The Proform Exercise Bike Review

proform upright exercise bike

When you want top performance, great quality, and a fantastic value, choosing a Proform exercise bike for your home exercise is a wise selection.
Proform built their reputation on industry leading treadmills, being one of the top companies in sales, and quality from many years. During recent years they have taken their knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry to create a great lineup of exercise bikes and other fitness equipment.

Features of Proform Exercise Bike

Comfortable Chairs Back Seats

The 480 CSX Proform exercise bike shows all of the items which helped make Proform so popular in the treadmill industry. This recumbent exercise bike is designed with one of the most comfortable chairs back seats in the industry, making it easy to sit and pedal during a strenuous workout. The seat is one of the most easily adjustable in the industry with its horizontal slide system. The LCD is not just the cheapest they could find, but a high-resolution display to make it easy for you to keep track of your exercise progress. With the digital tension adjustment, it is very easy to choose the perfect resistance for your exercise. It even includes 10 personal trainer workouts, designed to keep you interested, while giving you a thorough sweat producing workout, for great cardio fitness results.

GameFit Video Game system

If you prefer an upright exercise bike, the 450 UR Proform exercise bike is not only great on the wallet but also includes great features. One of the most interesting features included on the 450 UR exercise bike is the GameFit Video Game system. If you have ever been bored, or wanted a little extra motivation during your routine, the GameFit system is designed for you. These fun to play games are designed to motivate you to pedal faster to make the game easier. So, if you want to win, you have to work.
The bicycle style seat on 450 UR Proform exercise pike is well padded, and very comfortable for a long exercise session. Using a magnetic resistance system, the difficulty is easy to adjust, and runs very quietly. This can be important if you are wanting to exercise in the family room while others are enjoying TV, or even early in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping.

Multipple Programs in one Tool

This upright Proform exercise bike also includes the 10 programs designed by a personal trainer. Some of the programs are designed for improving aerobic fitness, others for performance and some for weight loss. No matter what your goal, the bike has a program to target your concern. You can monitor your exercise time, distance, and even your heart rate on the great LCD display included on your Proform exercise bike.
Proform has always been one of the leaders in long warranties, and standing behind their exercise equipment. This has remained true with their lineup of exercise bikes. With Proform standing behind your exercise gear, you can look forward to many years of outstanding performance.
If you are wanting a piece of exercise equipment to give you great fitness, is easy to use, and very durable, it is hard to beat a Proform exercise bike.


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