Producing a saline solution for neti pot is very vital. It should be given precision because it may affect the result of nasal irrigation. Doing the mixture for the first time is not that difficult when you thoroughly knew the balance of salt and water. Mixing the right amount of salt and water is basically the first step to remember. You need to consider the ph or the measure of acidity or basicity of the solution carefully. Furthermore, it should not be irritating to your nasal passages while performing the irrigation.

The Homemade Neti Pot Solution

Unlike the traditional salt solution which is the Homemade Neti Pot Solution, the new mixture of salt and water for neti pot can be prepared with your own choice. First, you can prepare it your own. It’s called homemade neti pot solution. To do this, get some purified water or (you can sterilize tap water, but be sure to let it cool before taking it to your nose). As for the kind of salt, it is advised to prefer non-iodized se salt. You can also use your kitchen table salt as long as it is not iodized.
ou can blend one-fourth (1/4) teaspoon of salt per eight (8) ounces of water, equivalent to 2.5 grams of salt in 250 ml of water.

If you want some ready-made, you can buy premixed packets of the salt from different pharmaceutical companies. The advantage is you can be sure of the right amount of salt in each packet so you can just add the water directly and pour into your neti pot. This is a convenient thing for those who don’t like to measure or who are bothered about the kind of salt to use.

The Neti Pot Solution and Recipe

Saline solution for your neti pot is sold online or in the pharmacies near you. Its cost varies depending on the label or brand. New note products are also offered where you can have both the neti pot and the solution recipe. Neti pots may also vary depending on the figure or form. Traditional pots are different compared to the latest one. The new ways of neti pot are more handy and convenient to use because you don’t need to bend widely just to perform the nasal irrigation. The spout of the new pots is conducive to your nose. Other products which are quite impressive is the syringe-type neti pot. It has a plastic syringe that you can directly place to your nose. You do it by pressing or squeezing the body of the neti. This is more convenient and hassle-free.

Neti pot is one great discovery in the field of medicine. Taking its roots from the Indian civilization, this has been accepted as an effective treatment for nasal infections. ENT specialists recommend this product to all who are suffering from long-time nasal ailments. The act of rinsing your nasal cavities is now a healthy way to eliminate that clogging nose or sinus. After the process, you can now breathe well and inhale the freshness of the air. This is absolutely a one-of-kind remedy for all ages. Check it for yourself.