Using a neti pot to practice nasal irrigation is a straightforward procedure. The key things to know are how to mix the saline solution and how to accurately position the head so as to allow for proper drainage of the nostrils. One should begin the procedure by mixing the saline solution. Most neti pots will require you to use about one-quarter teaspoon of un-iodized salt. Slowly add warm water and stir the saline mix until the pot is full. This is an extensive amount to use for most neti pots. It is important to remember that too little, as well as too much salt, will cause discomfort in the form of stinging.

Instruction on How to use a Neti Pot

The quantity of salt used could be adjusted to match the user’s preference. You ought to remember that in a commercial sense ready options are available and can be combined to carefully match the body’s regular saline content material. Newbies may choose packages until they have used the actual neti pot to feel comfortable with mixing their options.
When the favored combination is created, the consumer should prep the instant area through getting some tissue handy as well as maintain a hand towel prepared to help dry the face area. The user should start after that placement them instantly in front of a sink and bend ahead to keep the face above the sink bowl.

Begin the actual sinus eliminating process through placing the actual spout from the sinus container firmly towards one nostril as well as change the head slightly in the immediate from the pot. The actual spout should be fitted from the nostril securely so as to permit the water-tight seal to form. Within this instance, we will begin with the right nostril. Which means that the user may have the spout placed against the right nostril and is considered the best. So the right nostril is going to be higher than the remaining nostril. Slowly begin showing the actual container to permit the warm water to flow into the right nostril. You’ll have the water travel through the actual sinuses and begin circulation from the opposite nostril. Keeping the face area lower near to the sink can help prevent spilling because of the drinking water leaves. The whole volume of drinking water ought to be put into the nasal area from this side.

More Information On The Uses Of The Neti Pot

On this site, you will find tons of information on the various neti pots available. Various articles are available discussing how to use one, salt solutions to use and examples of different ones you can easily obtain. If you are unsure if you should use a neti pot you can always ask your doctor, but many western trained physicians are unaware of the many benefits of eastern medicine and may just roll their eyes at you when you mention this method of clearing your sinus and nasal passages.

Before using a neti pot, you should take heed that there are some dangers in using a neti pot that you should be well aware of. So, before engaging in the flushing out your sinuses and nasal passages, please acquaint yourself with the dangers thoroughly. But, I wouldn’t worry too much as thousands have safely and effectively used this method to help them get over cold or upper respiratory infections without complication.

It is also important to know that one of the pioneers in using neti pots is the Himalayan Institute which has tons of useful information as well. Take a look at the various articles posted here to get yourself acquainted with the intricacies of using a neti pot. It isn’t difficult at all so don’t worry if you have never tried one before. I hope you enjoy the information presented here.