In today’s modern world, living without electricity would be considered difficult, if not impossible. The requirement for electricity worldwide is increasing. Humankind continues to depend on electronic devices, homes are becoming all electric, and technology is more reliant on electrical power. Today, wind energy is becoming a prominent resource for generating clean, free, and eco-friendly electricity. As the world continues to change, people are becoming less dependent on industry, and are looking for cost effective ways to save energy.

Let’s examine the facts, as we consider some of the pros and cons of wind energy.


1.Wind Energy is Renewable

Wind energy comes from the sun’s heating of the earth. This uneven heating causes temperature variations, which produce wind currents. Since the sun’s energy is considered unlimited (renewable), wind energy is also considered renewable. The supply of wind energy is basically unlimited.

2.Wind Energy is Green (Clean)

One of the cleanest energy sources is the wind. It is non-polluting, and (compared to fossil fuels) does not emit any carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Compared to more traditional energy sources, the wind is considered one of the cleanest alternative energy choices today.

3.Wind Energy is Free

As an alternative energy source, wind energy is free. In today’s day and age, when everything seems to cost something, it is refreshing to know there is a source of energy that is cost free. This is especially true, when comparing the cost of generating electricity with more conventional methods, such as from an electrical power grid.

4.Wind Energy Compliments Solar Energy

The Wind and solar energy is today’s biggest sources of alternative energy, in particular for generating free electricity. When coupled with the power of solar energy, wind energy is a great compliment, in terms of having a total reliance on alternative energy, for electrical power generation. Home wind turbines and solar panels are considered smart investments, with each method having its pros and cons.

5.Homeowners Can Utilize Wind Energy with DIY Wind Turbines

Advances in technology have made DIY wind generators a relatively simple project for the average homeowner. Today, there are many options for homemade wind power systems, allowing people to take advantage of free, renewable wind energy to generate a portion of the electric power needs.

6.Wind Energy Can Be Used in Both Commercial & Home Applications

Wind energy does not distinguish which application is preferred. Wind energy can be used just as effectively in commercial and residential settings. Wind power can produce electricity that can be used by homes and businesses, supplanting the power supplied by the electrical grid. Wind energy could supply 10 % of the world’s electricity in 20 years, even if electricity use doubled. Currently, wind power is growing at an annual rate of 40% and should supply electrical power to 100 million people worldwide.

7.The Cost of Using Wind Energy is Decreasing

Technology advances have led to more efficient wind generator designs that have reduced the cost of using wind energy. Wind power is becoming a more viable alternative to generating electricity with fossil fuels.



Noise generated by wind turbines can be a determining factor when an individual is considering installing a windmill. The proximity of a wind generator to neighbors and adjacent buildings is a parameter that should be weighed, before installing a wind turbine. However, advancements in technology have resulted in relatively quiet wind generators. Research into different models of windmills will lead the prudent installer to those that have the lowest rotational speed, and thus a quieter system

2.The Wind is not Constant

The Wind is a force of nature, and is, therefore, not constant. However, some locations are historically more ‘windy’ than others and offer more possibilities for generating electricity from the wind. However, there is a way to assess the potential of wind energy. A wind site assessor is equipped to measure the wind and to estimate the possibility of wind power generation. Systematically using the available wind will enable the homeowner to take advantage of all the pros of wind energy…

The Bottom Line

As with any situation in life, there are pros and cons. With wind energy, however, the advantages are greater than the cons. Using free, unlimited wind energy to provide electrical power is a viable solution to today’s electrical power generation needs. Truly, the advantages of wind energy outweigh the disadvantages.