Finding the Top Rated spotting scopes for your needs is really important.  If you don’t put forth the effort to find one that you really need, you can end up spending a really significant amount of money on a scope that doesn’t even do what you want.  There are many different types of scopes out there and they come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes.  That’s why it can be great to have some help choosing the best spotting scopes.  If you follow these guidelines, it will help you make the right choice so that you spend your hard earned money well.

Choosing the Top Rated Spotting Scopes

Your Requirements

One of the first things you need to do to choose the spotting scopes is to figure out exactly why you need it.  Try to really pin down what you want to do with your spotting scope so that you can get one that handles the job very well.  If you aren’t sure what you are going to be using it for and just want a general purpose scope, then you can buy one like that.  However, if you want to go bird spotting or target shooting, then you will have to keep looking until you find the best spotting scopes for that.

Good Reviews

The next tip is to look around for some good reviews.  There really is no substitute for actual experience, so that’s where you’ll find the best help.  Many shopping sites have a review section for their items, and if the site is popular enough, there will probably be a handful of reviews for just about every scope, and maybe even hundreds for the more popular ones.  If you spend the time to read through the reviews, you can learn a whole lot of useful information.  However, when you are looking through them, keep in mind that the reviewers aren’t necessarily good at writing reviews.

Types of Spotting Spot

The third thing to keep in mind when looking for the best spotting scope is to determine if you want a manual spotting scope or a digital one.  The manual scope may be slightly easier to operate at first and will generally cost you less, but the digital scope offers its own advantages.  For one thing, the digital scopes can often allow you to magnify to a greater degree than manual scopes.  Also, they can come with useful features such as auto focusing.  Another perk of the digital scopes is that some of them are set up to make it really easy for you to take pictures through the scope.

Price Range

The final guideline for choosing the is to get a good idea of your price range before you start shopping.  Spotting scopes come in a variety of prices ranging from $50-$100 all the way up to multiple thousands.  If you look around you can find a very decent scope for not too much money.

Choosing the right spotting scope for you doesn’t have to be a big ordeal.  If you follow these guidelines and think it through, you are sure to find a spotting telescopes for what you want to do.  Try not to rush into a significant purchase such as this.

When you are searching for a scope there are many factors you should always keep in mind. Naturally, price is usually a concern, but sometimes price should be a secondary thought. You want to get the best one for the situations you may encounter.

In most circumstances, these scopes are used for hunting purposes. You want a scope that is durable and rugged. It needs to be easy to handle and have the capabilities to spot through brush for long distances. This scope review will help guide you in your decision. These are in no particular order. Find the scope that will fit your needs and budget.

5 Top Spotting Score

Barska Blackhawk

This scope is a straight design and comes with a tripod. It comes with a soft case and an aluminum hard case. It is made with a shock resistant design to weather the toughest conditions that you may put it through. This Barska is completely water and fog proof and has zoom capabilities from 20x to 60x. This scope was designed with your comfort in mind. The prices are quite fair also.

Alpen 20-60 x 80

Alpen manufactured a hunter’s dream with this scope. It has an 80mm objective lens and for them awkward positions, it comes with a 45 degree eyepiece. It comes with an adjustable tabletop tripod and a very rugged aluminum case. The best part with this Alpen is: it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Bushnell Trophy XLT

Bushnell is quite well known for their hunting products, and they sure didn’t scrimp with this one. The Trophy XLT is completely waterproof and comes with both hard and soft cases. It comes with multicoated optics to give you bright, clear images. It is easy to handle measuring only 13.4 inches long and weighing just 42.3 ounces.

Celestron 52229

Are you looking to spend less, but still get high quality? You can do that with this Celestron. This scope comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. It has a 2 inch retractable lens and comes with a tabletop tripod. It is waterproof and comes with both a soft and hard case. This is a great buy.

UAG Black Stealth

It will go from 30x to 90x allowing you to spot almost anything. It is a military style scope that has a nitrogen filled lens with a special o-ring to keep fog out of the picture. Comes complete with a tripod and a carrying case and even a lens cleaning kit. UAG manufactured a work of art with this scope.

Whether this is a gift or a hunting asset for yourself, any one of these scopes are a great buy. they all have great reviews from other avid hunters. Get the scope you need and desire and that will last for many hunting seasons. One of the above scopes should fit your needs.