Techniques For Striped Bass Fishing

how to catch striped bass

Striped bass fishing can be undertaken in every season, in every type of water. The possibility of catching an enormous sized fish is what draws anglers to fishing for striped bass. Because striped bass migrates from salt water to fresh water, otherwise known as anadromous, the fish can be caught in both salt and fresh water. This fact also allows anglers to fish for striped bass at different times of the year on the migratory and spawning patterns. Striped bass can be caught for in lakes and tributaries, on the open ocean or at the surf side.

3 Striped Bass Fishing Techniques

Lakes and Tributaries

When fishing for striped bass in fresh water lakes and tributaries, a majority of the fishing will need to be done in the deep levels of the lake. If the bass is schooling, then this is an exception. For deep level fishing, trolling works remarkably well and is the most successful way in which you can catch striped bass. Bass is especially choosy about bait but will strike for live baits such as shiners, shad and eels. The angler will require the use of deep diving lures that bear a resemblance to bait fish, or newly developed jigs that are specifically advertised for striped bass fishing. Hybrid striped bass is present in many lakes in this day and age, and they will give the angler a thrilling catch. It is always a good idea to stop off at a local bait shop when visiting a new lake in order to get information on what works well in that particular area.

The Open Ocean

It is a great thrill for many people when reeling in a large striped bass on the open ocean. For fisherman that are new to striped bass fishing, it is always advised to charter a boat together with an experienced crew that is aware of the best locations and techniques for striped bass fishing. Even though it may be a little more expensive to charter a boat, the results will be well worth it. A party boat may be another choice for fishermen that are on a budget. These boats carry several people on a fishing trip as well as providing all of the equipment that is needed. As the angler, it is important that you look at the boats fishing history and ensure that striped bass is one of their targeted fish.

Surf Fishing for Striped Bass

Surf fishing remains to be the most popular method of fishing for striped bass. There are an array of different areas along the Atlantic coast line and some on the Pacific coasts that offer fantastic surf fishing opportunities. It is essential that the angler possesses the correct type of equipment for surf fishing. The angler will require a ten to twelve-foot surf rod along with a twenty to forty pound test line, which should be monofilament, to have the basics. It is essential to use live bait, which can usually be purchased in the local area. The fish tend to feed on clams or mullet a majority of the time, so this would be the best live bait to purchase. Chumming the water in order to attract the bigger fish would be a good idea. The line should be dropped by the angler behind the third or fourth wave. Many people have found that by using small fishing/float tubes, it is possible to cast out that little bit further, which is especially


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