Some Tips for Sun Tanning Safety

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When seeking the ideal information on tanning you have definitely come to the right spot.  Whether you are looking for details on the latest trends on sunless tanning or even better yet airbrush tanning, we have the resource guide to assist you with.  Most humans enjoy the gratification of looking great.

Today, you can get that same fantastic tan without having to go out into the sun. Many consumers are turning to indoor tanning beds to help get them bronzed up. Spray tanning is a way to get that golden look especially if you are going somewhere warm for a vacation.

There are many factors that might give you a different appearance when seeking that desired look.  UV rays are harmful from the sun, so quite often you can get the same results from using tanning beds in half the desired time. When tanning indoors you have greater control on how much ultra violet rays actually hit your body.

You will definitely appreciate the way technology has advanced over the years. The fear of skin cancer and other harmful effects resulting from UV exposure have people seeking tanning alternatives. Self tanning products are UV-free and do not damage the skin in order to achieve the color change.

3 Tanning Tips for your Safety

1.Desert Sun Tanning

Desert Sun Tanning Salons are increasing in popularity due to expert customer service, cleanliness and an overall good experience for the customer

You can find a list of locations and contact details below, but don’t forget to purchase your skin care and eye protection before you go. These products tend to be a little overpriced at the salon. However, the product used by Desert Sun Tanning is in the new technology range and the best of the best when it comes to encouraging a deep, long lasting tan.

2.Tropic Sun Tanning

Since 1986 Tropic Sun Tanning Salons have been gathering loyal customers who would visit no other salon, full stop!  The President, Gary Lebrandi personally takes it on himself to return phone calls if a customer has not been 100% satisfied.  Cleanliness is a big thing at Tropic Sun Tanning and rightly so.  There is nothing more offputting than greasy sunbeds or finding hairs in the booths!  The only drawback is that the salons are all in Worcester, Massachusetts, so it’s very much a local thing and has not developed into a ‘chain’ like many of the other big name salons.  But this allows them to keep their personal service which has kept so many customers going back for their tanning requirements over and over again

If you are planning a visit to Tropic Sun Tanning, as with all salons, they have their recommended lotions on sale at the locations.  However, these will cost more if you buy them from the salon.  There are many good quality lotions and bronzers which can be purchased online much more cheaply.

3.Tanning Bed Dangers

The biggest danger, we’ve all heard about it, is skin cancer. When sun tanning beds became all the rage, there had been little research on the effects of using them. Now we know that skin cancer risk can be increased through tanning beds. The reason is that sun tanning beds are intensifying the effects you would get through just normal exposure to the sun.  That’s not to say that normal sun exposure does not cause skin cancer because it does…  people who lie on the beach all day trying to get a fast tan are at risk of developing skin cancer

But getting back to tanning bed dangers and what you can do. Simply follow the safety guidelines to the letter. Never have more sessions than is recommended within a certain time. So if the salon guidelines for the particular sun tanning bed you are using supports a maximum of 2 minutes every 3 days,  then make sure you stick to this. Once you have a nice deep tan, you only need to top up once a week or so, maybe even less, depending on your skin type

Use proper eye wear in the form of eye patches made for sun bed use, or goggles. Lastly, use a good quality skin protection product.

Just be taking these few simple measures you are guarding yourself again tanning bed dangers and not only that, but you are helping to prevent premature wrinkles!

4.Great looking aerosol self tanning

The sun’s harmful UV rays can do serious damage to your skin so why not consider the alternative of sunless tanning.  You no longer have to worry about tanning bed dangers when you use aerosol self-tanning.  Unlike tanning lotions that are messy and may not be applied evenly, aerosol self-tanning sprays on evenly and your hands don’t end up being orange.

Other sunless tanning options include airbrush tanning, tanning creams, lotions and spray tanning.  One of the leading makers of aerosol self-tanning products is MagicTan.  If you can’t make it to the salon for a spray on booth treatment, you can use MagicTan spray at home before you go out to give you that natural bronze tan look.

Often you will find that tanning lotions and aerosol self-tanning sprays are good for your skin.  Natural ingredients such are aloe often found in these products. They help to keep the skin moisturised giving it a soft and supple appearance.  We highly recommend that you try sunless tanning but without the tanning beds.  Try one of the leading tanning lotions or sprays and see what a great look it will provide.

5.The convenience of a home tanning bed

People may wonder why they would put out all that money for a home tanning bed versus just going to spa or salon.  A home tanning bed offers you the privacy and convenience all rolled up into one.  You can do it when you want, how you want and where you want.  No more calling for appointments or waiting for the next available bed.

A lot of people are concerned with the cleanliness of salon beds.  You are in complete control of your home tanning bed and can relax knowing that it is clean and well looked after.  You and your family are the only ones to use it so you don’t have to worry about germs or other bacteria found on the surfaces.

A home tanning bed is designed to plug directly into a regular wall socket so you can place it in any room in your home.  There is a full range of style, models and designs to choose from as well as price range. Go and check out the many online retailers to compare prices and specs to meet your needs.


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