Sunless tanning booths, sunless tanning lotions, sunless tanning mist, and sunless tanning sprays, are all things that people are in hot pursuit of now that the summer season is upon us.
Every year, as the temperature rises, getting that perfectly bronzed skin is all that people care about, and who blames them? It won’t be long before we are all laying on the beach, or lounging by a pool somewhere, and there is no doubt that we want to look as good as possible, and sunless tans play a big part in allowing us to do that.

You see, years ago, the masses would have simply headed to the backyard or a crowded beach somewhere to soak up some sun until their body was burnt to a crisp. However, not only have people started to realize that sunburns really suck, but there are more and more doctors everyday warning us about the dangerous side effects of getting to much sun. Things like skin cancer are now a real concern, as some people that die per year from over dosing on sun rays seems to be rising, which is a serious concern. This is why so many people are turning to sunless tans.

With the right sunless tanning lotion, sunless tanning mist, or sunless tanning cream, people are not only able to get the perfect sunless tan, but they are able to do so in record time! In the past, it would take days and days of laying out in what we now know dangerous sun, to more than likely get the sun burn, which would then eventually turn into a tan. Fortunately, scientists and researchers were able to come up with various products that will allow us to get a “fake tan”. The best part is, not only does your tan look real but in most cases, it looks better than any “natural tan” you could have gotten.
Years ago, people never thought that the sunless tan would ever catch on. Well, the joke is on them! Not only are there tons of various over the counter products that will get you the perfect sunless tan, but there are also a wide array of dark tanning booths. It’s hard to go into pretty much any retail store anymore without seeing some sort of sunless tanning product.

You do have options when it comes to sunless tanning

  • Sunless tanning lotions – You apply these very much like you would regular suntan lotion. The only difference is, when you apply it, the color of your skin is transformed from your normal white skin, to a perfect bronzed color. Usually, one application is enough. So, you spend a couple of minutes applying the sunless tanning lotion, and when you are done, you have a perfect sunless tan. The lotions are especially useful for situations such as wanting to get a last minute tan before going to a party or wanting to get that perfect bronzing before a get-together.
  • Sunless tanning mist and sunless tanning sprays – These both work very similar. The actual product is a mist and is packaged in a spray bottle. So, you spray the mist all over the areas that you want to get a sunless tan on, and then rub it in. When you are done, your skin will display the perfect sunless tan. So, if some surprise gets together comes up, you don’t have to run to the tanning booth, or bake in the sun, simply spray the mist on yourself and rub it in.

As with any other sort of product, there are several brands of sunless tanning products. As mentioned, you have a choice of sunless tanning lotions, mists, sprays, bed and creams. The one thing to keep in mind is that not all products are created equal. Just like with anything else, there are products that are heads and shoulders above all competitors in the market, and we believe idol tan to be that product.
The best part about sunless tanning is that it is still somewhat “new” in the sense that it isn’t already mainstream. Because of that, many manufacturers are willing to give you a free trial. This means that you will actually get to try the product out for free if you like it, you can, of course, get some more, but if for any reason you don’t like it, you’re not out a dime, and you’ve gotten to try the product for free. So, it is risk-free for you to get an idea of which sunless tanning lotions, sunless tanning sprays, and sunless tanning lotions are for you.