Upright exercise bikes are one of the best choices for your home fitness program. Upright exercise bikes take a small amount of space while providing you with a great, calorie and fat burning workout.
Two of the finest brands of exercise bikes are Proform and Schwinn. They both make durable upright exercise bikes which last for years of exercise.
Upright exercise bikes are filled with great features.

The Proform 380 CSX Gaming Upright Exercise Bike Features

Interactive Games Add-ons

The 380 CSX includes a series of interactive games you can play while pedaling. The games are designed to push you to exercise harder to win. It even includes a music port for plugging in your iPod, to get that motivating music thumping while you burn off the calories. The most important part of these upright stationary bikes is not the fun and games, but the fitness machine underneath. The Proform includes digital adjustment of your resistance, making it easy to adjust exactly to the level of resistance you want. With the large comfortable seat, secure pedals, and many levels of resistance, it can give you that great workout you want.

Double Resistance Method

From the Schwinn lineup, you could choose from two different resistance methods in upright exercise bikes. In the Schwinn 140 bike, you get a weighted flywheel to give you a highly adjustable resistance. With the Schwinn Airdyne upright exercise bikes, you get a unique method of resistance provided by air. The harder you pedal, the higher your resistance level. The Airdyne also gives you an upper body workout with the two rowing handles. The weighted flywheel would be the most common method of resistance found in most upright exercise bikes and provides for the greatest level of adjustment through either digital or dial adjustments.

LCD displays

Schwinn’s upright exercise bikes also include LCD displays to keep you informed of your training progress. Schwinn’s 140 exercise bike even has built-in stabilizers to help keep everything balanced as you spin those pedals rapidly during the peaks of your workout.
You can find very cheap upright exercise bikes on the market, but you get exactly what you pay for. With a cheap exercise bike your adjustment levels are not consistent, the seats are commonly uncomfortable, and many times they are not stable during intensive exercise. This is one reason you will find these cheap pieces of exercise equipment sitting outside at a garage sale, the owner doesn’t like them and just wants them gone.


You will be much happier spending a few more dollars and investing a quality exercise bike that will give you the ability exercise comfortably, and be able to challenge you for years to come as your fitness level increases.
Using upright exercise bikes is one of the best ways to lose weight, increase cardio fitness, and the increase your overall body fitness. An upright exercise bike is a great investment in your health and fitness, no matter what level of fitness you are at today.