking in forest or similar places, you need have sand or water for your and environment’s safety. Be safe!

Some secrets of broiling in broiler pan

One secret for not experienced housewives by knowledgeable people: if you don’t want to eat dry meat – you need to marinate the meat before broiling, it keep food from drying out. Prepared broiling food will be very tasty and healthy, because broiling pan save all useful substances of your chicken or other meat, vegetables and etc, what you need. It’s very easy, fast and tasty. Broiling pans will help you with cooking, because we understand, what it’s not easy know how to cook tasty food.


To get the very best deal possible when you decide to purchase a broiler pan, you can wait for the time of the year when various retailers have a lot of exclusive sales and discounts. A person can save a lot of money by taking advantage of these seasonal discounts.